Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire Contest Spectaculars Guide

By   /   Dec 3, 2014

Having the best Pokemon isn’t just about having one which can stand its ground in a fight and dish out some major damage. Being a master trainer involves much more including training Pokemon to be appealing to other residents of Hoenn.

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Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire Contest Spectaculars

This is where the Pokemon Contest Spectacular comes in. There are five categories for this contest: Coolness, Beauty, Cuteness, Cleverness and Toughness. A Pokemon is judged for the specific entry in which the trainer applies.

Each category has four ranks which the Pokemon must achieve if it is to be the best there is. The ranks from bottom to top are: Normal, Super, Hyper and Master. Pokemon advance through ranks by winning the previous one.

Snacks called Pokeblocks are the key to increasing a Pokemon’s ranking in the contest. Players can create their own Pokeblocks by using the Pokeblock Kit and Berries they acquire by playing.

The better the quality of berries used, the better will be the pokeblock. The number of berries added to the blender equals the number of Pokeblocks created. The color of the berries also determines the type of pokeblock created.

If multiple types of berries are used, the pokeblock will favor the color and the corresponding effects of the berry in highest quantity. This also provides the chance of creating Pokeblocks+ which are more effective than regular Pokeblocks.

The more berries of the same color a player uses, the higher will be chance of Pokeblocks+. Berries which are harvested in smaller quantities when players grow them have a higher chance of producing Pokeblocks+.

While a specific colored Pokeblock provides benefit to a specific category, players can also create Rainbow Pokeblocks to boost all categories by simply adding four berries of different colors to the blender.

They are however difficult to create and the best way to ensure a Rainbow Pokeblock is to use berries with a higher success ratio.

Pokeblock Recipes

  • Red Pokeblock: Created by adding a majority of red berries. Increases Coolness around 1-3%
  • Blue Pokeblock: Created by adding a majority of blue berries. Increases Beauty around 1-3%
  • Pink Pokeblock: Created by adding a majority of pink berries. Increases Cuteness around 1-3%
  • Green Pokeblock: Created by adding a majority of green berries. Increases Cleverness around 1-3%
  • Yellow Pokeblock: Created by adding a majority of yellow berries. Increases Toughness around 1-3%
  • Red Pokeblock+: Use four red berries with higher Pokeblock+ success rate. Increases Coolness around 6%
  • Blue Pokeblock+: Use four blue berries with higher Pokeblock+ success rate. Increases Beauty around 6%
  • Pink Pokeblock+: Use four pink berries with higher Pokeblock+ success rate. Increases Cuteness around 6%
  • Green Pokeblock+: Use four green berries with higher Pokeblock+ success rate. Increases Cleverness around 6%
  • Yellow Pokeblock+: Use four yellow berries with higher Pokeblock+ success rate. Increases Toughness around 6%
  • Rainbow Pokeblock: Use four berries of different colors. Increases all categories around 1-3%
  • Rainbow Pokeblock+: Use four berries of different colors with higher Pokeblock+ success rate. Increases all categories around 6%

Contest Spectaculars Strategies

The key to winning is to make the audience into loving the player’s Pokemon while making sure the opposing Pokemon don’t get that much attention. Players need to constantly use moves which increase the appeal (hearts around the Pokemon) while jamming the abilities of other Pokemon through some other ability.

The stars in the upper left corner show the excitement of the audience.

Players need to use the moves with the same number of stars as shown in the corner to ensure audience excitement. The type of contest also determines what type of move will increase excitement and which will decrease as shown below:

Contest type: Coolness

As expected, Coolness moves increase excitement, Cuteness and Cleverness moves decrease it while Beauty and Toughness has no effect

Contest type: Beauty

Beauty moves increase excitement, Cleverness and Toughness decrease it and Coolness and Cuteness has no effect.

Contest type: Cuteness

Cuteness moves increase excitement, Coolness and Toughness decrease it and Beauty and Cleverness has no effect.

Contest type: Cleverness

Cleverness moves increase excitement, Coolness and Beauty decrease it and Toughness and Cuteness has no effect.

Contest type: Toughness

Toughness moves increase excitement, Beauty and Cuteness decrease it and Coolness and Cleverness has no effect.

If players manage to excite the audience in a turn, they will gain a bonus Appeal heart for that turn. When all 5 stars are reached, the players get a Spectacular Talent bonus and the stars reset back to 0.

Spectacular talents end up giving a huge Appeal boost and differ with each Pokemon type.

As players progress through the ranks, they will start to gain fans and will even have the option to pick up to 10 fans of their own choosing. These fans are located outside the Contest Hall’s entrance.

Talking to them grants players various gifts depend on their contest rank. The gifts contain a variety of items including berries, soda pop, stardust and fresh water.

Among one of these fans is a Breeder who makes costumes for a special Pikachu. This special Cosplay Pikachu can be added to the team and can change into different costumes provided by the Breeder.

Change of costume provides the Pikachu with a corresponding special move which can help a lot in the contest. Not only that, these moves and costumes can be used outside of the contest as well as players adventure through Hoenn as long as they continue to use the Cosplay Pikachu in battles.

  • Pikachu Rock Star: Coolness Pokemon which learns Meteor Mash
  • Pikachu Belle: Beauty Pokemon with Icicle Crash move
  • Pikachu Pop Star: Cuteness Pikachu with Draining Kiss move
  • Pikachu, Ph.D: a Cleverness Pikachu which knows the Electric Terrain move
  • Pikachu Libre: Toughness Pikachu with Flying Press move

Competing in the contest will definitely leave players with memories they would want to store. The Nintendo 3DS Camera application will allow players to take photos of the best moments from the contest an store them.

When players reach the Master Rank, their pokemon portraits will appear on the second floor of the Contest Spectacular Halls.

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