Borderlands: Pre-Sequel Weapons, Manufacturers, Oz Kits, Class Mods, Shields and Attachments

By   /   Oct 15, 2014

It seems you want to kill stuff while in less gravity and with all kinds of crazy weapons the elite manufacturers could think of.

Well, you have come to the right place Vault Hunter, as we’re about to give you a briefing of what you’ll require to dispose of anyone and anything that dares stand in your way.

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Borderlands: Pre-Sequel Weapons, Manufacturers, Oz Kits, Class Mods

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel re-adapts its successful combat system and RNG based looting, and adds to it additional content and subtle tweaks to further refine the experience of killing and more killing.

Our guide will cover the basic aspects of combat, from ammunition to Class Mods to weapon manufacturers, and more.

The Basics

Ammo is something you’ll come across lots in Borderlands, and for the most part it won’t seem like a factor you should take into consider. That however will only last till you encounter enemies above your level.

When that happens, suddenly ammunition becomes your darling and precious, and you’re left wishing you had invested a bit more time and money in buying ammo and increasing the size of your pockets to accommodate more at a given time.

Keep yourself up to near full ammo capacity at all times. Loot chests, restock at Bullets Etc. vending machines, and make sure you upgrade your maximum supply of ammo for different weapons.

You should also seriously consider looking into Black Market ammo upgrades as often as possible alongside your backpack. Below is a list of the normal and maximum ammo capacity of each type of weapon.

You’ll notice the difference yourself when you really upgrade your ammunition capacity.

Assault Rifles

  • Starting Ammo Capacity – 280
  • Max Upgraded Ammo Capacity – 980


  • Starting Ammo Capacity – 500
  • Max Upgraded Ammo Capacity – 1100


  • Starting Ammo Capacity – 200
  • Max Upgraded Ammo Capacity – 700

Rocket Launchers

  • Starting Ammo Capacity – 12
  • Max Upgraded Ammo Capacity – 57


  • Starting Ammo Capacity – 80
  • Max Upgraded Ammo Capacity – 180


  • Starting Ammo Capacity – 360
  • Max Upgraded Ammo Capacity – 1260

Sniper Rifles

  • Starting Ammo Capacity – 48
  • Max Upgraded Ammo Capacity – 108


  • Starting Ammo Capacity – 3
  • Max Upgraded Ammo Capacity – 8

Grenades need no introduction when it comes to first person shooters, but Borderlands paints the tactical fragmentation grenade in its whacky themes and gives them some extra juice.

The two important attributes associated with grenades in Borderlands are Grenade Delivery System and Grenade Abilities.

Grenade Delivery System

  • Lob
  • Rubberized
  • Longbow
  • Homing
  • Sticky

Grenade Abilities

  • Standard — Toss grenade and watch it explode.
  • MIRV — Splits into multiple, child grenades.
  • Springy Sheila — Hops around, firing projectiles all over the place.
  • Area of Effect — Damage enemies that stay near the grenade over time.
  • Singularity — Pulls targets into the epicenter of the explosion.
  • Transfusion — Spawns child grenades that seek enemies to deal damage and transfer health to your character.

Oz Kits
Oz Kits are oxygen kits that let you breathe on Elpis without losing health over time. These are essential items in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel while you’re venturing out in the open.

In addition to providing you with oxygen, Oz Kits also have additional bonuses that come with them. This makes Oz Kits another gear that you can search for to find one that would suit your playstyle and compliment your other equipment.

The Oz Kits also augment your slam damage with specific elements. These are:

  • Corrosive slam damage
  • Arctic
  • Cryo slam damage
  • Meteoric
  • Fire slam damage
  • Explosive slam damage
  • Voltaic
  • Shock slam damage

In addition to augmenting your slam damage, Oz Kits come with different properties.

There are many types of properties, ranging from buffs that increase your accuracy and critical damage while airborne, to ones that will allow you to acquire oxygen by killing enemies.

You don’t want to rely on the thickness of your skin to protect you, which is why shields are so important and main line of defense. There are three primary stats associated with shields:

  • Capacity: The amount of damage that the shield takes before it collapses and exposes you to attack.
  • Recharge Rate: The speed at which your capacity restores itself after avoiding damage.
  • Recharge Delay: The amount of time you need to avoid damage before your recharge rate activates.

The best shield is the one with the highest capacity, highest recharge rate, and lowest recharge delay. Generally, players who prefer long-ranged combat should prioritize higher capacity, while those who play a hit-and-run style would benefit with faster recharge rates.

The shields in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel are listed below:

Chance to absorb bullets and add them to your ammunition supply

Adapts to damage taken, increasing your elemental resistance to that element; also raises maximum health

When fully charged, causes the next shot to deal increased damage (at the expense of some shield capacity)

When damaged, may spawn packs of shield energy that are picked up to restore your capacity

Improves melee damage after shield capacity collapses

Explodes when your shield capacity runs out, dealing some type of elemental damage to nearby foes

Does damage to enemies that make melee attacks against you

No special behavior

Trades your health capacity for even higher shield capacity

Weapon Attachments
Attachments add certain bonuses to your weapons and come in different shapes and sizes.

Not all weapons can support attachments, but those that can should be utilized the most, and finding some awesome equipment to add to them can make killing even more fun than it already is.

Below is a list of all the attachments you can get in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.

Raises melee damage

Increases grenade damage

Fast Learner
Bonus to experience from kills

Increases stability

Harden Up
Improves maximum shields

Higher Bullet Speed
Faster bullets improve long-range performance

Higher Damage
Increases the base damage of your weapon

Improved Accuracy
Raises Accuracy of your weapon

Increased Magazine Size
More bullets, more fun

Damaging enemies restores O2

Piercing Rounds
Grants a chance to ignore enemy shields

Raises critical hit damage

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