Evolve Support Class Strategy Guide – Hank, Cabot, Bucket

By   /   Mar 18, 2015

While playing as a Hunter, there are 4 different Classes/Roles to choose from: Medic, Trapper, Assault, and Support. Our guide aims at breaking down the Support Class and provides a brief overview of each Hunter and how to play with each one effectively.

Evolve Support Class Strategy

Players playing Support are responsible for assisting their teammates and dishing out some serious damage at the same time.

Each of the Hunters in Support Class has a high damage dealing weapon and unique abilities to provide support in his or her own way. The final decision comes down to players, their unique playstyle, and the Hunter which complements their playstyle the most.

Class Ability – Cloaking Field

  • Effective Radius: 10 Meters
  • Cooldown Time: 30 Seconds
  • Total Duration: 20 Seconds

This ability is an absolute life-saver! When used, it renders every Hunter in the effective radius invisible which is extremely helpful when it comes to escaping the Monster and sneakily reviving fellow teammates.

Certain wildlife creatures can also prove to be really troublesome and this is where the ability can be put to good use. One important thing to keep in mind is that you’ll reveal your location after firing, even when using the Cloaking Field so you need to be extra cautious with this.


This Hunter is unlocked by default and is available from the start.

Loadout: Laser Cutter, Shield Protector, Orbital Barrage, Cloaking Field

Hank is well-equipped for watching your back and dealing serious damage to the foes. Both Laser Cutter and Orbital Barrage can dish out damage to enemies. However, these aren’t the only good things at his disposal.

The Shield Projector at his disposal is extremely beneficial for the team as it allows Medic to continue the healing process. Furthermore, it also helps the Assault player in case their Personal Shield depletes.

Laser Cutter
Although this weapon is best used when firing from the hip, but due to insanely accurate accuracy, the idea is to use it in order to score headshots and aim for the weak areas revealed by Medic. Furthermore, the weapon packs a punch and can take out weak wildlife within the blink of an eye.

Shield Projector
This piece of equipment is able to protect a Hunter from all sorts of damage for a short duration of time. One important thing to note here is that the Shield Projector’s battery only depletes only if the player Hank is shielding is being damaged.

If not, then the player can keep up the shield forever. In addition to this, this thing boasts an incredible range and should be used to keep the Assault Hunters alive for long durations of time.

Orbital Barrage
The Orbital Barrage does some serious damage to the Monster, but is pretty inconsistent against moving towards. The best way to use is on the slowed down, trapped, an evolving Monster. Players need to have a pretty accurate aim in order to hit the Monster.

Aside from damaging the Monster, players can also use the OB to protect the other Hunters. For example, if you see an incapacitated Hunter with a Monster nearby, use the Orbital Barrage near the Hunter to keep the Monster at bay.


You need to complete Tier 1 Character Mastery Requirement for Hank to unlock this character.

Loadout: Guided Missile Launcher, Sentry Guns, UAV, Cloaking Field

Bucket is extremely valuable combatant on the field. He can not only find and tag the Monster, but is also able to dish out some heavy damage. His UAV ability allows him to find the Monster with relative ease, while both Sentry Gun and Guided Missile Launcher can dish out heavy damage.

Guided Missile Launcher
These high damage-dealing rockets can drop down the Monster’s HP in an instant. The weapon has a sluggish reload time so it’s crucial to make every shot count. I don’t recommend being extremely accurate with your shots.

The idea is to aim at the Monster’s feet for maximum damage output.

Sentry Guns
Like in other popular shooters, Sentry Guns automatically aim at the Monster and deal pretty decent damage. The Hunters can deploy 5 Sentry Guns simultaneously. The position of these Sentry Guns is extremely important.

Any Monster with decent range can take these down with a single strike – in case they’re placed close to one another. The idea is to place these weapons near choke points, objectives, or in any area where you don’t want the Monster.

In addition to this, Sentry Guns can also be used to defend an incapacitated Hunter against the Monster, providing you with ample time to revive the downed teammate.

UAV is a useful device which is used to locate and tag the Monster so as to aid other teammates. However, it’s important to use it sparingly as it has a pretty long cooldown time. Another important thing to bear in mind is that the Monster can easily destroy the UAV with a single swipe so bear that in mind.

These high damage-dealing rockets can drop down the Monster’s HP in an instant. The weapon has a sluggish reload time so it’s crucial to make every shot count. I don’t recommend being extremely accurate with your shots.

The idea is to aim at the Monster’s feet for maximum damage output.


You need to complete Tier 1 Character Mastery Requirement for Bucket to unlock this character.

Loadout: Rail Cannon, Damage Amplifier, Dust Tagging, Cloaking Field

Cabot is the one of the strangest yet most fun Hunters to play with. His main strength is his Dust Tagging which tags the Monster and all the wildlife within its radius. Additionally, Cabot has access to wall-piercing weapon Rail Cannon and a damage boost for his teammates.

Rail Cannon
Like mentioned above, Rail Cannon possess wall-piercing damage, but it’s significantly lower when fired through an object. The best way to use this gun is to combine it with Dust Tagging.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that the weapon reloads after every shot, causing it to have an extremely slow rate of fire.

Damage Amplifier
This piece of equipment increases the damage dealt by the Hunters to the Monster. The best way to use this is to combine it with Assault Hunters since they’re the primary damage dealers.

Cabot needs to keep the Damage Amplifier aimed at the Monster and coordinate with his teammates for maximum effectiveness.

Dust Tagging
This is what makes Cabot one of the most fun Hunters to play with. When used, Dust Tagging allows Cabot and other Hunters to see the Monster’s and wildlife’s outline through objects allowing players to be aware of enemy movement.

When combined with Rail Cannon, Cabot can use the Dust Tagging and fire through various objects for maximum effectiveness.

Share your own tips and strategies with us in the discussion box below.

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