Bloodborne Special Hunter Tools Locations ‘Hunter’s Craft Trophy Guide

By   /   Mar 30, 2015

In Bloodborne, there are certain items which are only designed for Arcane-specialized characters. The specialized items dubbed ‘Special Hunter Tools’ are scattered in the game world and finding them all unlocks the Hunter’s Craft Trophy.

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Bloodborne Special Hunter Tools Locations

There are a total of 9 Special Hunter Tools and their locations are provided below:

Old Hunter Bone
It is located in the Abandoned Workshop. You can check out The Source of Dream Trophy Guide for more information.

Beast’s Roar
This item is located in the Forbidden Forest and is accessed after defeating Vicar Amelia. From the first lantern in front of the stone bridge, stick to the left-side and you will come to a house with a red-lantern outside.

You must speak to the man inside to acquire a Tonsil Stone which you will require to acquire the Augur of Ebrietas. After speaking with the man, come out and walk to the right side until you come across a house with a bonfire outside.

The Beast’s Roar is located inside the house. You can also check the video for more information on how to acquire the Tonsil Stone and head inside Nightmare Lecture Building:

Augur of Ebrietas
Once you are inside the Nightmare Lecture Building, head to the right-side and enter the first door on the left-side. After you head inside, clear the area and acquire a certain key from a professor inside.

After acquiring the key, exit the room and head to your left-side while looking for a door on the right-side. Once you find the door, head inside to find Augur of Ebrietas. You can check the video embedded under Beast’s Roar to know how to enter the Nightmare Lecture Building.

Messenger’s Gift
In order to acquire Messenger’s Gift, you need to head to the Nightmare Frontier. You can check the video embedded under Beast’s Roar to know how to enter the Nightmare Frontier.

After reaching the Nightmare Frontier, come out of the cave and stick to the left-side until you come across a green-blue lantern on the ground. From the lantern, head to your left-side and jump into the water.

Once you are in the water, stick to the right-side until you come to a dead-end containing Messenger’s Gift.

Executioner’s Gloves
This item is located in the Cainhurst Castle. After entering, go up the stairs on the left-side. You need to continue forward until you come across a large library. From the area, you need to stick to the right-side until you come across some stairs.

You need to continue along the wall to see some tables and an open window behind the tables. Go out through the open window and reach the land. After reaching the land, turn left and go through another open window to find Executioner’s Gloves inside a chest.

Empty Phantasm Shell
This item is located in the Byrgenwerth.

From the Byrgenwerth-lantern, continue forward to come across a building behind a gate. Go through the gate and stick to the left-side to head inside the building ahead. You need to stick to the left-side to see a chest containing Empty Phantasm Shell.

A Call Beyond
This item is located in the Lumenflower Garden. Assuming that you have killed the Celestial Emissary, you need to teleport to the said lantern. Once you arrive, turn around and go through the window to find the specialized tool lying near a body on the right-side railing.

Tiny Tonitrus
This item is located in Yahar’Gul, in the very same room from where you acquire the Upper Cathedral Key.

Choir Bell
The last item for the Hunter’s Craft Trophy is located in the Mergo’s Loft: Middle. Check out the video for better references:

Lastly, do note that you only need to acquire the Special Hunter Tools and not equip them to unlock the trophy.

If there is something that you would like to know, do make sure to let us know in the Comments Section below!

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