Dark Souls 2 Crown of the Sunken King Boss Guide

By   /   Aug 3, 2014

The Crown of the Sunken King DLC for Dark Souls 2 brings with it a large set of new and might foes to face, of which the most distinct are obviously the bosses. Bosses in Dark Souls are iconic representations of the game’s philosophy: perseverance, wit, and willpower.

Dark Souls 2 Crown of the Sunken King Boss Tips

This guide will help you learn how to defeat the fresh bosses introduced in the DLC, with detailed descriptions of their moves, and strategies to make the battles easier than they would be otherwise.

Elana, the Squalid Queen
Elana kind of reminds one of Nashandra, but then again she’s not as big, and slightly faster because of the fact that can teleport.

The lady has a staff in her hand which she’ll thrust towards you – it’s her basic melee attack, but she can combine it with a teleport if you’re far off and take you by surprise. It’ll do a pretty decent amount of damage. She also has a couple of dangerous ranged attacks, two of the most noticeable being three dark orbs that come at you in a row, and a medium-ranged fire-blast with massive AoE damage.

The orbs are pretty easy to dodge, but if you manage to get hit, there’s a high chance you’ll take the beating from all three of them and die instantly, so make sure you have enough stamina to make a single smooth dodge while you’re away from her.

The fire-blast is a crazy spell and does a lot of damage – it can possibly kill you if you’re standing in the center of the impact. She’ll extend her free arm and cast it, so whenever she extends just move away as far as possible.

Elana also has a third attack which is a dark aura around her. It stays there for a couple of seconds, though for the last half-a-second you can walk into it without getting hurt. The attack has a very large recovery time afterwards, so you can land in at least two or three hits depending on your stamina after she has casted it.

Finally, there are the two summoning spells; the most common is when she’ll summon three skeletons to fight by her side. These guys make you bleed and thus healing can become extremely difficult. However, they’re relatively easy to get rid of.

The real problem however is her second summoning spell, which is a little less common than the skeletons. Elana will summon the intimidating boss Velstadt, who will fight alongside her with his full offensive strength. The fight becomes almost impossible at this time on NG+ and very, very difficult even on the first play-through. In order to prevent her from summoning Velstadt, you’ll have to keep one of three skeletons alive so she doesn’t summon again.

How to Defeat Elana
The first thing you want to do when you enter the room is run straight at her and land as many attacks as possible while she talks. Her health bar won’t show up at that time, but she’ll still be taking damage, once she’s ready for battle and her HP appears, you’ll notice that you have taken a good chunk of her health.

From here onwards you want to dodge the orbs, and avoid the fire-blast at all costs. When she does her dark aura spell (she’ll raise her arm in the air), move away, then enter after a second and take use of the large recovery time by landing lots of hits.

She’ll start summoning skeletons sooner or later, and when she does you’ll want to avoid getting cramped up between her and them. Take out at two of the skeletons and leave the third one till her health has fallen to about 15%. Also, it really helps to keep jabbing at her or casting your most powerful spells while she is summoning, as it takes up a lot of time.

The remaining attacks are easy to dodge, and hopefully your past Dark Souls 2 boss experience should be adequate enough to give you an understanding of how to handle such casting type foes.

Cave of the Dead Bosses
Oh boy. At the end of the Cave of the Dead await three humanoid bosses, and they are absolutely ruthless.

The three bosses are the Afflicted Grave Robber, a deadly, duel-wielding foe that is extremely agile and will pursue you almost constantly throughout the battle; Ancient Soldier Varg, a heavily armored knight with a ridiculously powerful club that he can use with surprising speed and persistence; and Cerah the Old Explorer, a bow-wielding character who stays behind, aims swiftly and shoots from distance.

Obviously, the weakest of the three is Cerah, but going after her without interruption is impossible, since Varg and the Grave Robber will be constantly pursuing you. These guys won’t shy away from landing hit after hit, particularly Varg, who can combo slams and swings of his massive club to deal insane damage before you even have a chance to breathe.

The Grave Robber is more sly and slippery – he’ll dodge and roll whenever you go after him, but right when you turn your back to focus on someone else, he’ll utilize his insane speed and agility to close down space and hack-and-slash through you, while Varg readies to bludgeon you with his gigantic club several times.

The combination of deadly pace, brute force, and annoying range make this a very difficult boss battle, but like every enemy in Dark Souls, there’s always a small window to exploit and succeed.

How to Defeat the Bosses
The first thing you should notice when you enter the arena is the area on the left; there’s a circular loop around a natural rock pillar that you can use to go in circulars and transition easily.

You’ll want to retreat to this place whenever you are closed down by the two melee bosses, but you should almost never attack them over there because of how the narrow the path is.

You first want to get rid of Cerah – the boss seems like a dead-weight, but her bow can be pretty annoying, although it doesn’t do much damage. She’ll be standing at the far end of the arena, will hardly move, and constantly try to aim and shoot while Varg and the Grave Robber press on you.

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