The Order: 1886 Photographs and Documents Locations Guide

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There are a total of 12 Photographs and 15 Documents to be found in The Order: 1886. Both of these collectibles provide players with an historical overview of the Victorian Era and gives them an insight of how people used to live in those times.

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The Order: 1886 Photographs and Documents Locations

Finding all Photograph and Documents in The Order: 1886 awards them with ‘Detail Oriented’ Trophy and also counts their progress to earn Inspector First Class and The Grail.

Following are the locations of all Photographs and Documents that can be found in the game:

Chapter #1

Photograph #1 – Wyndham Family Portrait
Location: After Galahad identifies the United India House, Perceval ask him of Nikola. Once this sequence is done, you need to descend the attic stairs from the house’s top floor – via terrace.

Once inside, Galahad will come across a man cleaning the handrail. Continue downstairs and at the very bottom of the stairs, you will come across a Photograph sitting on a table.

Document #1 – Theater Notice
Location: After Sir Perceval inquires about Lafayette, you will see a man near the Gibb’s Chocolate Bonbons signboard. You need to follow the man who will directly take you to the theater flyer that you need to collect.

Chapter #2

Photograph #2 – Tesla and Edison
Location: After you enter Tesla’s lab, head to the workbench on right and pick up a diagram featuring the photos of Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison.

Document #2 – Diagrams
Location: After you enter Tesla’s lab, head to the room’s left side and grab a Document with weird drawings on it. It is located on the workbench.

Chapter #3

Document #3 – Rations, Rinse & Redemption
Location: After Lafayette incapacitates a guard while Galahad distracts him, you will note that the path splits into two. You need to head left and through a door signed, Shelter. Cross the first room and you will see the Document on a crate, right next to a lamp.

Photograph #3 – Prostitution Advertisement
Location: After entering Aux Belles Muses with Lafayette, you will see a drunkard on a table with a Photograph lying right next to him.

Document #4 – Charles Darwin Theory
Location: After entering Aux Belles Muses with Lafayette, descend the stairs to come across a bar. There is a small circular table in front of the bar containing the Charles Darwin’s study of half-breeds.

Document #5 – Illustrated Gazette
Location: After Galahad and Lafayette push a cart and climb it to reach the walkway, climb the stairs and head inside the hut on the left side followed by crossing the ramp to get into another hut containing this Document.

Document #6 – Map
Location: After dragging the constable inside the safe zone with Lafayette’s help, check the only table in the room to find this Document.

Chapter #4

Document #7 – A List from Hospital
Location: After entering the London Hospital and examining the maimed dead body, head upstairs and find this Document sitting on a table with a chair.

Photograph #4 – The United India Company
Location: After lying Igraine on the hospital bed, head to the left-most corner of the room containing huge map of London. Search the wooden table nearby and you will find another Photograph of the United India Company.

Document #8 – Agamemnon’s Shipping Manifest
Location: After lying Igraine on the hospital bed, head to the long table located in the ward. You need to search the drawer on the right side to find this Document.

Chapter #5

Document #9 – Quartermaster List
Location: After releasing the sea-boat carrying Lucan and Lord Hastings, wait for the cut-scene to end and follow Perceval into the Ship Security Area. From here, get the door open and you will find the Quartermaster’s List sitting on a far table.

Photograph #5 – Chefs
Location: Once Perceval and Galahad are separated from one another, continue along the alleyway and turn right to find this Photograph sitting on a wooden crate at the far end.

Chapter #9

Document #10 – Thames Tunnel Flyer
Location: From the start, follow Lakshmi and listen to her dialogue about pure-bloods and half-breeds. Shove aside the fallen pillar and search the contents of a nearby workbench to find this Document.

Photograph #6 – UIH Building
Location: Before heading out of the Foundry, do make sure to search the workbench located right next to the Security Door to find this Photograph lying on it.

Photograph #7 – Elephant Railcar
Location: Before following Lakshmi to the Booking Office, head towards the Nestor C Office and search the contents of a small table between the two bookshelves to find this Photo.

Document #11 – The Greater Union
Location: Once you enter the Joiner’s Shop, check the wooden desk near the staircase to find this Document named, “The Greater Union”.

Photograph #8 – UIC Guardsmen
Location: Once you enter the Joiner’s Shop, go up the staircase and find this Photograph of a couple of guardsmen working for the United India Company on a workbench.

Document #12 – Memoranda
Location: While in the Warehouse, Lakshmi will ask Galahad to examine the crates with the United India Company’s sign. However, before doing that, you need to head to your right and check the nearby crates to find this Document.

Chapter #11

Photograph #9 – Soldier Francis
Location: As soon as this chapter begins, head upstairs and get inside the next room to find this Photograph on a wooden desk, right next to an oil lamp.

Photograph #10 – My Dearest Elizabeth
Location: As soon as Galahad enters the West Wing, check the polished wooden table to find this Photograph lying right next to an oil lamp.

Document #13 – Rani of Jhansi
Location: After infiltrating the United India Main House, Galahad will destroy a circuit to break open a locked door. Once you are inside the new area, replenish your ammunition and pick up this Document from the wooden table.

Document #14 – Letter from Lord Darwin to Lord Hastings
Location: Inside the Archives Room, head left to find this Document on a wooden table with candles and an oil lamp.

Photograph #11 – Statue of Liberty
Location: Inside the Archives Room, go to the far side of the main hall and grab this Photograph sitting on large chest with a couple of table lamps.

Chapter #15

Document #15 – London Tunnel Map
Location: After spending a couple of minutes in the chapter, Galahad will arrive to a Generator Room (also serving as the Work Area). Stick to the left side in this room and you will come across this Document sitting on a wooden crate.

Photograph #12 – Cargo Delivery, Westminster Catacomb
Location: While making your way through the catacombs, do not break open the barred doorway. Instead, go through the archway on the left side and grab this Photo.

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