Far Cry 4 Outposts Guide – Liberate All Outposts, All Clear, Deliver Us From Evil

By   /   Nov 20, 2014

Outposts in Far Cry 4 are actually one of the key strengths of Pagan Min.

Conquering them means you are eating away his power. After you get rid of enemies in a certain outpost, the area around it will start to show lesser number of enemies.

More importantly, clearing each outpost is going to get you more quests, activities as well as a new safe house.

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Far Cry 4 Outposts

Naturally, all the outposts in Far Cry 4 is different from each other and so is the playstyle of everyone who is taking them on.

That’s why our guide will be giving you valuable tips and strategic information about each one of them along with some specific points that you can use to maneuver the battlefield.

What you do with all this is purely up to you.

Barnali’s Textiles

Map Coordinates: x:446 y:687

Based around a single house, Barnali’s Textiles is one of the smallest, simplest and easiest to find outposts. However, simplest doesn’t really have the same meaning here as the dictionary.

This is the kind of place where you can easily take the stealth route with a lot of sniping. That is of course if you don’t want to go in guns blazing ad take out all the barrels to cause a racket.

You could get rid of the alarms in place on the western walls of the building with a sniper rifle; and then hop inside through the door on the north.

For this however, you will have to take care of the two berserkers who are in the shed on the south western end of the outpost and the top of the shed next to it respectively.

There also are perfect places for sniping from inside the house but you will have to take care of the rocketeer on top of the stairs inside.

Throughout your time at the outpost, keep an eye out on the southern side of the map as that is where the reinforcements will come from.

As far as the enemies in the outpost are concerned, they are not stationary. The rocketeer sometimes leaves at night to go eastwards and then there is this berserker near the west wall that likes to visit a guy under the stairs.

More importantly there is the dog, you’d better take care of him early so that he doesn’t warn the enemies about you. The dog would stay at the digging point or go to the eastern wall; he would also go and stay at the raised area in the east.

You could use a bait to lure the dog to a side and take him out. Last but not the least, try and tag all the enemies beforehand.

Bhirabata Outpost

Map Coordinates: x:533 y:810

The outpost is divided into two levels; one is on the west and the other on the east. One way to enter would be through a gap in the wall on the North Eastern side of the outpost.

It would be preferable if you get to the eastern side first as it is on a higher elevation and there is a chance that your stealth skills could help you get rid of the enemies here before anyone on the western side notices.

One way to do this would be to get on top of the wall beside the entrance (on the right side) and go further east. Up here you will find two snipers, a flamer and a defender.

You will come across all four of them in the same order as above but there will be two alarms on your way too. One will come before the first sniper and the second after the last defender.

You get rid of all these, and you capture the whole eastern level, including the machine gun!

Furthermore, remember that there is a mortar on the eastern side and even when you are in the western side of the outpost, it will be able to get you.

Then there is the western side, which is mostly covered by the flamers.

Flamers will keep roaming around the place, and you could take them out by sneaking up from behind them once you have gotten rid of the imminent danger at the hands of the snipers.

For instance, the hut in the south-eastern side off the outpost can provide you with a good place to stay, and stealth kill the flamers that would roam around in the open.

Do remember that it is not just about the enemies inside the outpost; two waves of reinforcements will come in from the west with the second, including helicopters.

A last tip: you can use the caged bear in the eastern side against the enemies if you get rid of the defender next to it early.

Border Observation Post

Map Coordinates: x:810 y:665

This out post is actually a cluster of many buildings and there are no short cuts here; the place is big! On top of that, it is filled with a variety of enemies and weaponry, including mortars and rocketeers.

While that actually makes it a real task, it also makes it easier for you to navigate around with a lesser risk of being spotted; the number of enemies is less if compared to the size of the outpost.

So first off, it would be advisable if you locate the three alarms and take them out. The two alarms on the rooftops are guarded, but you can snipe them down easily. Getting to the alarms will be easy thereon because both have ladders.

There also is a zipline that you could take from the North Western side to get to an alarm on a rooftop. Taking out the defender, this could be the perfect location for you to snipe around.

Two other things that you will need to beware of are the guards that could stay hidden inside the alarm rooms and the mortar atop the building in the center. It has a very long-range and sadly; it can hit almost everywhere.

Here’s an interesting tip, try taking on the defenders from the north, because somehow they tend to keep looking out for you from the south.

Lastly, remember to keep an eye out for the reinforcements that are going to come in from the west.

Keo Gold Storage Outpost

Map Coordinates: x:438 y:816

The added complexity that this outpost has, lies underground. This is the first enemy base that has a basement which means it is not the ground level that you need to worry about.

Before that however, you have to clear the ground. There are two alarms and as always you could take them out first so that the enemies in the basement don’t get warned.

One of the alarms is on the North Eastern side of the main building a little towards the building from the entrance area of the basement. Here, it would be a good idea to take out the defender who hangs in the woods first.

Once you get rid of the defender, and you’d rather lose the stealth cover, you could use the fuel tank next to the main building in front of you.

The other alarm is on the southern front.

This side, however, will bring more enemies, including a constantly moving flamer, some defenders that can go as far as the cabin on the southern side and a charger from the basement.

All this being said and done, you can take care of the basement by quickly mining two of its entrances and by camping the third.

In the end, you must remain cautious of the reinforcements; there will be two waves where the first one comes in from the south followed by another from the south-eastern side.

However, the mortar atop the main building should help you level the ground with the reinforcements. You can get to it using a ladder that is on the other side of the main building from where the fuel tank and first alarm are.

Keo Logging Camp Outpost

Map Coordinates: x:421 y:758

This outpost is mostly around the couple of main buildings in the middle that make up one side of the area while the other side is littered with logs and a couple of cabins.

Go at them one by one.

For instance, you should go to the shack on the south western side of the map ahead of the logs and snipe down as many enemies you can from there. You could easily get the guards on the south, west and eastern side as well as the hunter and an alarm box (second one explained below).

As always, it would be good if you manage to get rid of the alarms first. There are two. There is one in the middle of the two buildings, near the end of the one on left if you come in from the north.

The other one is on the left and is even more hidden. It is between the alley like path between the two buildings on the left, look out for speakers to find it.

Coming at the outpost from the northern road, you see a small cabin on the road’s right side; there is an assaulter here and then looking on top of the building in the front.

You will find a hunter on top of the building on your right. You should ensure that you get rid of one of him as soon as possible.

You could also take down the guard and the flamer beside the main building first and then go inside to snipe down the hunter and an alarm.

In the end, don’t deal with the snow leopard before you have taken care of the hunter and the nearby alarm. Otherwise, the first wave of reinforcements will charm him.

Last but not the least, make sure you keep a look out for the first wave of reinforcements coming in from North Eastern side and the second driving in from the north.

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