Assassin’s Creed Unity Paris Story Missions Guide

By   /   Nov 16, 2014

Paris Stories are story-based optional missions in Assassin’s Creed Unity that appear throughout campaign. Players have the liberty to complete them whenever they want and earn cash rewards.

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Assassin’s Creed Unity Paris Story Missions

There are fifty Paris Stories in the game which can be started as early as during Sequence #1, though I would recommend waiting until you unlock Phantom Blades and Berserker Blades.

Read on to find a walkthrough of each Paris Story in Assassin’s Creed Unity.

Tall, Dark Strangers
Keep on following Leonormand and when she asks you to eliminate her targets, use Eagle Vision to identify them. Here’s a quick rundown of everyone whom you need to assassinate:

  • The farmer is located in the south of your position. Use Phantom Blade from a decent distance to take him down.
  • The soldier is found fighting with civilians near the crowded plaza. Ofttimes, the civilians will kill him, making your job easier. If not, intervene and assassinate him.
  • The lawyer is located inside the house on the left side.
  • The thug is located in the northwest edge of where Leonormand stops, in a small courtyard.

Flamel’s Secret: The Monks
Head towards Notre Dame and identify the cult members inside the cathedral using your Eagle Vision. You need to look for the only cult member who patrols the area in an anticlockwise circle.

Simply wait near the crowd and pickpocket him when he comes near. Violence isn’t recommended since there are two Extremists in the area.

Flamel’s Secret: Denis Molinier
You’ll find Molinier in the south side of Ile Saint-Louis’s Viewpoint.

Head to the top of the townhouse’s rooftop and identify Molinier in the courtyard. Before interacting with him, head inside the open window near the building’s top floor and drop two Extremists.

Head upstairs and interact with the chest which will require a key to open. At this point, you need to either pickpocket Molinier or take him down followed by opening up the chest to complete this mission.

Flamel’s Secret: The Elixir of Life
You need to head into the sewers from the southeast corner of Notre Dame. Keep on going through the tunnels and avoid a small group of hostile monks.

Keep on going straight and find Flamel’s Elixir of Life using your Eagle Vision. You’ll have to kill two guards standing outside the lab. Once you’ve stolen the Elixir of Life, return to Leonormand to complete this mission.

Using the Ol’ Noggins
Get to the waypoint to the west side, and climb the wall to the north of the courtyard. Drop down and walk through the crowd to reach to get to the wooden structure in the middle of the courtyard.

Use Smoke Bombs or Disguise skill to complete your steal. Once this is done, steal document from two targets and head over to Conciergerie. Go inside from a window on the upper floor and walk down until you see a guard facing away from you.

Take out this guard and interact with two chests followed by getting back to Mme Tussaud to complete this mission.

Get to Mme Tussaud’s shop to the north side. Don’t engage three Extremists and climb to the upper floor to go through a door near the balcony. Once inside, turn on your Eagle Vision to identify the letter.

Now travel to the southwest corner to find Jean Lessard. Once again, identify him with your Eagle Vision followed by assassinating and leaving the area to complete this mission.

You can easily do so by blending in the crowd.

Sewer Rat
Once the mission starts, use your Eagle Vision to identify Rotondo who will be in the underground area. From your starting position, head inside a sewer to the south side.

By this way, you’ll have to face a small group of guards. A better way to assassinate him is to go through the area to the west side of your starting position.

Once you get to him, use a Phantom Blade to complete the job without engaging any guards.

A La Lanterne!
In this mission, all you need to do is to escort Duchess to her destination. Blend in crowd when you see enemies near your location and only engage if you see her in a battle. Otherwise, just keep your head down and you’ll complete this easy mission in no time.

The Great Escapist
Once the mission starts, head to the investigation zone on the east side of the Bastille. Assassinate your target by any means you see fit and acquire the prison manifest.

In order to infiltrate Bastille, head over to the west wall and go inside using an open window. Once you’re inside, your task is to kill the Brute guarding the ladder and retrieve it for your quest-giver.

Critical Comedown
Once the mission starts, head over to the investigation zone to the southwest corner. You can either assassinate the critic or simply pickpocket him – both options are fairly easy.

Once this is done, head to the southeast corner and approach the area from the southwest. In this way, you’ll be able to enter the building using an open window.

Use your Eagle Vision to identify your target and quietly assassinate him to complete this mission.

Scene Stealer
Once the mission starts, enter the restricted area using a door in the northern corner. Once inside, take the stairs on the right side and wait until the Brute has left the area before opening the locked door.

You’ll encounter a small group of enemies on the other side so be careful! Once the area is clear, go up and open another locked door on the right side.

Once inside, assassinate the Defender guarding the diary and retrieve it to complete this mission.

Devilishly Tricky
In this mission, you need to drink from three different fountains (identified by using your Eagle Vision) followed by moving to a highlighted area to clear off a small group of enemies.

Have everything in your arsenal that will help you in combat and you’ll complete it in no time.

My Kingdom for Some Whores
Once the mission starts, head towards the west side and get to the ground level. Blend in the crowd and quietly assassinate your target without being spotted by Extremists to complete this mission.

De Sade’s Reprieve
After accepting the mission, head south towards the heavily guarded Chatelet. Get to the area from the east side, climb the wall and head towards the south side.

In this way, you’ll come across an open window above the arch. Once you’re inside, kill the guards ahead followed by stealing the desired document to complete this mission.

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