Dragon Age Inquisition Exalted Plains Side Quests Guide

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Exalted Plains in Dragon Age: Inquisition is among the sections of Dales. The area in a grassland with an abundance of forts. The Inquisition came to this region during a truce between both armies at war.

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Dragon Age Inquisition Exalted Plains Side Quests

Exalted Plains feature a number of side quests; each will give you power, influence and XP if you manage to complete them. Following guide will help you understand the side quests in Exalted Plains and what is required to resolve them.

Holding the Exalted Plains
Quest Location and Objective: Talk to Scout Harding to trigger this quest. Your objective is to establish camps and support inquisition activity.

Reward: 1 power per camp and 100 influence

Walkthrough: You will need to establish three camps in the region. The locations will be marked on your map. Camps are located near some key objectives, so establish them as soon as you can.

Undead Ramparts to the West
Quest Location and Objective: Speak with Scout Harding to start this quest. Your Objective is to investigate western ramparts.

Reward: 80 influence 128 XP

Walkthrough: Leave the starting camp and head along the road to the northwest. On your way, you will be engaged by some Freeman of Dalas. After you kill all of them, you can loot a letter from one of the dead bodies.

The letter is an order which states that the inquisition must not be allowed access to the ramparts. Continue along to the west and you’ll find Corporal Rosselin; he is being attacked by the undead near the southern gate of the ramparts.

Rescue him from the undead to know more about what’s going on.

Lay Rest to the Western Ramparts
Quest Location and Objective: Speak with Corporal Rosselin as part of “Undead Rampart to the West” quest, to start. Your objective is to burn the targets marked on your map.

Reward: 2 power, 200 influence and 512 XP

Walkthrough: First, you’ll have to burn the northern and southern pits; they are protected by an ice and fire barriers respectively. You will need to have a mage in your party to destroy these barriers and burn down the pits.

Once that’s done, your map will show the location of a horn. Get to the horn and interact with it. After this, travel back to Corporal Rosselin to resolve this quest.

Another Side, Another Story
Quest Location and Objective: This quest starts automatically when you speak with Corporal Rosselin after resolving “Lay Rest to Western Ramparts.” Your Objective is to speak with marshal Proulx.

Reward: 2 power, 200 influence and 967 XP

Walkthrough: To complete this quest you must first enter Fort Revasan. The fort in question can be found to the northwest of Path of Flame Camp. If you are heading in the right direction, you’ll come across two thin towers.

Once you reach the fort, speak with Marshal Proulx and inform him that you have cleared the western ramparts. This will complete your quest and will also trigger other quests such as Lay Rest to the Eastern Ramparts, A Dalish Perspective and Calming Victory Rise.

Calming Victory Rise
Quest Location and Objective: Speak with Marshal Poulx to start this quest. Your objective is to set fire to the pits.

Reward: 2 power, 200 influence and 512 XP

Walkthrough: Locations for both pits are marked on your map. Travel to the southeast of Riverwatch Camp. The pits you are looking for are in the Victory Rise. Fight the undead enemies inside and kill them.

Similar to “Lay Rest to the Western Ramparts,” pits are blocked by barriers. Use a mage to destroy them in order to interact with the pits. Burn them both and destroy the horn to complete this quest.

From the Beyond
Quest Location and Objective: Speak with keeper Hawen in the Dalish Camp to start this quest. Your objective is to kill the demons at Var Bellanaris.

Reward: 2 power, 200 influence and 967 XP

Walkthrough: Var Ballendaris is a cemetery which can be found to the south of Dalish Camp. Once you reach the cemetery, you will encounter enemies such as wraits. Kill all of them and destroy the gravestones.

Each gravestone will summon a demon. You can kill the demon and loot the body. Once you killed all the demons, return to Dalish Camp to complete this quest and trigger a new quest called Scattered Glyphs.

Scattered Glyphs
Quest Location and Objective: Speak with Keeper Hawen after completing “From the Beyond”, to start this quest. Your objective is to find all four glyphs.

Reward: 2 power, 200 influence and 512 XP

Walktrough: From the Dalish Camp, you must jump into the river and go upriver. You will notice a rift and a waterfall behind. You will find a ramp in the grass on the right side that will lead you up to the waterfall.

Once you get to the top, keep going upriver, and you will come across some food drying in the sun. Turn to your left and you will see a patch leading to the east. Follow the patch and you will find the doors to the Shrine of Sylise.

Kill a few enemies there and find the Vellfire torch on the south wall. Lit the torch and find a glyph in the same room in the middle of the north wall. Exit the area and head back down river. Get off the waterfall and go straight as the river bends.

Get on the bank and you will notice a dirt path to the right. Follow this dirt road to the search area marked on your map. Near the center of the search area, there is a path leading downwards.

The path ends at an object which looks like a headstone near the corner of a ruined building. Turn your back to the headstone facing northeast, and you will find a Vellfire Sconce. Interact with the Sconce and come back to the headstone to find the glyph.

Now, go back to the Dalish Camp and head west. After this, head south to circle around some rocks. You’re looking for an entrance to some more ruins. Once you locate the entrance, you’ll notice another vellfire sconce to the left on a wall.

Go straight and jump-off the balcony. Keep going forward while sticking to the north wall. You’ll find the glyph near the corner. The final search area is pretty big. Exit the ruin and go north. You will come across a ruined area with a broken wall and only a floor.

This ruined area is located to the northeast from the center of the search area. A Veilstone Sconce can be seen on the half-broken wall. The final glyph can be found in the opposite corner, on the railing facing southeast. Examine the glyph and return to Skyhold.

You have to unlock a new mission called “Investigate the Elven Glyphs.” This will cost you five power. Run the mission from the war map which will unlock a temporary zone known as Lost Temple of Dirthamen. This will complete the quest.

By the Grace of the Dalish
Quest Location and Objective: Speaking with Loranil will automatically start this quest. Your objective is to recruit Loranil for the inquisition.

Reward: 2 power, 200 influence and 512 XP

Walkthrough: Lorani will recognize the inquisition upon arrival. However, Keeper Hawen will be suspicious of anything related to the Chantry. You must convince him to recruit Loranil by completing the requests he has for you.

The Golden Halla
Quest Location and Objective: Speak with Ithiren in the Dalish Camp to start this quest. Your Objective is to find the golden halla.

Reward: 2 power, 200 influence and 512 XP

Walkthrough: The location of the golden halla is precisely marked on your map. To find it, head south through the Dalish Camp. The golden halla, is a beast. It shouldn’t be hard to defeat it as it will not attack you.

However, although you can kill it to complete the quest, you can also take it back to the Dalish Camp. This won’t be an easy task as the beast will run away constantly. It’s tricky and will require you to show some patience.

Once you herd the beast back to the camp, speak with Ithiren to complete this quest.

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