Destiny Mars Story Missions Walkthrough Guide

By   /   Sep 12, 2014

Mars is the 3rd planet and the 4th main location in Destiny where players pass through in their story missions.

The planet is completely barren and home to Vex and a new enemy, Cabal, who have made the planet as their base and spread fortifications throughout the area.

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Destiny Mars Story Missions

Exclusion Zone – Level 15

Exclusion Zone takes place in The Barrens on Meridian Bay of Mars. The story mission is intended for level 15 players and gives them their first look at the Cabals as well as returning an old enemy, Vex.

Similarly like in previous locations, players need to hack into the local vehicle grid before they are able to use their Sparrows for travel.

Unlike previous locations, the travel link isn’t established just by simply hacking. Once players enter the Cabal bunker on the right from where the initially start the mission, Ghost can be deployed to hack the system.

The hacking attempt attracts attention from hostile forces so while Ghost hacks the system to grant vehicle access, players must fight off waves of enemies.

Initially the Cabals can be killed with a powerful long range weapon while staying in the safety of the bunker, however since the Cabal Phalanx carry shields which cannot be destroyed players must aim for their arms first for them to lower their shields a bit and then shoot heads to kill them.

After the number of enemies has been decreased, they will start charging the player’s position and hide out outside so players need to leave the bunker and finish them off before the mission can proceed.

Outside the bunker, players will have to fight Legionaries and Centurions who are both equipped with jet packs allowing them to get close to players really quickly, or dodge incoming damage.

Centurions are also protected by solar shields and the explosive projectiles they fire can be really deadly so cover is really important here.

Now that the vehicle link has been established, players can ride their Sparrow and go through the right side to Scablands, a battlefield for the Vex and Cabal.

Those looking for extra experience and loot can choose to kill both types of enemies or simply avoid fighting and proceed to Giant’s Pass, a Darkness Zone.

A large number of Phalanxes and Legionaries patrol the Giant’s Pass where players have to scan a computer a system on the far left side.

When Ghost begins the scan, a Cabal dropship brings in more reinforcements as well as a mini boss, Bracus Tho’ourg who also carries an access key which players need for their next objective.

Bracus is a Major Centurion and is guarded by a number of Psions. While the Psions aren’t armored, they are pretty intelligent and utilize cover a lot while firing Psionic blast waves which can be devastating so players should use cover as much as possible.

The best way to avoid the wave is to run to the opposite side while they fire the wave. Just before firing, the Psions spread out their arms lift off the ground so that’s a good indicator as to when the players should get ready to run or hide.

When Baracus is dead, the key can be looted, and players can proceed to Valley of the Kings to survey an access post.

Valley of the Kings is a public zone where players can meet others and join them in taking down the high level Vex in the area as well as the Cabal in the buildings on the right.

At the top of a cliff, players can deploy Ghost to scan the Cabal outpost after which the mission ends, and players can return to the tower to turn in looted Deployment Orders at the Shipwright for a Sparrow upgrade.

The Garden’s Spire – Level 16

The level 16 story mission, The Garden’s Spire will have players once again fighting in The Barrens but only Cabal this time around. Using their Sparrow, players can quickly move to the Scablands and up from the right side to a Cabal base.

The area is pretty open so it’s a good idea to kill off some Cabals from a distance with a long range weapon before moving in towards Firebase Rubicon.

The base of full of Cabal enemies so players have two choices: either try to speed past them all which will most probably result in their death or kill as many as possible for a lot of experience and good loot.

Cover and constant movement is really required here as the number of varying hostiles is very high. Having killed all or a lot of enemies are dead, players can proceed further to the observation tower.

A large number of Cabals guard the tower but they can be easily defeated, the only threat is from a Colossus carrying a Slug Thrower which does insane amount of damage if hits players.

The slug thrower also has a three missile attack which can easily kill a player if they get caught in it, so cover should be used a lot, and players should focus on his head. When the Colossus is dead, players can proceed and deploy Ghost at the tower console.

More Cabal will keep coming in as players proceed through the Rubicon Wastes so it’s a good idea to go to a garage on the right and ride an Interceptor which is armed with power missile attacks which can easily take down Cabal enemies.

Taking the Interceptor is not required but makes the job a whole lot easier so it’s highly recommended. With the Interceptor, players can easily push towards the Iron Line where finally they must leave the vehicle.

Iron Line is a Darkness Zone where soon upon entry, players are ambushed by Cabal forces but thankfully there is some cover in the area which should be used to survive.

The 2nd wave of enemies brings in a Centurion along with the weaker enemies while the third one consists of a Colossus with the regular Cabals. Once all three waves are dead, Ghost can be deployed to open the door to the next area.

As the door opens, a Major Phalanx and two regular ones rush in through the door and try to kill the player so they should be ready to duck behind cover while Ghost works at the door.

Having killed all three, the right ramp just outside the door will lead players to the Legions Keep.

While crossing the bridge, players must proceed cautiously and use cover as much as possible since enemies keep coming in from all directions while there is a Colossus waiting at the other end.

When the player’s reach the spire ahead, a group of Cabals will be guarding it but they can be easy to kill. Once everyone is dead, Ghost can activate the console to summon the boss of the mission, Primus Sha’aull, an Ultra Centurion.

Primus enters in from the left-side door so players should not be standing near there. He is guarded by Cabal enemies while more reinforcements come in when his massive health drops to 75% and then 40%.

Weaker enemies should be killed as soon as possible while avoiding the insane damage Primus deals, and their ammo looted.

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