Super Smash Bros Classic Mode Guide – Boss Tips, Initial Matches, Unlocks

By   /   Oct 7, 2014

In Super Smash Bros, Solo contains a wide range of single-player experiences. From full-fledged game modes to a range of mini-games, Solo is the way to earn tons of Trophies, Gold, and Pieces of Equipment.

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Super Smash Bros Classic Mode Tips

In Solo, you will come across Classic, All-Star, Training, and Stadium. This guide is dedicated to Solo Classic and various options associated with this mode.

What is Classic and Intensity?
In Classic, you are required to win a total of six matches within a 300 seconds time limit. Wish to explore the game to its deepest roots and earn Gold, Trophies, Pieces of Equipment, and other valuable items? Classic is the perfect mode for you!

First off, you’re asked to select a character and Classic’s intensity. You can spend Gold to increase the Intensity of the game and earn better loot.

At higher Intensity, you will face tougher foes with increased aggression and higher chances of better loot. Do note that the default Intensity of 2.0 does not require any Gold.

Choosing Your Path
The available stages in Classic are interlinked with branched paths. These paths are colour-coded and indicate the difficulty of the upcoming match. Blue Paths are the easiest, Green Paths have moderate difficulty, and Red Paths are the most difficult ones.

While playing at an Intensity of 5.1, a Black Path near the end of the game will lead you to a stage with both Master Hand and Crazy Hand appearing at the same time. You will get to the Master Core from the Black Path.

The First Five Matches
Throughout your Classic Matches, you will face either face a single enemy or group of enemies. You may have to face these enemies alone or with a team of allies to aid you.

The fifth Classic Match will always feature ten enemies who will be either Miis or popular characters from the game’s roster. However, during the fifth battle, the enemies will be comparatively easier to launch and take out.

During the sixth battle, you will face the Master Hand.

How to Defeat Master Hand

The attacks from the Master Hand are lethal and must be avoided at all costs. These attacks take some time to charge, giving you some breathing room.

You need to identify these attacks (some of them are come in too quickly) and dodge them perfectly to avoid being knocked out.

The Master Hand will snap its fingers for a series of short-ranged attacks, transform into a fist to slam the ground, and follow you around to target you with a projectile.

In order to dodge these attacks, you need to be accurate with your timing – avoid the attacks just as the MH executes them. After every attack, the Master Hand will become susceptible to attack.

During this time, you need to charge in and execute the best of your attacks. Note that you can also execute your attacks while the MH is about to launch one of its own attacks, but make sure that you run away from the area before the enemy execute its own attacks.

After its every attack, the enemy will be vulnerable for a couple of seconds. Don’t linger near it for too long or the hand will grasp you for massive damage. If the hand grasps you, quickly move your Circle Pad to break free of its grip.

The Crazy Hand and the Master Hand

If you try and play the Classic with 3.0 or higher Intensity, you will face both the Master Hand and the Crazy Hand simultaneously. Both hands will combine their attacks for more powerful and lethal blows.

The game becomes far more difficult with both the hands roaming over your head. It’s very important that you pay attention to both of their attacks. Don’t go in charging if one of the hands is vulnerable, unless you think there is sufficient time to avoid the attacks from the other hand.

The battle becomes really frustrating when both of the hands combine their attacks. For example, the Master Hand will follow you around the field to target you with projectiles and the Crazy Hand will target you with bombs.

Let me be blunt about this! Avoiding their simultaneous attacks is extremely difficult and will require a lot of practice. Once again, I will ask you to be patient and let your enemies execute their attacks before reacting.

You need to closely calculate your options and then act accordingly. Jumping is your best bet when it comes to avoiding the attacks, but it also leaves you vulnerable to many other attacks.

While jumping, make sure to calculate your options and use techniques like Fast Fall and Air Dodge to receive the minimum amount of damage. Lastly, while both of the hands appear as separate enemies, they will have a single HP bar – if that makes you feel better.

Defeat both of these enemies to complete the Classic mode.

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