Advanced Warfare Exo Survival Strategy Guide – Zombies, Map Tips and Upgrade Stations

By   /   Nov 5, 2014

Survival Mode is a returning game mode in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare which can be played Solo or Online with three other players with a few changes.

Similar to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, Exo-Survival pits players against countless waves of enemies with each wave bringing forward tougher foes and more difficult challenges.

For more help on Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, read our How to Rank Up Fast, Unlock Zombies Round and Exoskeleton Guide.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Exo Survival Strategy

Players are expected to face off regular soldiers, ASTs, Assault Drones, and even K9 Unit. In addition to Normal Rounds, players will also need to complete Objective Rounds.

Objective Rounds require players to come out of their hide-outs and complete certain objectives like collecting Dog Tags, Intel, defusing bombs, and controlling a Hardpoint.

Basics of Exo Survival

Choosing Your Exo Class
At the beginning of the first round, players are asked to choose their starting class: Light, Heavy, or Specialist. Your class determines which weapon, scorestreak, exo-ability you will receive along with other factors like your speed and total HP.

Light Exo
This class is the fastest among all, but has the lowest amount of armour. It utilizes Pistols, SMGs, and ARs and has Exo-Hover as the starting ability. As for the scorestreak, it uses UAV.

Heavy Exo
This class is the slowest among all, but has the highest amount armour of. It utilizes Pistols and Heavy Weapons and have Exo-Shield as the starting ability. It uses XS1 Goliath Scorestreak.

Specialist Exo
This class is the balanced class. It utilizes Pistols, Shotguns, and sniper rifles and has Exo-Cloak as the starting ability. As for the scorestreak, it uses Remote Turret.

How Exo-Survival Works?
Once a round of Exo-Survival begins, enemies will begin reaching your location. All you need to do is to use everything at your disposal and kill them.

Keep on checking the lower-left corner of your screen as it will notify you if there are less than five enemies remaining on the field. After killing all enemies, you will see a 45-seconds countdown timer until the start of next round.

During this time, you can reach your camping spot or head over to Weapons and Exo Upgrades Stations to make any purchases. You can also skip the timer and instantly jump to the next round by double-tapping the X/Triangle on consoles.

Upgrade Points and Upgrade Stations
Throughout the Exo-Survival Mode, you will earn Upgrade Points for completing Normal Rounds, Objective Rounds, and via Supply Drop. Upgrade Points can be used to buy new abilities, weapons, and attachments from Upgrade Stations.

Check your Mini-Map and you will see a Weapon Upgrade Station and an Exo Upgrade Station. You can cash in your Upgrade Points to make purchases on these Upgrade Stations. Do note that some of the upgrades are not unlocked unless you have reached a higher wave.

Bleeding Out and Reviving – How to Revive
While playing with three other players, when you are downed, you can still fight with your Pistol while waiting for your teammates to revive you.

You will see a downed teammate denoted by a Plus Icon. In order to revive a down teammate, simply reach him/her and press the ‘Use’ button to revive.

If you are not revived and bleed out while your teammates are still alive, you will enter the Spectator Mode until the next round where you will be automatically revived.

Similarly, if you are downed and a round is completed, you will be automatically revived for the next round. The game only ends when all your teammates including you have bled out.

While playing solo, you will be automatically revived, but only once.

Ammo Resupply and Scorestreaks
Although you cannot pick up the weapons of fallen enemies, they will occasionally drop Ammo Crates floating in the mid-air. You can simply approach these small crates and refill your ammo.

These crates do not remain there forever so make sure to pick them up before they disappear. It is a good idea to resupply from these Ammo Crates as you will save your one Upgrade Points.

Like I have mentioned above, each class in Exo-Survival starts with one Scorestreak, but you can add up three more Scorestreaks from Supply Drops.

The Scorestreaks from the Supply Drops are random, but you can upgrade them from Exo Upgrade Station. Similar to Weapons and Weapon Attachments, you may need to reach a certain round in order to upgrade a specific Scorestreak.

Supply Drops and Perks
Throughout the Exo-Survival Mode, you will see a blue bar at the bottom of your Mini-Map. This bar is filled up by killing enemies and once it is completely filled up, you will receive a Supply Drop. Supply Drop are marked on your Mini-Map with a Yellow Question Mark.

While playing the co-op mode, players can divide the goodies within the Supply Drop or one player can take all of them. Supply Drops are the only way to earn Scorestreaks and Perks in Exo-Survival Mode.

Speaking of Perks, these are bonuses for your characters that are acquired from Supply Drops. Not all Perks available in Multi-Player Mode are available in Exo-Survival.

Furthermore, a Perk called Weapons Free is only available in Exo-Survival and allows players to acquire any weapon despite of their class. Only following Perks are available in Exo-Survival Mode:

  • Danger Close
  • Fast Hands
  • Flak Jacket
  • Gung-Ho
  • Hardline
  • Overcharged
  • Toughness
  • Unlimited Sprint
  • Weapons Free

You can check out our Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Perks Guide for more details on each of these Perks.

Objective Rounds
Not all rounds in Exo-Survival Mode require you to sit around in a corner and take out enemies one by one. The purpose of Objective Rounds is to force you to come out and complete certain objectives.

An Objective Round appear after every three Normal Rounds and failing to complete the assigned objectives leads to certain penalties. Below is a quick rundown of every Objective Round in the game:

Collecting Dog Tags
In this Objective Round, you will see Dog Tags scattered around the field with their exact location marked on your Mini-Map. Your task is to grab all Dog Tags within two minutes. While playing Solo, you are asked to grab 10 Dog Tags and the number increases in co-op mode.

This Objective Round asks you to successfully defend a Hardpoint and score 10 Defending Kills. In this round, you need to stay inside the Hardpoint and kill a total of 10 targets from that location.

Bomb Defusing
In this round, you are required to defuse 3 bombs within 2 minutes. The locations of the bombs are displayed on your Mini-Map. Do note that it takes a while to defuse these bombs and you are completely vulnerable during this time so make sure to clear out the area before going for a defuse.

Gathering Intel
You are given a complete round to complete this objective. In this round, after you kill enemies, some of them will drop Intel. You are required to gather five Intel from different enemies to complete this Objective Round.

Penalties for Failing Objective Rounds
Like I have mentioned above, failing to complete an Objective Round penalizes you in different ways. Here is a quick rundown of different penalties that you face for failing an Objective Round:

Enemy Sentry Guns
A couple of enemy Sentry Guns are deployed on the map which target you. You can destroy these guns with your weapons or melee attack from behind.

Nano Swarm
A Nano Sphere appears on a certain location of the map and damages all players who enter it. It automatically disappears once it has dealt its fixed amount of damage to players.

Smoke Strike
This is just like a Smoke Grenade, but with much more intensity. The Smoke Strike obscures your vision greatly and remains in its location for a fixed period of time.

System Hacked
This is similar to System Hacked Scorestreak. Throughout its duration, you will not be able to use your Scorestreaks, Exo-Movement, Exo-Abilities, and Exo-Launcher.

In addition to this, it also disrupts your screen which disturbs your aim to some extent.

Weapons Jammed
Like its name suggests, this penalty renders your primary weapons useless and calls in additional enemies to attack you. You can still use your melee attacks to take out enemies, but it is better to wait for your weapons to work.

Types of Enemies

Throughout your Exo-Survival journey, you will encounter these guys the most. There are different kinds of soldiers that appear on the field ranging from Cloaked Soldiers to Elites.

All these soldiers are equipped with Exo-Suits and they make use of all Exo-Movements and Exo-Abilities at their disposal.

These flying little guys can be really hard to take out. They can target you from an insanely long range and hard to hit due to their constant mobility. Make sure to be equipped with EMP Grenades to take them out instantly.

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