Wildstar Stalker Class Guide – Builds, Abilities and AMPs

By   /   Jul 2, 2014

Sly, slippery, dangerous. These things describe the Stalker. It’s a class that doesn’t want to stay put dealing damage for hours, nor is it one that will shoot things from a mile away.

Instead, it’s a class that needs to be up close and personal, but only for short periods. You’ll appear, then disappear. You’ll stab from the back, but when the enemy turns around you won’t be there. That’s what the Stalker stands for.

Wildstar Stalker Class

This guide will focus on the abilities of the Stalker, the recommended AMPs, and also suggest a few sample builds for the class. Note that we have not written down the in-game description of the abilities, but only our view of the quality of each ability and what it has to offer.

If you want in-game descriptions of the skills, have a look at the WS Base Builder, which we are also using for our builds.

Suit Power
The Suit Power resource restricts the Stalker to some extent, but it also gives the class something others don’t have: the ability to deal damage right from the start.

While other classes have to gain momentum and slowly build up resources with Builder skills, the Stalker simply has to extinguish his already-full arsenal.

This means that the Stalker is a burst damage, in and out kind of a class. It’s your classic Rogue class for Wildstar basically, jumping out of battle whenever necessary, then jumping back in when you have your resources and health refilled.

Of course, this requires mobility, and thankfully the Stalker has a lot of skills that grant it just that, allowing a player to pounce on enemies, dish out damage, then jump out and take cover.

That doesn’t mean the Stalker is a one-trick pony – the Stalker may be a bit difficult to play as a tank, but once you isolate and master the necessary skills to become one, you can become the perfect tank for your team.

The core attributes for the Stalker are Brutality and Tech.

DPS: Brutality, Finesse, Moxie
Tank: Tech, Grit, Insight

For more details on Attributes for all classes, be sure to check out our Attributes Guide for Wildstar.

Assault Abilities

Shred is a good ability only when tiered up, but the issue is that you’ll eventually be investing points in other abilities in the Assault tree.

The base Shred is nothing beyond ordinary, so you might want to just use it as a filler and rely on the next few abilities for the maximum damage

This is a powerful single-target ability and should be your main DPS damage skill. The bonus you get from being behind a foe is pretty sweet, and it scales well with the tier upgrades.

If you’re taking Impale, you should be doing so by maximizing it to T8, this will allow you to gain the additional Armor Piercing (T4) and the reduced Suit Power consumption from T8.

Analyze Weakness
Sounds like a sweet ability for any other game, but this is Wildstar, and the buff damage is just not enough for this skill to make it into your LAS.

Just like AW, this skill also struggles to impress in PvP. It might however be kind of sort of useful for PvE, but there are other abilities that can and should be prioritized.

This is a solid damage skill, but it has a lot going against it in the form of the Charges, cool-down and the amount of Suit Power it consumes.

Nevertheless, Cripple should be a strong candidate for its burst damage and the added bonus of the Snare CC – the latter may not be that useful overall, but it does add to the charm of the skill. I wouldn’t recommend tiering it though.

Neutralize is fantastic only when combined with Impale. It may not make sense to you, but when applied in the game, casting a T8 Impale after Neutralize will deal severe damage to a single target, while also crippling neighboring targets due to the AoE nature of this skill. However, I would not recommend upgrading this significantly – instead prioritize Impale.

If you’re not going after Neutralize, then Punish should be one alternative.

The only issue with this skill is proc, but if you have been stacking up healthy crit chance then Punish deserves priority over Neutralize, and should work well in tandem with Impale. Like Neutralize, there is absolutely no need to tier this skill.

Phlebotomize has had several changes, and for now it’s a skill that offers a lot of damage. However, the highlight of the skill isn’t its damage, but its ability to Wound foes which reduces healing.

This is almost completely useless in PvE, and is a bit of a gamble in PvP, since you are always assuming beforehand that the opponents will bring in a healer. However, when this gamble pays off, you’ll have your opponents worried by what impact the healing debuff Phlebotomize has.

I would not tier this up though, since it is so situational.

Useless skill despite how much it tries to offer. You’ll barely come across players who use this skill and are successful. Plus, there is no point in acquiring it from your AMPs Grid.

Concussive Kicks
This ability is quite forgettable until you hit the T4 upgrade. From there onwards, it becomes not half-bad because it can be used every 8 seconds with any Suit Power cost, which makes it nice for harassing enemies, though I wouldn’t really count on it for anything else.

Utility Abilities

Fantastic ability that should almost always make its way into your action slot. The stuns associated with this skill are brilliant and super annoying, and it only gets better if you can afford to go till T4 to cast it more often.

False Retreat
This is a multi-purpose skill that shows the deceptive nature of the Stalker. It’s a great ability to retreat or to fool your opponent(s), and works brilliantly well as a follow-up to Collapse.

I would recommend grabbing it, though you’ll need to learn how to use it effectively.

A good Stalker tank ability, but for a DPS this is a complete no-no. You don’t want to be attracting attention to yourself in party raids and group PvP as a DPS Stalker.

Playing a tank Stalker on the other hand is extremely difficult as compared to a tank Warrior/Engineer – in this guide our priority is DPS Stalker, so we’ll just ignore this ability for now.

Strange ability overall that applies a nice Snare. The thing that makes this a useful addition to your LAS is that as a Stalker you’ll need as much mobility as you can possibility get, particularly when you are trying to land attacks from behind your foe.

Pounce should allow you to get around quickly and can act as an offensive-defensive skill. I wouldn’t really upgrade it though.

Tethered Mine
Useless – you have so many other options for CC that this is absolutely useless and unreliable.

Tactical Retreat
Now you might be saying, “I already have so many mobility skills to take, why should I even be considering this?” While that’s true, there is one important defensive advantage Tactical Retreat gives you: it is your only CC break.

CC is abundant in Wildstar, and thankfully there are enough methods to break or counter it.

For the Stalker, TR is the only way. It also increases the distance between you and your opponent, which is helpful especially if you’ve been CC’ed while at low health.

If you’re a team player, your Medics and Engineer will thank you for considering this skill. Lifesteal is always sweet, but you won’t benefit from it as much as some of your other DPS characters.

The emphasis of this ability is team-play, so you know when to use it and when not to.

Not too important in PvE, but this can be a life-saver skill in PvP for its rapid Suit Power generation. This is particularly true when you’re facing troublesome classes like Medics. I would find one way or another to keep this great ability in your LAS.

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