Civilization: Beyond Earth Technology Guide – Tech Tree, Research Tips and Science

By   /   Oct 29, 2014

One of the biggest overhauls in Civilization: Beyond Earth compared to its predecessors is the Technology development.

Technology becomes even more important in Civilization: Beyond Earth because of its more varied and evident applications in your city’s success – so much so that if you are slow with your researches or pick the wrong Technology to upgrade, you could pay a heavier price than what you would anticipate.

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Civilization: Beyond Earth Technology

The basic style of Research is done in the same manner as before; you start your research in a specific Technology and wait till it is completed.

However, the complexity (and depth) of Technology in CivBE is introduced by changing the overall structure of the development tree.

Technology is now a large interconnected web, and will give you lots of choices for Research. This can be quite daunting at first, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll begin to admire the freedom and depth this new system offers.

The Technology Web

The Technology Web has sections divided into multiple pieces. The top is where the branch is. The branch is the core principles that you research as you make your way through the web.

However, these branches also have Leaf Researches, which are located below them. These are sub-researches that allow you to develop the branch you researched even further.

Each branch has either one or two leaf researches to be carried out. Note though that in order to carry out a leaf research, you need to have the branch Research completed.

Every time you complete a branch research, you unlock its leaves and also other branches connected to it. It is up to you then to either specialize that branch by performing the leaf researches, or to take up a completely new technology branch to research.

This allows you to identify and rush towards specific Technologies that you feel are needed more than others in the near future.

The perk to this system is that you can always come back and specialize in the leaf researches whenever possible, or if the cost of researching further into the web becomes too expensive (we’ll get to that in a bit).

You can identify the portion of the web you have covered by the color of the Technologies. White indicates that the Technology has already been researched.

Purple is Technology that is available for research (unlocked), while Blue is Technology that is being researched. All the Technology that is Greyed out is currently locked and cannot be accessed yet.

The most important part of Researching though is Science. Having good Science stats will allow researches to be carried out much faster (you can only research one branch/leaf at a time).

If you feel your researches are going slow, you should start investing in Science.

Technology Web Layout

The Technology Web hasn’t been laid down in random order – there is a subtle yet noticeable pattern to the layout which becomes more evident as you start to cover the grid.

When you start off with your researching, you might be overwhelmed by the large amount of choices present. Don’t worry – you don’t have to get it right from the first go.

The most important thing to do in this fresh scenario is to identify the Technologies that are the most generic. You’ll probably come across some things that go over the top of your head – avoid those and only focus on the more generic Technologies.

Simply highlight an available Technology (one that is Purple) and a description will come up, giving you the necessary information as to what purpose it serves and what it does.

The same is true for the leaf researches underneath each branch. Technologies that give basic upgrades like increase in Health or Combat, or certain buildings/units that would improve your nation’s performance should be isolated first.

Next up, you want to evaluate what you currently need the most, or will be needing the most in the immediate future. Are you having difficulties defending your nation? Look for Technologies that will give you firepower in the form of units and affinity.

These are the Technologies you should be researching first, and then gradually working your way across the web. Once you have researched a sufficient amount of Technologies, it is time for you to look at the bigger picture.

The Technology web is designed in a way that the Purity units and research is on the left side. The affinity towards Purity victory with their units and bonus 40% experience based on Purity is all located on the left side of the tree.

Similarly, Harmony affinity can be identified on the right side of the web, with even greater bonus experience. The Supremacy affinity is located along the bottom.

The top of the web has Technologies associated with different buildings that would suit all types of players, irrespective of their affinity.

You might have a clear cut idea of where you want to head, but it is important to understand that the best nation is one that covers a larger part of the web.

Sure, having more focus on one side is never too bad, but you want to make sure you have taken use of all Technologies applicable to you before smoothly moving towards the portion of the web that you have selected for yourself.

In addition to it benefitting your nation, it may also be a tactic that comes out of necessity.

The Technologies located on the out parameters of the web have much more cost as compared to the ones in the center, which may force you to take up research in branches all over the place.

It’s generally good to sway towards your preferred corner, but if going ahead becomes too costly, consider backtracking and filling out some of the branches that you may have overlooked earlier.

How You Should Research Technology

Why Changing Research is Not Such a Bad Thing – Sometimes you’ll be investing valuable time researching in a wonder or building that will give your nation prosperity.

You’ll select that Technology for research and let it run its course. However, tensions between your city and another neighboring one may rise and a time of war may be upon you.

In such cases, it wouldn’t be very wise to continue researching in a wonder, would it? This is where you might have to force yourself into changing your research. You can do so any time by selecting a completely different Technology for research.

The ongoing one will simply ‘pause’, and research on the newly selected one will begin immediately. This isn’t a situation you necessarily want to get yourself in.

It is always advisable to carefully plan out your research fields and extrapolate from current situations to predict the near future, but when a time of desperate measures does unexpectedly arrive, you shouldn’t hesitate in suspending your current research and opting for something that requires immediate attention.

Generally, to avoid this scenario, it is wise to alternate between the types of Technologies you research.

You might be researching a pretty building for your city, but once it’s done, be sure to balance the books by researching into military and defense next, so that pretty building (along with your entire city) isn’t conquered by someone.

Investing in Science

In order to get more Science for faster research, you will need to invest in buildings that would give you more beakers. These include labs, clinics, and other research buildings.

It is also important that you excavate as much Silica as possible, as that plays a vital role in boosting your Science. Another method of greatly boosting your Science is through Virtues.

Knowledge Virtues will earn Science to your nation and let you research Technology at a very fast rate. Here are some of the virtues you should be looking out for:

  • Foresight: +10% Science when your nation is healthy.
  • Field Research: Raises Science when you complete each expedition.
  • Laboratory Apprenticeship: Generates Science from every citizen in your cities.
  • Networked Datalinks: Reduces the Science penalty from the number of cities in your nation.
  • Metaresearch Methods: Reduces the cost of leaf Technologies.
  • Learning Centers: +2 Science from academies.
  • Technoartisans: Earn extra Science from your Culture output.

Civilization: Beyond Earth Technology Tips

Alien Adaptation
Cost: 770
Prerequisite: Alien Sciences
Unlocks alien preserve (building), +1 Culture from Paddocks

Alien Biology
Cost: 249
Prerequisite: Ecology
Unlocks alien preserve (building), +1 Culture from Paddocks

Although Alien Biology is primarily meant for Harmony players, almost everyone can take use of it for its Knowledge and how it gives workers ability to remove miasma and construct in terrain infested by it.

You won’t be needing this early on, but make sure you do grab onto it whenever miasma fields become an issue.

Alien Domestication
Cost: 1820
Prerequisite: Alien Ethics
Unlocks alien preserve (building), +1 Culture from Paddocks

This is a Harmony focused Technology that is almost entirely useless to non-Harmony players. However, those going towards this affinity will want to prioritize this Technology for how well it can aid in your military options and the benefit it gives with Xenomass Wells.

Alien Ecology
Cost: 770
Prerequisite: Alien Sciences

If you are a Harmony player, miasma will be a huge offensive weapon for you to spread through your workers and orbitals. This makes Alien Ecology a must for such players during mid game.

Others will have already learned to get rid of miasma, but spreading it rapidly will keep them preoccupied with it and give you a massive tactical and strategic advantage.

Alien Ethics
Cost: 1160
Prerequisite: Alien Sciences

You get mind stems and Xeno sanctuaries from this Technology, and both of these make a Transcendence victory much faster to achieve. If you’re a Harmony player, you’ll want to get this as early as possible so you can start work on your buildings.

Alien Evolution
Cost: 3216
Prerequisite: Artificial Evolution

Though a late-game Harmony Technology, Alien Evolution will give you a powerful military asset in the form of the dreaded Xeno Titan. Just imagine what you could do to your enemies with that thing.

Alien Genetics
Cost: 770
Prerequisite: Genetic Design

Though it’s a primarily Harmony-based Technology, Alien Genetics has some kind of bonus to offer to any type of player. Because of its low-ish cost you shouldn’t shy away from researching this, irrespective of your affinity.

Alien Hybridization
Cost: 1820
Prerequisite: Transgenics

This is a fairly expensive tech, but it is very important for any kind of player in the later stages of the game.

The reason? It gives you bonus healing in miasma and also makes you immune to its damage. How wonderful is that? This is especially good against any Harmony opponent who is looking to infect you with miasma.

Alien Lifeforms
Cost: 249
Prerequisite: Genetics

The low cost and early availability of Alien Lifeforms is pretty useful for developing your Culture, and should be worth looking into if your focus isn’t exclusively on creating a powerful military.

Alien Materials
Cost: 3216
Prerequisite: Artificial Evolution

Costly and not entirely necessary are the two terms for this tech. It unlocks a nice wonder, but it hardly does anything for the amount of investment you’ll be putting in. This is a tech overall suited more to Supremacy players, though they will hardly take it as their side of web is plenty rich. Treat this as a secondary.

Alien Sciences
Cost: 380
Prerequisite: Ecology or Genetics

This is a core Harmony tech that will aid in you collecting Xenomass, so Harmony players should get it as early as possible, while the rest can wait it out if they have to.

Artificial Evolution
Cost: 2480
Prerequisite: Alien Ethics or Transgenics

This expensive but useful tech will help you with fulfilling your Health needs, especially during late game. While investing in it early on isn’t recommended, but you should come to this in mid to late game if you are facing any Health deficiency.

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