Destiny Boss Guide With Tips and Strategy To Kill

By   /   Sep 17, 2014

There are a total of eight bosses in Destiny which tend to test your true mettle. These bosses appear on different planets and can leave you frustrating if you don’t know how to tackle them.

Destiny Boss Guide

In this guide, I’ll be detailing every boss and how to effectively kill them. Like always, don’t forget to share your own tips and strategies with us in the comments below!

Devil Walker
This boss can be found inside strike missions like Devil’s Lair and in some of the Public Events in Old Russia, Earth.

This gigantic robot has a small machinegun attached to its bottom surface which can be extremely lethal at the medium to close range. In addition to this, it also has a turret which can target you from medium to even long range and deals some pretty high amount of damage.

The boss will frequently target an area with a laser sight marking the location where the main cannon will hit. As soon as you see this laser, change your position or you’ll face pretty bad damage.

Several small drones will erupt from the side of the boss and will charge upon you. Depending upon the version of the boss, these drones will vary. Do note that killing these drones will let you replenish your ammo.

Lastly, the boss will toss grenades and use its slamming abilities to knock you out in no time. Always make sure to avoid standing in its way.

As soon as the battle commences, you need to start hitting its legs. Each leg has its own HP bar and destroying one will reveal a core on its neck. If you’re playing with a team, make sure to have a couple of players target the same leg which will bring it down quickly.

The visible core on the neck of the boss will remain open for a limited time. In order to keep it open, you’ll have to keep on shooting it. At this point, your best bet is to use your heavy machineguns and rocket launchers which will bring him down quickly.

Always keep an eye out on your ammo! In case, you run low at ammo, ask one of your teammates to get you some. Furthermore, you can also kill drones and replenish your ammo.

Speaking of teammates, don’t revive them if you cannot. Your teammates will automatically spawn again after 20 seconds so there is no point in committing suicide by reviving them.

Targeting the boss’s legs is very important, but if you’re getting overwhelmed by the main cannon, take no time in destroying it. And lastly, your Fusion Rifles will always do Precision Damage regardless where you target – make good use of it.

Sepiks Prime
Sepiks Prime is a large Fallen Serivtor enemy that you’ll encounter.

The primary attack at this boss’s disposal is purple projectiles thrown from its eyes. These projectiles have quite great a velocity and should be avoided to take high damage. The eye is also the boss’s weak point and shooting at it will deal critical damage.

The most annoying part of this boss fight is the ability of the boss to teleport to a different location. Always keep an eye out on its teleport ability so that you don’t waste valuable ammo on it.

You’ll find some decent places to evade the boss’s primary attack. In addition to this, the boss will also call upon several adds – especially when it will be low on health.

At this point, you need to divert your attention to the adds and kill them before moving to the boss. Solar damage is extremely powerful to kill the adds and even the boss itself. Once you have defeated the boss, pick up the gold chest and claim the loot.

You’ll encounter this boss during the Oceans of the Moon strike mission on the Moon. The boss will appear in the Summoning Pits.

The primary attack at the boss’s disposal is an eye blast which is almost identical to the small ogres. However, this beam of energy deals massive damage and you should run for cover as soon as you see it coming. In addition to this, the boss will also unleash a ground slam, but only if you’re too close to it. The ground slam will deal medium damage and will knock out the players.

As soon as the fight starts, don’t stand in the narrow alleyway and head over to the boss arena. Once there, take out the smaller enemies first and then divert your attention to the boss.

Throughout the engagement, you’ll have to shift between lower floors and balconies as the adds will keep on swarming you.

If you’re playing with a full team, you can ask two players to keep the adds busy while the other focus on the boss. This is pretty simple and straightforward boss fight and you’ll end up winning in no time.

Like I mentioned above, it’s generally a good idea to have two players taking out the adds while the other players keep their attention on the boss.

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