Dragon Age Inquisition CrestWood Side Quests Guide

By   /   Nov 26, 2014

Every region in Dragon Age Inquisition features a number of side quests for the players to complete. Our guide will help you complete different side quests in the CrestWood region of the game.

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Dragon Age Inquisition CrestWood Side Quests

You can read the guide below to know about rewards, quest locations and what is required to complete them.

Holding CrestWood
Quest Location and Objective: Speak with Scout Harding after you arrive in CrestWood, to start this quest. Your objective is to establish camps and support inquisition activity.

Reward: 1 power and 200 influence

Walkthrough: You will need to establish 2 camps in the region. The area is marked on your map and isn’t hard to navigate. Furthermore, these camps you establish are close to some key objectives. Establish camps as soon as you can.

Still Waters
Quest Location and Objective: Speak with Scout Harding to start this quest. Your Objective is to close the Fade Rift.

Reward: 3 power, 400 influence and 1,934 XP

Walkthrough: You must follow the road to CrestWood; you’ll encounter a couple of undead. Kill them and head towards the CrestWood village. Once inside the village, you will have to face some more enemies but the fight should be easy enough.

Once the village is cleared, speak with the mayor, whose location will be marked on your map. The Mayor will give you a solution to the rift problem.

You must reach a dam by going through an old fort of Caer Bronach. The mayor will give you a key to the gate control. This triggers Capturing Caer Bronach Side quest.

Note: During Still Waters, you can trigger and complete various side quests such as Homecoming, Burdens of Command, High Stakes and Capturing Caer Bronach.

You must take down a bandit infested keep, to drain the lake. After you kill all the bandits in Caer Bronach, door leading to the exit will be marked on your map. Exit through the door and follow the winding path until you reach the dam.

Cross over the dam and reach The Rusted Horn, enter the tavern. Once inside, loot the place and head to the controls of the dam. Drain the lake using the controls, after which head back to the north gate and replenish your supplies.

Head to the Old Crestwood and look for an entrance to the Flooded Caves, here you will find the Fade rift. Close the rift and head back to the village. Enter the mayor’s home to read a note on the desk in order to complete this quest.

Capturing Caer Bronach
Quest Location and Objective: Speak with the mayor as part of Still Waters quest in order to start. Your objective is to take back Caer Bronach.

Reward: Caer Bronach

Walkthrough: Approaching the Bandit infested Keep during “Still Waters” will start this quest. Kill all the bandits inside to complete this quest. Although there are no strategies here, but make sure you are prepared for battle before you enter the keep.

Once you kill the leader, head up the stairs to the location from which he emerged. Find a place to plant the inquisition flag and claim the keep to resolve this quest.

Burdens of Command
Quest Location and Objectives: Speak to the wraith in old CrestWood to start this quest. You can complete this quest in-line with “Still Waters,” speak with the wraith before you enter the flooded caves. You must agree to help her. Your objective is to kill the rage demon inside the caves.

Reward: 2 power, 200 influence and 512 XP

Walkthrough: Head inside the Flooded Caves and navigate to the bottom. You can find the Rage Demon just past the Dwarven ruin. He doesn’t have any abilities and has only one friend by his side. Kill his ally first.

After this, use ice attacks to fight the demon. If that’s not a possibility, then don’t worry, attack the demon with the available attacks, and he’ll go down. Speak with the wraith in Old CrestWood to complete this quest.

Quest Location and Objective: Speak with sister Vaughn to start this quest. Your objective is to find three bodies.

Reward: 2 power, 200 influence and 512 XP

Walkthrough: To complete this quest you must first drain the lake and complete Still Waters. Sister Vaughn wants to recover some bodies from the Old CrestWood.

If you have drained the lack, search locations for these bodies will be marked on your map. Use your search ability to find these bodies. Once your done, go back to sister Vaughn to complete the quest.

The Naturalist
Quest Location and Objective: Speak with a villager named Gauld in CrestWood to start this quest. Your objective is to check on his friend Judith.

Reward: 80 influence and 128 XP

Walkthrough: Gauld is worried about the well-being of his friend Judith. Considering the demon attacks and harsh weather his concerns are valid. After you speak with Gauld, a location will be marked on your map.

Head there and you’ll find Judith; she is alive and well. Complete the conversation to trigger Wyrm Hole and complete the ongoing quest.

Wyrm Hole
Quest Location and Objective: Speak with Judith during “The Naturalist” quest, to start. Your objective is to deal with a cave wyrm.

Reward: 80 influence and 242 XP

Walkthrough: The Wyrm in question lives inside a cave in the north of Three Trout Farm Camp.

Make a stop at this camp and prepare yourself for a fight, get supplies and potions, etc. Follow the mark on your map to climb rocky slope. You will find some enemies guarding a cave, finish them all. Loot their camp and head inside the cave.

The wyrm you’re looking for is inside but the creature is not alone. It has two other smaller creatures by its side. The wayrn is a level 12 so won’t go down easily.

Send a warrior in first to initiate the fight. Direct a mage to stand back and attack the creature from afar. Don’t hold anything back. Kill the creatures and return to Judith to complete this quest.

High Stakes
Quest Location and Objective: Speak with Charter after completing “Capturing Caer Bronach” to start this quest. Your Objective is to find Butcher.

Reward: 80 influence and 128 XP

Walkthrough: After the quest is started, a search location will be marked on your map, which is southeast of the Three Trout Farm camp and east of the keep. You will find a dead body near the center of the search area marked on your map.

That’s the body of Butcher, investigate the body and while you’re busy doing that, you’ll be attacked by a bunch of Templars. Kill them all and return to Caer Bronach to speak with Charter. Your quest will be complete.

Weeding Out Bandits
Quest Location and Objective: Speak with an agent in the Caer Bronach to start this quest. You can find him near the landing, where you raised the inquisition flag to claim the keep. Your objective is to kill the bandits.

Reward: 80 influence and 128 XP

Walkthrough: This is a simple quest, find the bandits and eliminate them. After the quest starts you will need to kill eight bandits. Their location is marked as a search area on your map. There are more than 8 though, and they roam in groups.

You can find one of the groups near the Three Trout Farm camp. The second is located near the ruins in the south of this camp. Once you kill eight Templars, your quest is complete.

If you find anything confusing, comment and we will help you out!

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