Lego Batman 3 Gold Bricks Locations Guide

By   /   Nov 17, 2014

Lego games are known for being full of collectibles and one of them are the Gold Bricks. They have been a part of most of the Lego games and Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham is no different.

There are hundreds of them all over the game and for all the completionists, they are a must have.

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Lego Batman 3 Gold Bricks Locations

Other than the ones you can get from merely progressing in the game, Gold Bricks in LEGO Batman 3 have been spread across different Hub areas, VR missions as well as Hub Quests.

We have given you a list of the collectible Gold Bricks on an area by area basis and then given you all the Hub quests that you can complete in order to earn a Gold Brick each.

Gold Brick – Batcave Main Room
Location: For the first Gold Brick you have to go deep into the waters of the Batcave. Put on a Dive Suit and swim to the deep waters towards the right.

Down there you should locate five hopping rocks; destroy all off them to get the Gold Brick.

Gold Brick – Batcave Trophy Room
Location: Inside the Trophy Room, look around the Batmobile to find a total of five hopping sandwiches. Destroy all of them in the given time to get a Gold Brick.

Gold Brick – Batcave Character Customizer
Location: Inside the Character Customizer room, take the stairs to the platform upstairs an locate the glass LEGO case on the side wall.

Break the glass to get to the techno panel, hack it and open a capsule that has your Gold Brick.

Batcave Lab – VR Missions
Completing each VR mission for the first time will get you a Gold Brick apart from there misssions: Stud Maze, Survival, Block Hopper 3, Block Hopper 4 and Quests related VR missions.

This means you can get 17 Gold Bricks from the VR missions in total.

Gold Brick #1 – Hall of Justice
Location: You have to locate six gold statues around the Hall of Justice and destroy all of them to get the first Gold Brick of this hub area.

Gold Brick #2 – Hall of Justice
Location: There is a rocket ride on the right side of the Hall of Justice. Get on that ride and simply wait for the ride to take you to the Gold Brick.

Gold Brick – Watchtower Lobby
Location: Inside the Lobby area of the Watchtower, inspect each door that leads out to other rooms. There are glowing signs hanging from above them (five in total), destroy all of them and get your Gold Brick.

Gold Brick – Watchtower Lab
Location: When you are inside the Lab of Watchtower hub area, lcate the techno panel and hack it. the panel will reveal a glass canister from under you. All you need to do now is break the glass with Sonar and get the Brick inside.

Gold Brick – Watchtower Containment Cells
Location: Look for holding cells made out of glass inside the Containment Cells (they should be near the right foreground corner). When you have located all three of them, pull the levers on each one of them as quickly as possible and in the following order: left, right and center.

This will release the penguins inside and give you a Gold Brick.

Gold Brick – Hall of Doom Exterior
Location: On the outsides of the Hall of Doom there are these big blue dragonflies that need to be taken down. Shoot all five of them in the given time and you will get a Gold Brick.

Gold Brick – Hall of Doom Interior
Location: When you are on the inside of the Hall of Doom, look out for five yellow and red targets. They are hidden so you will have to find them and hit them with a long ranged weapon.

Upon being successful, a gold statue will be released off of the lasers protecting it. Blast the statue to get the Gold Brick.

Gold Brick #1 – Oa
Location: There are some rocks behind the entrance to Oa, go there and search for a crystal formation besides a shed.

Destroy the crystals and locate a mound of dirt; dig it and make a spinner from the bricks you get. Push the green handle and then go inside the (now open) shed to grab a Gold Brick.

Gold Brick #2 – Oa
Location: There is a maze beside the Green Lantern. Fly to the top and send in Atom. Goo towards the right until you find a button on the extreme right.

Get on top of it and come outside to see a Gold Brick inside the opened chest.

Gold Brick #3 – Oa
Location: Go north and locate the rocks where there is a hatch with a gold lock. Blast the lock and hack the Toy Wonder panel inside by using Robin.

Now look for the Gold Brick inside the crate that has opened.

Gold Brick #4 – Oa
Location: Go to the north of Oa and locate the gigantic pillar with ledges. At the base, destroy the rocks and make a techno panel. Hack it and make a small platform come out of the pillar.

Pull the lever on the platform and keep going to the platforms that appears next, pulling levers as you go.

Finally you will reach another techno panel. Hacking it will open up a capsule nearby with a Gold Brick.

Gold Brick #5 – Oa
Location: Go near the Green Lantern and locate a pillar on the Lantern’s north. There should be a cracked floor beside it, smash the floor and get on top off the button that appears.

Now go to the laser grid and locate some glowing rocks, break them and then drain the charge from the electric panel that comes out.

Lastly, use the stealth mode and enter the booth near the laser grid and pull the lever.

Doing all this will shut down the three power supplies to the laser grid let you get to the Gold Brick it was guarding.

Gold Brick #1 – Zamaron
Location: If you fly in the opposite direction, away from the Lantern you will find some odd rock formations. Use your senses to detect a silver crate near them and blast it to get a Gold Brick.

Gold Brick #2 – Zamaron
Location: You will be able to see some tall buildings from where you found the Gold Brick #1. Go to them and locate a cracked floor. Smash the floor to open up a chest on top of the lit tower. Go up and get the Gold Brick inside the chest.

Gold Brick #3 – Zamaron
Location: There is a Star Sapphire statue around the low areas of Zamaron. Use a laser on it to get the Gold Brick.

Gold Brick #4 – Zamaron
Location: Go to the rocks making a clearing near the Lantern and destroy all nine blue flags to get a Gold Brick.

Gold Brick #1 – Odym
Location: Go to the main village and look for a total of 14 flags (on top of buildings, around the central temple and around the main village). Destroy all of them in a given time to get a Gold Brick.

Gold Brick #2 – Odym
Location: Goo to the Reach mothership and destroy all six blue engines. You will find some of them on the outside and some on the inside. Get rid of all of them to get a Gold Brick from inside the ship.

Gold Brick #3 – Odym
Location: Fly over Odym’s equator and locate silver rocks beneath you. Destroy all of them that are on the top to get a button. Now blast the silver chest that appears and get your Gold Brick.

Gold Brick #4 – Odym
Location: Go to the Blue Lantern and locate the tiny island. Go there destroy the vegetation; now dig the mound of dirt that appears to get a Gold Brick.

Gold Brick #1 – Nok
Location: Goo up to Nok’s equator to the spire and get rid of the 11 blue stars. You get a Gold Brick as a reward.

Gold Brick #2 – Nok
Location: There are five gold statues inside Nok. Search all the tiny sides for them and destroy all of them to get a Gold Brick.

Gold Brick #3 – Nok
Location: Go inside Nok’s prison and power up the electric panel at the back with Shazam! now use your senses to detect another electric panel and power it up as well.

Now go to the electric panel revealed in the high holding cell and power it up too.

Go to the outer room of the prison and use your senses again to detect a fourth panel, power it up as well and then break the cracked floor that appears. Power up the electricity panel that appears.

Once you are done with all this, you will get a Gold Brick from the container as a reward.

Gold Brick #4 – Nok
Location: Locate a tall building with a shed by flying around the planet and go to its second floor. Detect a target on the balcony and hit it.

The shed will open up giving you another Gold Brick.

Gold Brick #1 – Ysmault
Location: There is a volcano near the big temple. Locate silver boulders in the volcano and destroy them and break the floor under them to get a Gold Brick.

Gold Brick #2 – Ysmault
Location: In the village, look for a rooftop among the tall buildings with a crate. Go to the crate and follow the red wire away from it.

Destroy the rocks you reach and pull the lever top open the crate. Come back and get your Gold Brick.

Gold Brick #3 – Ysmault
Location: Go to the giant rib cage and reach he end of it. Now look for a gold rock next to it and destroy it to get your Gold Brick.

Gold Brick #4 – Ysmault
Location: Locate a huge pile of goo with a vault next to it. Find the crystal next to it and destroy it. Pull the lever that appears to reveal a crate.

Go too the crate and past it to the other side; detect a dirt mound with your senses and dig it. Now use the bricks you get to make a lever; pull the lever to open the crate.

Next, go inside thee goo with a Hazard Suit and locate some hopping bricks; turn them into a lever and pull it to open the small capsule that appeared inside the crate.

Go to the capsule and get you Gold Brick.

Gold Brick #1 – Okaara
Location: Go to the spiral towers and find an orange hook on lower tiers of one of them. Grapple it to reveal a lever at its base. Pull the lever and then locate a crate on top of one of the spiral towers.

The crate has opened and you can go up to grab your Gold Brick now.

Gold Brick #2 – Okaara
Location: Go to the larger temple (not the biggest) and dive into the water in front of the locked door (put on a dive suit first though) Locate the seaweed and destroy it.

Get on top of the button that appears and go back up to find the temple door open. Get rid of all the enemies and a chest will open up holding a Gold Brick.

Gold Brick #3 – Okaara
Location: Go to the ancient ruins and locate a modern glass window. Shatter it and go inside; now destroy everything inside to reveal a capsule and a dirt mound. Dig the dirt mound, make a lever out of the bricks.

Pull the lever and then go to the now opened capsule to get your Gold Brick.

Gold Brick #4 – Okaara
Location: Break the cracked door of the biggest ancient temple and destroy all the silver items inside. When you destroy the silver chest, a gold one will appear. Use laser on it to get a Gold Brick.

Gold Brick #1 – Qward
Location: Go to the tall factory and then locate some vents on the rooftops around it. Fetch the one that is under a round roof that is cracked. Break it and then send in Martian Manhunter to get the Gold Brick inside.

Gold Brick #2 – Qward
Location: You will have to look around the chimneys of the factories for this one. Locate a gold rock on one of them and destroy it to get a Gold Brick.

Gold Brick #3 – Qward
Location: Look inside the upper levels of thee larger factories and locate a glass capsule behind a grid of lasers. The building also has four glass capsules at its base.

Get rid of the glass capsules below and pull the lever that is revealed. No go on top of the platform that appears and drain the electric panel. Now go back to the capsule behind the lasers to find that the laser grid is gone.

Destroy the glass capsule to get your Gold Brick.

Gold Brick #4 – Qward
Location: Locate a factory rooftop that is covered with junk. Destroy all the boxes there and charge the electric panel that appears. Use it to open up the door below and go inside.

Destroy everything you find inside as well and pull the lever you see. Now go to the opened container and get your Gold Brick.

These are the Hub Quests that get you a Gold Brick

Batcave Quests

  • Lost in Translation
  • Sleep Well
  • A Polarizing Decision
  • America’s Next Top Sidekick
  • Churning As We Go
  • The Secret of Chimpanzees
  • Mxyzptlk in a Fix
  • Bear-Fisted Beatdown
  • Virtual Insanity
  • Everyone’s A Critic
  • Dot and Bothered
  • Rose-Tinted Rumble
  • Manta Encounter

Hall of Justice Quests

  • Anger Meow-nagement
  • Super Club
  • Misguided Tour
  • Hat Trick
  • Proof is in the Pummeling
  • Tricky Tour Guide
  • Nightwing of Fire
  • Triple Riddle

Watchtower Quests

  • Don’t Freeze Me Out
  • Canary’s Cure
  • Permission to Launch
  • Going for Gold
  • Birds of a Feather
  • No Gold, No Glory
  • Cat that Got the Gleam
  • Formula Fiasco
  • Saucy Showdown
  • Protective Insect
  • You Don’t Know Jack-in-the-Box

Hall of Doom Quests

  • The Pain Man
  • Not-s-Scared Crows
  • I, Penguin
  • The Garden of Love
  • Love Stinks
  • The Best Laid Plans of Bats and Men
  • Think Mike
  • Five Studs, Please

Zamaron Quests

  • Welcome to Zamaron!
  • Lovers and Fighters
  • Smitten Sapphires
  • Lovestruck Loontern
  • Hound at the Speed of Sound

Odym Quests

  • Welcome to Odym!
  • Croc My Heart
  • Oh, Banana!
  • My Super-Sized Ex-Girlfriend
  • Getting Over Groddy-Poos

Nok Quests

  • Welcome to Nok!
  • Nok Nok Nok-ing on Prison’s Door
  • Bug Eat Bug
  • Walking the Bug
  • Who Let the Thugs Out?

Ysmault Quests

  • Welcome to Ysmault!
  • Seeing Red
  • Ysmaulten Lava
  • Roast Duck
  • Territory Trouble

Okaara Quests

  • Welcome to Okaara!
  • Need or Greed
  • Greetings from Okaara
  • The Greedy Loontern
  • The Cow Jumped Over the Moon

Qward Quests

  • Welcome to Qward!
  • Planetary Pest Control
  • It’s a -Qward Knock Life
  • Qward-ruped Quandary
  • Thaw Subject

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