Sunset Overdrive Weapons Guide – How to Get, Leveling and Tips

By   /   Oct 31, 2014

Awesomepocalypse is nigh and you’re frustrated. What’s better than to let out your frustration on gazillion of mutants crawling through the Sunset City? Guns in Sunset City are in abundance and there are no boundaries.

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Sunset Overdrive Weapons

Throughout your Sunset Overdrive journey, you will come across all sorts of wierdly cool weapons to put down mutants. Experiment with these weapons and find the one that works best for you and customize it further to complement your unique playstyle.

Weapon Effectiveness Against Different Enemies
If you check the Weapon Stat screen, you will see that every weapon is ranked for its effectiveness against different kinds of enemies. The ranking is done on a scale of one to four:

  • A three-star weapon deals full damage to the given enemy type
  • A two-star weapon deals half the damage to the given enemy type
  • A one-star weapon deals quarter the damage to the given enemy type
  • A four-star weapon add multiplier damage (between 125% to 200%) to the base damage

However, these stars do not alter the secondary effects of a weapon.

Leveling Up Weapons
Every weapon in the game begins at Level-1 and slowly progress to Level-5 which is maximum. With each increasing level, you will receive increased base damage, ammo capacity, and secondary attributes.

At Level-2, you can also add AMPS to your weapons to make them even deadlier. To level up a gun, just keep on killing enemies. Simple as that!

For most effective results, target those enemies for which you get three-star or four-star on your weapon.

Getting Weapons and Ammo
Weapons are basically earned by two means: playing the Story Mode and playing the Chaos Squad. Complete every Main Mission, Optional Quests, and Challenge; and you will unlock almost every weapon the game has to offer either in your Inventory or from Two Hat Jack.

Chaos Squad is particularly useful to earn even the most expensive weapons for absolutely nothing! At the end of each Chaos Squad Match, you will receive Spinners which usually contain Costume Items, Cash, Overcharge, Upgraded AMPs, and Weapons.

It depends upon players whether they wish to buy weapons from Two Hat Jack or get them by playing Chaos Squad.

Similar to weapons, ammo can also be bought from Two Hat Jack for a cheap price. You will also find ammo from dead foes, ammo crates, and other pick-ups.

Types of Weapons
Weapons, in Sunset Overdrive, are categorized into three main categories: Fully-Automatic Weapons, Deployables, and Single-Shot Weapons. Fully-Automatic Weapons can be considered as Machine Guns or Assault Rifles, whereas Single-Shot Weapons include Pistols and even Rocket Launchers.

Deployables are sent into the environment where they act on their own for a fixed period of time. Deployables are exceedingly useful tools for taking out hordes of targets in a single areas and include weapons like Taunt Bots, Turret Copters, and Proximity Mines.

Weapons In Sunset Overdrive

Flaming Compensator – Single-Shot
How to Acquire: Complete Horror Night
Weapon Susceptibility: OD 4, Scabs 3, Robots 1, Bosses 3

This weapon is extremely useful against OD and Scabs. You can consider it somewhat like a shotgun, but with less damage output. This weapon can knock back enemies and has a chance to set them on fire which deals pretty high damage.

High Fidelity – Auto
How to Acquire: Complete Awesomepocalypse
Weapon Susceptibility: OD 4, Scabs 1, Robots 1, Bosses 1

This weapon has a below-average damage output, but its high rate of fire makes up for it. This is an ideal weapon when you need to take out hordes of incoming OD. Like you can see from the Weapon Susceptibility, other than OD, this weapon is not that great against other types of enemies.

Dirty Harry – Single-Shot
How to Acquire: Complete Awesomepocalypse and buy it from Two Hat Jack
Weapon Susceptibility: OD 2, Scab 4, Robots 2, Bosses 2

This weapon is capable of taking out Scab Shooters and Rushers with a single-shot. One good thing about Dirty Harry is that its bullets do not have a traveling time. Aside from this, it has a high rate of fire, but lacks when it comes to ammo capacity.

Acid Sprinkler – Deployable
How to Acquire: Buy it from Two Hat Jack for 6,000 Overcharge
Weapon Susceptibility: OD 4, Scabs 2, Robots 3, Bosses 3

This is one below-average deployable in the game. There are some downsides of this weapon which include small coverage area and non-mobility. Place it on rooftops and doorways along with other deployables like Taunt Bots for most efficiency.

Freeze Bomb – Single-Shot
How to Acquire: Buy it from Two Hat Jack for 3,000 Overcharge
Weapon Susceptibility: OD 3, Scabs 3, Robots 3, Bosses 3

Once the Freeze Bomb explodes, it freezes every enemy in 6.5 yards radius for 12 seconds. Freezing does not deal any additional damage to enemies, but you can swap to other weapons and shatter frozen enemies. Bigger enemies like Herkers, Muggers, and Spawners require more than one shot to freeze. Freeze Bomb is one of the best weapons when it comes to pure crowd control.

Captain Ahab – Single-Shot
How to Acquire: Complete Amptastic and buy it for 9,000 Overcharge
Weapon Susceptibility: OD 3, Scabs 1, Robots 3, Bosses 4

This weapon has more base damage than Dirty Harry, but lacks in high rate of fire and its projectiles have a small traveling time. Due to its high damage output, this weapon is particularly useful when it comes to taking out Wingers, Herkers, and other large enemies.

If the harpoon from the Captain Ahab misses an enemy and gets attached to a wall, it will create a pool of Overcharge for 15 seconds which will attract enemies in close vicinity.

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