Destiny Warlock Class Guide – Voidwalker and Sunsinger Tips

By   /   Sep 12, 2014

The Warlock class in Destiny is fairly different from the Titans and Hunters. While weapons of the future involve ranged firearms and sophisticated technology, the Warlocks use arcane-like power to decimate and (literally) incinerate their foes.

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Destiny Warlock Class Tips

The Warlock class is ideal for those who prefer to play as wizards and sorcerers in RPG games, and have always opted for destruction through forbidden powers.

While the Titans excel at frontal assaults and rock-solid tanking defense, and the Hunters excelling at infiltration and stealthy assassinations, the Warlocks have mastered the powers of the Void and Light, crippling their foes not with conventional weapons, but with arcane secrets that only they hold the knowledge of.

The two specializations for the Warlock are Voidwalker and Sunsinger. Voidwalker is available from the start, while Sunsinger is unlocked at level 15.


The Voidwalker specialization for the Warlock class is centered on its powerful signature spell Nova Bomb, and the utilization of Energy Siphon to use grenades more frequently.

Voidwalkers will take on enemies in an unorthodox way compared to the Hunters and Titans, using grenades and power spells as their main source of collateral damage. This makes the Voildwalkers a challenging specialization at the start, but once mastered it offers a lot burst power that you can use for massive impact in both PvP and PvE.

The ideal stats to focus on for the Voidwalker are Strength and Discipline, the latter aiding a lot in Energy Siphon.


Vortex Grenade
The Vortex Grenade is a powerful but concentrated grenade that leaves a vortex of Void energy. Enemies inside the vortex will take a lot of damage in rapid pulses that can go up to 100 damage per second.

The Vortex Grenade compliments the Voidwalker’s destructive AoE capability and almost arcane-like powers.

Vortex Grenades don’t have any kind of damage fall-off, though they have a rather small radius of 4 meters. Using the Vortex Mastery talent will further make this grenade even more powerful, allowing for up to 600 damage within 6 seconds.

Scatter Grenade
The Scatter Grenade breaks up into smaller shrapnel after the initial blast, with the shrapnel further exploding to create scattered collateral damage. Using this grenade in tight corridors is useful, though the shrapnel can actually harm you if they bounce towards your position.

The damage of the Scatter Grenade varies with the proximity of the effected targets. On average, it can deal around 120-160 damage in an 8 meter radius (approx.).

Axion Bolt
The Axion Bolt is a grenade that unleashes two bolts of lightning that seek anyone within its 10 meter blast radius. Each bolt does 90 damage.

While the overall damage is less than most grenades, the ease of use and surprise element associated with the Axion Bolt allows you to quickly dispatch weakened enemies, as the bolts rapidly home towards foes within its 10 meter radial range.


The Voidwalker utilizes powerful spells as the primary method of dealing damage instead of using conventional firearms. They can Glide, use the powerful Nova Bomb, or initiate their Energy Drain to empower themselves. There are also plenty of other upgrade abilities that are associated with these three core skills.

Glide is the signature movement skill for the Warlock class. It is quite different from Lift and Double Jump, as pressing jump again after performing one will allow you to smoothly glide around in midair.

Glide can be very useful in directing yourself while jumping down from an elevated platform, and is the easiest jump technique of the three classes to master.

However, its downside is how vulnerable it leaves you midflight – you’ll be exposed and gliding smoothly and slowing, making you an easy target. For this reason, you don’t want to be gliding while there are enemies around in PvE and PvP, and you should get into the habit of cancelling your glides midway.

Focused Control
This ability will modify Glide to give you extra control while you’re gliding.

Focused Burst
Focused Burst gets rid of the slow gliding and actually gives you a speed boost when you start gliding. This is an excellent choice for PvP as an escape or surprise infiltrating tool.

The Warlock’s Blink is quite identical to the Bladedancer’s (Hunter) Blink, replacing your second jump with a teleportation instead of a glide. You will teleport a few feet in front in the direction you are facing. Blink is extremely useful in both PvP and PvE, but needs to be mastered in order to be used effectively in battle.

Nova Bomb
The Nova Bomb is the signature Voidwalker ability. It releases a powerful blast of Void energy in the direction you are facing, which is instantly fatal to anyone within its effective 9 meter radius in PvP.

The ability is very simple to use mostly, but you can add to it if combined with Blink or Glide to get a proper angle to shoot your Nova Bomb. Note that Nova Bomb does have damage fall off, but in PvP that will be hardly noticeable as across the radius it is more or less lethal (except for maybe Titan Defenders).

In PvE, you want to make sure the blast epicenter is on the target enemy to guarantee maximum damage. Nova Bomb like other signature abilities has a recharge time of 4 minutes and 30 seconds.

Vortex will add a field of Void energy to the Nova Bomb that continuously damages enemies inside it over time. This attack deals damage in a similar way to the Vortex grenade, lasting for 6 seconds and dealing 100 damage per second.

While this empowers the Nova Bomb even further, you will find it redundant in PvP as Nova Bomb alone can completely disintegrate opponents. However, it does have its uses in PvE against beefier enemies.

Shatter will split your Nova Bomb into three smaller projectiles that produce smaller yet still lethal explosions. Apparently, it is only the blast radius that is reduced, and in PvP each of these three mini Nova Bombs will still one-shot opponents.

If you combine this with Angry Magic, the three NBs will home towards enemies and wreak havoc. This is a very useful ability for both PvP and PvE – in the latter you’ll be able to deal with large hordes of enemies easily through Shatter.

Lance will add further range to your Nova and make it travel much faster, making escape for a target (or set of targets) pretty much impossible.

Lance is deadly in PvP as you can hit unaware opponents from a good distance and without allowing them a change to react; though it can be useful in PvE, you’ll generally find it easy even without Lance to target a set of AI foes.

Energy Drain
This powerful melee ability will trigger an Energy Siphon, draining energy from the target and using it to recharge your grenades much faster. Thanks to this skill, you’ll be able to use powerful grenades like the Vortex grenade and Axion Bolt much more frequently.

The recharge time of the grenades is accelerated by 1.6 times for 5 seconds.

Surge will increase your movement speed after damaging an enemy with Energy Drain. Once again, this is a fantastic ability for PvP as you can melee an enemy, then move back and toss your recharged grenades, which should take care of your opponent.

Life Steal
The name of this ability says it all; Life Steal will regenerate a bit of your health whenever you kill an enemy with Energy Drain. Life Steal will instantly regenerate 10 points to your health after a kill, followed by 1.5 seconds of regeneration even if you are being fired upon.

Soul Rip
Whenever you kill an enemy with Energy Drain with this ability on, the cool-down on your Nova Bomb will be reduced. Investing in your Discipline and utilizing Soul Rip simultaneously will make Nova Bomb even more powerful.

Ability Modifiers

Tier 1

This modifier will increase the radius of the explosion of Nova Bomb and your grenades.

Angry Magic
Nova Bomb with Angry Magic will track enemies. Combine this with Shatter and you’ll be the most feared combatant in a PvP game.

The Hunger
This modifier will increase the duration of your Energy Drain effect. This is an excellent modifier especially when combined with Tier 2’s Embrace the Void.

Tier 2

Vortex Mastery
This will increase the range of the Axion Bolts and increase the duration of the Nova Bomb and Vortex grenade vortices.

This modifier will make enemies explode whenever they are killed by any of your abilities. It sounds nice, but it is usually more useful in PvE than PvP, as in the latter opponent players don’t tend to cluster together the way AI do.

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