EA Sports UFC Clinch Tips, Tricks, How To Defend and Escape

By   /   Jun 17, 2014

In EA Sports UFC, Clinching is the art grabbing your opponent while both of you are in standing posture. Clinching is an important aspect of the game since it can lead to Takedown, Submissions, and reducing your opponent’s Stamina.

EA Sports UFC Clinch

In this guide, I’ll be describing basics of Clinching, how to use it effectively, and how to avoid it!

Being Offensive

Initiating a Clinch is as simple as it can get! All you need to do is to approach your opponent and tap the right analogue stick in forward direction.

Once you’ve initiated a successful Clinch, you’ll be able to perform the following two attacks:

  • Strike
  • Takedown

Striking While Clinching
If you plan to strike your opponent while Clinching, Thai-Clinching will have the best results. You can perform a couple of transitions after initiating a Clinch.

For example, you can push the right analogue stick in forward direction followed by rotating it anti-clockwise for one transition or pushing the right analogue stick in backward direction followed by rotating it in clockwise direction for another transition.

While you’re in a Thai-Clinch, you can execute a couple of strikes which are mentioned below:

  • Leg Attacks: Pressing X and O/A and B will attack your opponents’ legs
  • Body Attacks: Holding down L2/LT and pressing X-O/A-B will attack your opponents’ body
  • Head Attacks: Pushing the left analogue stick away from your opponent and pressing X-O/A-B will attack your opponents’ head

Takedowns after Clinching
Performing a Takedown after Clinching is as simple as striking! In order to perform a Takedown, you need to hold L2/LT and rotating the right analogue stick in different directions.

  • Front Takedown: Hold down the L2/LT and push the right analogue stick to left followed by rotating it in clockwise direction will execute the Front Takedown
  • Back Takedown: Hold down the L2/LT and push the right analogue stick to right followed by rotating it in anti-clockwise direction will execute the Back Takedown
  • Power Takedown: Simply hold down L1/LB while executing the Takedowns mentioned above for more powerful Takedowns

Clinch Defense and How To Avoid Getting Clinched

If not avoided, clinch can lead to a significant amount of damage to your character. Therefore, it is important to break a Clinch in its initial state.

In order to do so, push the RT/R2 and tap the right analogue stick in upward direction. Note that it should be done as soon as your opponent tries to tie you up in a Clinch position.

However, if you are unable to break the Clinch during the initial sequence, you can try and break free by pressing down the left analogue stick repeatedly.

As for blocking the strikes during a Clinch position, you simply need to press R2/RT.

Block your opponents’ strikes while clinched will also open up some room to break free from the Clinch. At some point, your opponent will also try to get into different transitions.

Hindering your opponent to get into different transitions can be done by holding down R2/RT and tapping the right analogue stick in either left or right direction.

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