Evolve Beginner’s Tips – How to Play as a Hunter or a Monster

By   /   Feb 12, 2015

Evolve is here, and that means there’s opportunities for the Hunters to hunt, and for the creatures to feed and become more powerful. The asymmetrical multiplayer game pits 4 Hunters against a single Monster, and playing one type is entirely different from another.

For more help on Evolve, read our Unlocks Guide, Map Effects Guide and Elite Wildlife Buffs Guide.

Evolve Beginner’s Tips

For this reason, Evolve’s gameplay mechanics can feel unfamiliar even though they have close resemblance to first-person shooters. For instance, it’s not even a first-person shooter when you’re playing as a Monster.

Additionally, there are many other factors to consider when you start the game for the first time. This guide will help you cover the basics of Evolve, ranging from the game-modes that should get you started, to the basic essentials of understanding how Hunters and Monsters work.

Game Basics

In Evolve, you can either choose to play Multiplayer or Solo. The game is designed for online/co-op multiplayer overall, but if you’re looking for some alone-time, the Solo option is ever-available.

The Multiplayer menu will allow you to engage in skirmishes with other players connected to the gaming servers of Evolve, or create your own Custom game with a bunch of friends. You can choose to partake in the Skirmish or Evacuation type games.

Skirmish matches you with four other players in a game of Hunt. It cycles through the maps as you continue to play in the same mode.

Evacuation on the other hand is a game of five rounds which takes place in any one of the four game modes in Evolve. It is through this mode that you can choose to play co-op against AI or play custom PvP games.

While creating custom games, you can choose different values for variables such as Round Length, Strikes, Wildlife Population, and more.

If you’re looking to play against Bots for practice or just to kill time, then select Solo to play against or with computer-controlled characters. You have quite a few customizations that you can make to your game when playing Solo.

Additionally, you’ll also have the option to play the Goliath and Markov tutorials, which we recommend you try out to give yourself an idea of the different perspectives of playing a Monster or Hunter.

Character Selection

Once the role you are going to play is established during the start of the game, you will have the option of selecting your character. It is here where you select which Monster of Hunter you want to play.

For Hunters, you will also have an option to choose your skins if you have unlocked them (purely cosmetic). If you are playing as a Monster, you’ll have to choose the monster type, then invest 3 points into the 4 available abilities.

You will also then have the option to select certain perks for your character. Initially, only one perk will be available for each role – Level 3 Jump Height for Hunters and Level 3 Climb Speed for Monsters. Leveling up will unlock further perks, and there are 8 more perks to unlock in addition to the ones you start off with.

As you gain experience, you will begin to understand what kind of Hunter/Monster and perk combination works best for a specific mode and/or map. These initial decisions will end up playing as important a role as your skills on the battlefield.

Map and Terrain

The maps in Evolve are not static – they are ever-changing. The overall structure of the maps remains the same, but there are certain effects that are constantly happening which provide a strategic edge to either the Hunters or the lone Monster.

These effects come in various shapes. For example, clear weather would provide good visibility to Hunters, making it easier to spot Monsters.

Similarly, if the map is abundant with birds, they will fly away when the Monster approaches them, giving the Hunters an idea of its location. Other variables such as Sentry Guns, NPCs, and forcefields also greatly aid Hunters.

It’s not all in the favor of the monster killers though; there are certain variables that will greatly aid the Monster as well.

For example, there’s certain kinds of wildlife that could attack Hunters, giving the Monster a great opportunity to pounce on their prey. There could be plenty of corpses lying around for the Monster to feed on and evolve, and of course there’s always a chance of bad weather.

All these variables can be controlled and altered when creating a custom game, but are mostly random as far as the game-servers go.

Wildlife in the Evolve maps include strange creatures that Hunters and Monsters can interact with. These creatures come in all shapes and sizes, and also moods. Some are shy and will only attack when threatened, while others are all-out aggressive.

As a Hunter, you want to avoid them for the most part, especially if you are isolated from your remaining party.

If one does manage to attack you or a teammate, you’ll obviously have to start shooting, but this can lead to a chance for the Monster to know your position, and also attack your weakened party.

Additionally, leaving around corpses of wildlife will give the Monster free food, making the evolving process a lot easier. This obviously spells doom for the Hunters.

Normally, Monsters would have to catch and kill wildlife to feed on the corpses, but as a Hunter you won’t be doing your cause any good by making things easier for the beast.

Both Monsters and Hunters should keep an eye out for Elite Wildlife. These are certain creatures marked by a star icon. Killing them gives you a five-minute Buff, so it’s always a good idea to keep a lookout for these.

One of the most important parts of the terrain are bodies of water. Both Hunters and Monsters should memorize the general location of rivers and lakes, as they provide both benefits and negative effects.

When a Hunter moves through water, he/she cannot fire, moves slowly, and is prone to being attacked by a Monster or by Wildlife that lives near water (which is usually dangerous).

However, Water is extremely useful as it is the sole method of quickly extinguishing fire. A Hunter caught in a Goliath’s Fire Breath or a Monster suffering burns from a Flamethrower should always look to take a dip in the waters to prevent the DoT damage.

Hunter Basics

Basic Movement
As a Hunter, one of the most fundamental parts of your job will be to constantly move around, searching every nook and corner for the Monster. There quite a number of ways to get around, and any person with the slightest of exposure to FPS games will get a hang of Evolve’s general mechanics.

However, there are a few things that sets Evolve apart from most first-person shooters. First and foremost is the Dropship mechanism.

Monsters will always get a 30-second head start in the map, after which Hunters will be spawned via Dropships. These Dropships are also closely tied with respawning of Hunters.

Every time a Hunter dies, he/she must wait for the next dropship to arrive. The standard time between dropship arrivals is 2-minutes, except for in Defend mode, where dropships are more frequent.

The second important element that is unique to Evolve is the Jetpack. Each Hunter is equipped with a Jet Pack that allows them to boost themselves higher and further through the air. This is a great way of getting around, but Jet Packs have limited fuel, which is displayed on your HUD.

The most sensible use of Jet Packs is reaching difficult areas, and more importantly evading/chasing Monsters. Additionally, you can also perform maneuvers like Jet Dodge or Jet Thrust.

For dodging, simply double tap the Jump button while pressing right, left, or down to perform a dodge in that direction. Doing this while pressing forward is called a Jet Thrust, which can be very useful when chasing a Monster.

Hunting the Monster
As a Hunter, obviously the most important part of your job is the hunt itself. When you get deployed on the map, it’s quite unlikely that you would get immediate knowledge of the Monster’s whereabouts.

The real problems start to arise when you actually give the Monster enough time to scan the map and evolve to higher stages. The longer it takes to find the Monster, the more troubles you’ll run into.

The terrain and environment may work against you and the Wildlife could make your time miserable. What’s worse is that a completely evolved and nearly unstoppable Monster will be waiting in the shadows to pounce on you.

For this reason, right when you drop down into the map, you need to use everything in your disposal to get an idea of where the Monster could be. As soon as you are on terra firma, look around to find any monster tracks on the ground.

However, do not rely exclusively on tracks. Monsters cover ground much faster than Hunters, so you will never truly catch up if you just chase the tracks.

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