Lego Batman 3 Red Bricks Locations Guide

By   /   Nov 16, 2014

Lego games are known for their quantity of collectibles, and Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham is no different.

The game has tons of items for you to collect and among them are the Red Bricks. These come in scarce, but they help you in more ways than one; first and the foremost being a 100 percent completion.

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Lego Batman 3 Red Bricks Locations

Red Bricks in Lego Batman 3 are spread all over the 15 levels; each one of them has a different kind of reward for you.

While the initial ones are Studs multipliers, the ones that come next give you different kinds of detectors that help you find other collectibles in the game.

We have listed down all the Red Bricks that you can find in the game and provided you with locations and unlocking process of each and every one of them.

Red Brick – Studs x2
Location: When you undertaking the first objective of level 1 i.e. Getting Through the Sewers, you can get the Red Brick from the right side of the point where the first region ends.

When you close in on the tunnel that will take you to the second area, fly above to find a Plastic Man pad above the tunnel’s entrance. Switch to Plastic Man and make the pad spit a Red Brick.

Red Brick – Studs x4
Location: From the starting point of the level 2, go to your let instead of going on the path forward in the level. When you are in front of the stairs, use your super senses to detect a Plastic Man pad near you.

Switch to Plastic Man and use the pad to get a crane that will bring you the Red Brick.

Red Brick – Studs x6
Location: In level 3 when you are taking on the objective of Opening the Hangar Door, reach the extreme end of the area furtherest from the starting point.

You will be in the area with a ship; where you should look for a lever on the right side of the wall. Pull the lever to get some bricks and make them into a Plastic Man Pad.

Now transform Plastic Man into a UFO that will get you a Red Brick.

Red Brick – Studs x8
Location: When you are in or defeating The Joker and Lex Luthor in Level 4, look for a vent access to the left of the starting point and get to the walkway on the outside.

You will be on the left side of the map, run along to the right side and stop before the security camera. Use stealth to pull the lever on the camera and then use the Plastic Man Pad to break through the wall on your left.

Inside you will get the Red Brick.

Red Brick – Studs x10
Location: In level 5 when you are undertaking the second objective i.e. Activating the Elevator, go ahead the second pair of tentacles after destroying them.

Now look for the colorful boxes behind the laser cannons and destroy them. Make a Plastic Man Pad out of the bricks and use a stretchy character to go deep down and bring out the Red Brick.

Red Brick – Disguises
Location: At the start of level 6, go to the left of the starting point and locate the blue pipes. Bend them with magnetic power and use the bricks to make a Plastic Man Pad.

Turn Plastic Man into a bulldozer and flatten everything in the foreground. Take whatever remains and build an air jump. Now, jump on it three times and you will get the Red Brick you were looking for.

Red Brick – Gold Brick Detector
Location: While saving Lego England in level 7, go past the phone booth and look for a building with a gold portion no your left. Destroy that part and use the bricks to make a Plastic Man Pad.

Now turn Plastic Man into a fire truck so that the fires in the nearby buildings can be extinguished. You get the Red Brick as a reward.

Red Brick – MiniKit Detector
Location: When taking on the last objective of level 8 i.e. Defeating Brainiac, go to the right side of the starting point towards and locate the dirt mound from under the debris.

Dig to get out some bricks and make a Plastic Man Pad out of it. Now turn Plastic Man into a dinosaur who will show you the Red Brick.

Red Brick – Quest Detector
Location: When you are in for the showdown against the Zamaron Beast in level 9, go towards the Lantern and fly up high. Go into the background and land near the swamp.

Here, send Solomon Grundy to bring out a Plastic Man Pad from the swamp. Activate it and you get the Red Brick.

Red Brick – Adam West in Peril Detector
Location: When you are fighting the giant Reach Scarab in level 10, spot the black boulder near the monster and shrink it. Now use the Plastic Man’s Pad that appears to turn him into a chainsaw.

Now blast the shrub that the chainsaw has made to get the Red Brick using Sonar Suit.

Red Brick – Attract Studs
Location: When taking on Indigo-1, go to the background, and get rid of the plants covering up a Plastic Man Pad. Now turn Plastic Man into a feather.

It will go to the statue near you and tickle it into falling down. You get a Red Brick in return.

Red Brick – Festive Hats
Location: In level 12’s second area i.e. where you have to steal Red Lantern’s power battery reach the starting ledge and go to the foreground. Hack the techno panel and use the bricks that spill to make a Plastic Man Pad.

Turn Plastic Man into a tank and hit the silver boulder at the background to get a Red Brick.

Red Brick – Character Token Detector
Location: When you are in the second area of level 13 i.e. where you take on the charge of Bribing the Statue, locate the second shield deflect pad. Now destroy the silver gate next to it.

Use the Plastic Man Pad that comes out to turn Plastic Man into a pencil; it will draw you a Red Brick – easy peasy!

Red Brick – Fast Build
Location: When you take the elevator in level 14’s second objective i.e. Defeating Sinestro; look for a Plastic Man Pad above the elevator. Now turn Plastic Man into a helicopter that will come back with a Red Brick for you!

Red Brick – Collect Ghost Studs
Location: When you are in the Free Play Room on level 15, go to the Illumination Suit charging station and then head to the lower platform on the right. Activate the Plastic Man Pad over there to get a laser that will give you a Red Brick.

If there is anything confusing or missing in the guide, let us know in the comments and we will help you with it.

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