Valiant Hearts Historical Items Locations Guide

By   /   Jun 26, 2014

Valiant Hearts: The Great Story is a brave tale set during The Great World War I.

Inspired by the non-fictional soldiers of that great war, Valiant Hearts revolves around 4 playable characters trying to bring a German Soldier [in the heart of battlefield] close to his loved one.

Since the game is inspired by actual events of the first Great War, you will stumble upon Historical Items [Collectibles] throughout your journey. These collectibles will provide you with a brief backdrop of World War I.

Furthermore, finding all Historical Items are required to attain 100% Game Completion Status and earn “They’ll All Be Remembered” Achievement/Trophy.

Valiant Hearts Historical Items Locations

Chapter #1


During your opening training sequence, toss a grenade at the dummy and search the debris to find the first collectible.

During the sequence where you will be required to raise the flag, go past the flag and pick up a lighter from the right side. It will be sitting on the ground.

Near the train, you will have to knock down a bell located right above the driver’s den. Grab a bottle from the crate on the right side and toss it at the bell to get this collectible.

French letter
This is in the same area as above! After bribing the man with a bottle of wine, go ahead and you will come across a three-colored flag with rifles on its each side.

Search the left side of this area to find the collectible.

After climbing over the top of the train, head right instead of left and you will find this collectible at the end of the carriage. Remember that you will have to interact with the band members to make way to the ladder.

Marne Battle

As soon as you gain control of your character, you will find this collectible right at the edge of the cart.

Golden Button
Continue ahead after picking up the previous collectible and you will have to blow up a wooden cart [Similar to one you saw earlier]. Before doing that, search the area below it and you will get the collectible.

HQ Map
After climbing down from the bridge [Using a ladder] to blow it up, search near the right of the ladder to find this collectible.

After blowing up the bridge, you will have to cause another explosion to make way forward. Search the area at the bottom of the ramp to find this collectible.

Use a bottle to distract a guard blocking your way and climb up the ladder. After that, head to the right side and break through the wall to find this collectible.

You will come across two guards standing on a rooftop [near a flag]. While staying at the bottom ground, break open the wooden window at the right side and toss a fruit to ring the bell.

Once you distract the guard, climb the ladder and attack the distracted soldier. Once he is down, search his body to get the last collectible of this chapter.


Photo Frame
Just as the chapter begins, go to the far left side and the collectible will be lying at the left side of the pot.

Hooked Instrument
During the sequence where you will be required to dig deep into the tunnels, descend a ladder and head left. At this point, you will have to dig up dirt wall and spot the collectible near the dead end.

You will come across a sequence where you companion dog will stop to sniff the ground and provide you with a bone. After getting the bone, backtrack and throw the bone at the ladder which will drop down.

After that, climb up the ladder, dig the dirt-wall and grab the collectible.

After entering the second tunnel, you will have dig through a dirt-wall. At this point, dig upwards [Instead of downwards] and you will get to the collectible.

After switching your character and hiding behind a metal plank to avoid the gunfire, search the immediate next area to find this collectible.

After blowing the up the dynamite, climb up the ladder and the collectible will be lying on the floor near “ACHTUNG” signboard.


Canadian Tag
At the start of the chapter, you will have to drop down from the area [Your dog will sniff it out for you] and use the chains to bring up a box to your level.

Once you have done that, climb to the other side of the box and collect the collectible.

Piece of Cloth
After getting the previous collectible, drop down and continue towards right to find gigantic machinery. Keep on going right and climb to the other side of the cart to find this collectible on the ground.

Canadian Soldier Letter
After the gas puzzle, climb the ladder and head left followed by using your companion dog to dig out this letter collectible.

After grabbing the previous collectible, continue to right side and smash wooden planks to enter a tunnel and find this collectible at the entrance.

Near the rope and bucket puzzle, continue to right side and use your companion dog to dig up this collectible.

Stop Watch
After the rope and bucket puzzle, your buddy will drop down and cut open the wired path. Once the path is open, grab the collectible off the ground.

You must be quick about it, lest the gas will consume your character.


Optical Instrument
During the sequence where you will see soldiers marching, you need to go all the way to the left and use your companion dog to dig up this collectible near the dead end.

After grabbing the previous collectible, continue right and drop down into the hole. Once inside, you will see a dirt-wall on your left. Dig through this wall and the collectible will be at the far left side.

Nevrostenine Bottle
You will need to distract a guard using your dog companion and enter the tunnel [With a Red Cross sign on top of it]. Once inside, break through the door to enter the room on right.

After entering this room, knock down the collectible off the crates and be done with it!

German Soldier Letter
You will need to enter a tunnel right below your companion dog [Next to a soldier]. Once inside, head right and find this collectible near some barrels.

Sardines Tin
You need to enter the room marked with cogs and find this at the right side [Near some barrels].

UK Coins
After reuniting with your dog, you need to send him to area [Right next to room with Red Cross] and grab the collectible along with Golden Keys.


You will have to solve the lift puzzle [Located inside the house on your right] and open up a cupboard located near your dog to get this collectible.

This item is located at the left of the red car. You will have to use your companion dog to dig it out for you.

Pair of Jeans
You need to enter the basement of the house on your right and get it off the left side.

Gas Mask
You need to enter the building on the left-side [From the street] and go to the first floor. After you are on the first floor, go all the way to the left and open the cupboard to find this collectible.

This is quite a lengthy process and you need to do the things in the following order:

  • Go inside the building on the left-side of the street
  • Save the little girl inside the building
  • Get the wire-cutters from the same area [Where the little girl was standing]
  • Climb the ladder from the first floor and cut the wire
  • Send in your dog to retrieve the collectible

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