Sunset Overdrive Chaos Squad Guide – Missions, Challenges, Loadouts and Strategy

By   /   Oct 30, 2014

In Sunset Overdrive, upto 8 players can participate in Chaos Squad via Xbox Live. The mode is divided into different rounds scattered across Sunset City.

Aside from Missions, Quests, and Challenges, Chaos Squad is another way to earn upgraded AMPS, Weapons, Cash, Overdrive, and Costume Items.

For more help on Sunset Overdrive, read our Collectibles Locations Map, Challenges and Quests Guide.

Sunset Overdrive Chaos Squad

To start Chaos Squad, head over to one of the Photo-Booths scattered across the Sunset City and wait for other players to join in! Once this is done, all 8 players will be teleported to one location where the Chaos Squad will take place.

Understanding Scoring and Rewards in Chaos Squad
Virtually everything you do, completing objectives, completing Bonus Challenges, and killing enemies, in Chaos Squad increases your score.

Your primary task should be to accumulate a high score. With a high score, you will receive additional Spinners which will allow you to receive different rewards. These rewards range from Cash, Overcharge, Weapons, to Upgraded AMPS and Upgraded Weapons.

Also note that some of the rewards acquired from the Chaos Squad cannot be acquired from anywhere else in the game so it’s a good idea to focus on getting a higher score.

Upon the completion of Night Defense at Floyd’s Local Hideout, you will receive a score which will further enhance by having a higher multiplier. In order to reach a higher multiplier, you need to complete different Bonus Challenges, Objectives, and having a higher Chaos Level.

Depending upon your final score, you will receive upto 5 Spinners, each of which will contain a reward.

Pre-Game Loadouts / Setup
The beginning missions of the Chaos Squad are pretty straightforward and require you to take out a small battalion of Scabs, OD, or Fizzco Robots. You can take out these enemies with almost any setup, but it is always good to experiment with different things.

Things get a little tougher when you are provided with Night Defense Mission. During this mission, you’ll be confined in a close space and asked to take out OD. At this point, you need to focus on Weapons, AMPS, and Overdrives that work best against these enemies.

One important thing to consider during Night Defense Mission is your Chaos Level. The Chaos Level that you earned during a mission will directly tied to OD’s health in consequent missions.

It is highly recommended to play objective and have a decent communication with your team-mates to successfully complete Chaos Squad. Careful use of Weapons, Traps, and communication will certainly get you far.

Also keep in mind that Chaos Squad is extremely different from single-player campaign. What worked for you during the single-player campaign may or may not work in Chaos Squad. Therefore, it is a good idea to experiment with different options and choose the ones that work best for you.

When we talk about Traps, one of the best to use in Chaos Squad is Senor Freeze which will allow you to stun hordes of OD in one place which are otherwise pretty hard to take out.

Furthermore, Pandora’s Box works really well if you’re planning to deliver DPS. Another thing that you can do is to place Upgraded Acid Sprinklers near the spawn/entry points.

Missions in Chaos Squad
Although missions in Chaos Squad require all players to work together to complete certain objectives, it doesn’t hurt to stay ahead of the pack.

In addition to the primary objectives, players are also asked to complete a couple of Bonus Challenges. These Bonus Challenges can be individual or team-based depending upon the nature of them.

It is a good idea to complete these Bonus Challenges as it will improve your final scores greatly!

Each area in the Sunset City has its own set of Chaos Squad Missions. Keep on progressing through the missions to reach the final stage: a Night Defense Battle at Floyd’s Local Hideout.

Depending upon your performance, you will gain bonuses during the last battle. One important thing to consider during Chaos Squad is your Chaos Level.

Chaos Level is tied to enemies’ HP during the final Night Defense Battle at Floyd’s. In the section below, I’ve provided a complete list of missions found in Chaos Squad along with their brief tips, objectives, and Bonus Challenges:

Old Factory Missions

Clean the Sewage Plant

  • Objective: Clear out the OD
  • Challenge #1: Kill the most enemies in a single location
  • Challenge #2: Complete the mission in less than 3 minutes

Mobility and having heavy-hitting weapons with Area-of-Effect Damage are the most suitable things you can have in this mission. If you can manage a clip full of TNTeddy, it will do wonders.

Hack Fizzco

  • Objective: Hack Fizzco Transmitters
  • Challenge #1: Hack a transmitter on the first try
  • Challenge #2: Upload all viruses in under 3 minutes

You need to protect anyone hacking the terminals throughout the course of this mission. It is a good idea to place some deployables in the area where the hacking is taking place to make things a little easier.

Supply Drop!

  • Objective: Deliver supplies to the boat
  • Challenge #1: Deliver 2 supply drops
  • Challenge #2: Deliver the most supply drops

One thing that you need to keep in mind that you don’t have to wait for the supplies to touch the ground. You can jump above using Slam Bounce and grab them while they are in the air.

Scab Destruction

  • Objective: Destroy the main Scab bunker
  • Challenge #1: Destroy 2 turrets
  • Challenge #2: Destroy the bunker in less than 3 minutes

You can use any kind of explosives to take out these Turrets with ease. Furthermore, any one-shot weapons should work well against them.

Signal Jammers

  • Objective: Defend the signal jammer
  • Challenge #1: Deliver 1 range extender
  • Challenge #2: Prevent the signal jammer from taking more than 50% damage

Do note that keeping the possession for jammer for too long will cause it to explode in your hand. Enemies in this mission are pretty easy to spot and take out.

Destroy the Blimp

  • Objective: Target and destroy the Fizzco Blimp
  • Challenge #1: Detonate 2 bombs
  • Challenge #2: Kill 4 Fizzco Rifle Bots

For this mission, you need to carry the bomb to the blimp yourself. Tossing the bomb to the blimp’s location will not award you with any points.

Cooking with Nukes

  • Objective: Defend the Cooker
  • Challenge #1: Complete the mission with no team deaths
  • Challenge #2: Kill 3 Blowers

During this mission, you need to split your team to cover both inside and outside. Also, have some deployable(s) inside the perimeter so as to keep it safe from enemies.

Scavenger Scramble I

  • Objective: Collect the points
  • Challenge #1: Get 100 points in a single round
  • Challenge #2: Get 200 points in a single round

The key to success when we talk about this mission is to always be on the move and collect as many points as possible and never miss a point, no matter its worth.

Trolly Ride

  • Objective: Clear the barricades from the train track
  • Challenge #1: Complete the mission with no team deaths
  • Challenge #2: Kill 6 Scabs

You need to make use of your focused firepower and explosive to destroy each barricade in no time. You can also go move ahead after destroying one barricade to take out some Scabs before destroying the barricade.

Urban Jungle Gym I

  • Objective: Complete the challenges. The mission ends when one player finishes all available challenges
  • Challenge #1: Complete 2 challenges
  • Challenge #2: Complete 3 challenges

For this mission, you need to rely on AMPS like Seismic Smash. However, while going for the Melee Kills, make sure to remove all AMPS that deal Passive Damage.

Little Tokyo Missions

Garage Defense

  • Objective: Defend the Troop Members
  • Challenge #1: Complete a wave with no Troop members being downed
  • Challenge #2: Complete the mission with fewer than 3 deaths

During this mission, you need to make use of your deployable(s) to take out Poppers and Herkers since they are a great threat to Scouts who will not move from their starting positions.

Attack of the Scabs

  • Objective: Defend the Troop Members’ supplies
  • Challenge #1: Complete the mission with no destroyed supplies
  • Challenge #2: Kill 10 Scabs

During this mission, it is a good idea to utilize a couple of Turret Copters to keep Scabs at bay.

Rout the Scabs

  • Objective: Destroy the Scab Forts
  • Challenge #1: Destroy 1 fort
  • Challenge #2: Complete the mission without dying

You can easily destroy forts using explosives in this mission.

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