Super Smash Bros Character Combos, Moves, Counter Tips and Strategy Guide

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There are chances that Super Smash Bros will make it to competitive tournaments, say EVO Championship. And to face off the world’s best players, you not only need to understand your character, but your opponents’ characters as well.

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Super Smash Bros Character Combos, Moves, Counter Tips

In this guide, I’m going to talk about how to effectively use every character in the game along with move-set.


Bowser Moves

A set

  • Neutral A – Damage: 5-10
  • Side-A – Damage: 11
  • Up-A – Damage: 12
  • Down-A – Damage: 14-25

A-Charged Moves

  • Side-A – Damage: 33-46
  • Up-A – Damage: 15-28
  • Down-A – Damage: 9-29

B Moves

  • Fire Breath – Damage: N/A
  • Flying Slam – Damage: 18
  • Whirling Fortress – Damage: 16 for initial hit and 2 for each consecutive hit
  • Bowser Bomb – Damage: 4 for the rise and 20 for the fall

Aerial Moves

  • Neutral-A – Damage: 13
  • Side-A – Damage: 12
  • Up-A – Damage: 12
  • Down-A – Damage: 1-12

General Strategy and Counter Tips
Being the heaviest and slowest character in the game, Bowser should be played a bit differently. When playing with this character, don’t rush the opponent, but exchange hits frequently due to Bowser’s decent damage output.

He also has a decent range with Tilt Attacks. While spacing, try and use Up Tilt and Forward Tilt from time to time. Another important thing to keep in mind is that Bowser cannot be stunned easily – use this to your advantage.

When you’re against Bowser, create a space and stick to Dash Attacks to get his Damage Percentage to at least 60%. Remember that this 60 damage percentage is the minimum.

Once you get to this point, start using Aerial Attacks and go for a knockout. Coming to Special Attacks, Whirling Fortress stays grounded and Bowser can control it horizontally.

As for Aerial Bowser Bomb, it goes directly below his position and deals high damage. But do note that during this attack, Bowser is vulnerable to different attacks from below.

Bowser Combos
I would like to thank UltimaLuminaire of SmashBoards for these discovered Bowser combos:

Neutral-Air will combo into Up Tilt if Bowser lands directly on a medium/light character. This is quite hard to do, especially if you touch the ground during neutral-air animation.

However, the attack deals about 20 per cent damage. At low percent, the first hit of the jab will combo into down-b, but if your opponent vectors away, it is possible to escape the range of down-b.

And lastly, 0% down-air against an aerial opponent can be chained into itself for additional 2%.

Captain Falcon

Captain Falcon Moves


  • Neutral-A – Damage: 3-23
  • Side-A – Damage: 10
  • Up-A – Damage: 13
  • Down-A – Damage: 10

A-Charged Moves

  • Side-A – Damage: 19-26
  • Up-A – Damage: 20-29
  • Down-A – Damage: 18-25

B Set

  • Falcon Punch! – Damage: 27
  • Raptor Boost – Damage: 7
  • Falcon Dive – Damage: 17
  • Falcon Kick – Damage: 13

Aerial Moves< .u>

  • Neutral-A – Damage: 4-8
  • Side-A – Damage: 19
  • Up-A – Damage: 13
  • Down-A – Damage: 14

General Strategy and Counter Tips
Captain Falcon has decent ground/aerial speed along with long-ranged attacks.

The idea is to keep a safe distance and use Raptor Boost and Falcon Kick to increase the damage percentage and then finish off with a Falcon Punch or charged kicks.

Falcon Punch deals lot of damage and can be interrupted at the start. Don’t forget to keep your opponent within Captain Falcon’s range. All in all, you need to have decent timing and spacing to be successful with this character.

When you are facing Captain Falcon as an opponent, maintain a safe distance and stick to aerial attacks. As soon as you see orange flashes on his body, make sure to move away or use your shield.

The best strategy to take him out is to get behind him and using projectiles.

Captain Falcon Combos
Check out the video provided by Gawain for some sample combos by Captain Falcon:


Charizard Moves

Smash Attacks

  • Side Smash – Attack with the head to gain invincibility
  • Down Smash – Stomps the ground and attacks with both wings
  • Up Smash – Launch opponents by attacking with both wings

Basic Attacks

  • Standing Attack – A series of attacks to knock an opponent up
  • Forward Tilt – Attack an opponent using the tail which can be moved up or down
  • Up Tilt – Attack airborne opponents using both wings without taking any damage
  • Down Tilt – A simple headbutt attack using the head
  • Dash Attack – While running, raises foot to launch opponents into the air
  • Edge Attack – Get back on the stage with a headbutt attack

Aerial Attacks

  • Neutral Air – Perform a forward flip while attacking with the tail
  • Up Air – Airborne opponents are attacked with the head and Charizard gains some invincibility
  • Down Air – Attack downward with one foot to gain meteor effect
  • Forward Air Attack – Claw forward in the air with this attack
  • Back Air – Attack with the tail which has a long range

Special Attacks

  • Flamethrower – Charizard breathes fire onto nearby opponents
  • Flare Blitz – Striking an enemy or obstacle results in a small explosion that can also cause damage
  • Fly – Attack upwards to damage an opponent multiple times
  • Rock Smash – Attack a rock with head so that its fragments damage the opponents

General Strategy and Counter Tips
Similar to Bowser, Charizard is another heavy character which lacks in Attack Speed and Agility. However, you will enjoy increased range and damage output with this character.

To counter agile opponents, make sure to utilize Flamethrower and Flare Blitz. Charizard also has a couple of invincibilities and super armour with Side Smash, Up Air, and Rock Smash.

Flamethrower doesn’t deal high damage, but can be used to put pressure on the opponents and make room for follow-up attacks. On the other hand, Flare Blitz is used to take out groups of enemies and deal high damage.

Note that using Flare Blitz will also damage Charizard even if you have a distance from the blast radius. With Rock Smash, make sure that you use it at short range and while going for a knockout.

While in the air, make use of Back-Air when looking for knocking out an opponent. Up-Air should be used in mid-air as it will provide head invincibility.

While you are looking for ground knockout, make sure to use Side Smash for increased damage and invincibility. And lastly, when edge-guarding, use Flamethrower, Flare Blitz, Side Tilt and Down Tilt.

Charizard Combos
Check out these sample video provided by Jerek for information on combos:

Pit & Dark Pit

Pit & Dark Pit Moves

Smash Attacks

  • Forward Smash – Pit strikes using his blades and knocks back opponents
  • Down Smash – A low blade attacks which knocks back opponents
  • Up Smash – A series of blade attacks which sends opponents into the air

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