WildStar SpellSlinger Class Guide – Builds, Abilities and AMPs

By   /   Jun 16, 2014

The Spellslinger is a great class that utilizes Spell Surge to amplify its abilities. It’s also a great Support class because it can make useful hybrids and tanks that can heal and take in damage.

If the Medic is too passive and the Warrior too direct for you, Spellslinger’s variety might just be the right thing in Wildstar to keep your RPG satisfaction up to the mark.

This guide will cover the basics of playing as a Spellsligner, with heavy emphasis on the abilities and AMPs of the class. Note that we are not going into statistical detail of the skills, but only suggesting their usefulness/uselessness and circumstances in which they would come.

WildStar SpellSlinger Class

If you wish to have an overview of all the skills and their statistical data, we recommend you visit the thorough WS-Base Builder, which we have also used for the sample builds.

Before heading towards the core abilities and AMPs, let’s have a look at some basic elements of the Spellslinger first.

Spell Surge
Spell Surge is the innate ability of the Spellslinger. It’s an ability that determines between a good Spellslinger and a bad one – manage it properly and you’ll enjoy a lot of success, but deal with it poorly and you’ll be a Spellslinger who is looked down.

Spell Surge will modify an ability in a specific way, usually doing so to greatly improve its effectiveness and impact. You can see the individual effects of Spell Surge for each ability in the WS Base Builder we have linked above.

The reason the Spellslinger would be rated as a slightly difficult class to play with is because of its Spell Surge ability.

Understanding when and where to use it, and also on which skill is something one can only figure out through trial and error and by gaining play-time experience.

The more you play as a Spellslinger, the better you tend to get, so if you’re looking for short-time or immediate success, this may not be the right class for you. However, those of you who are looking to build a long and prosperous character who will have an arsenal of abilities to choose from, the Spellslinger can become exactly that with a bit of patience.

The core attributes of the Spellslinger are sorted in the following way, depending on how you use the class:

  • DPS: Finesse, Moxie, Brutality
  • Healer: Insight, Grit, Tech

For more details on Attributes in WildStar, read our Attributes Guide.

Assault Abilities

Quick Draw
If you’re looking to build a DPS Spellslinger, this is probably the most important ability to grab from the Assault tree. This skill will deal a certain amount of damage to 5 foes every 0.3 seconds, and the damage of the attack is increased with the Spell Surge.

The T8 version of this is amazing, which makes Quick Draw a must-have skill if you’re playing a DPS version of the SS.

At Tier 4 you’ll be acquiring Swiftness with up to 20% increased movement speed, while on Tier 8 you’ll be getting Empowered after the end of the channel, increasing your Assault Power by 10%.

Charged Shot
This is another core ability if you’re looking for a DPS build with the Spellslinger. The only real issue with this ability is the large charge-time, which is reduced to a decent level only with Spell Surge. The ability is a bit difficult to take full use of until you reach higher tier.

At Tier 4 you’ll have a telegraph width by 1m and you’d be able to cast while moving. At Tier 8 the damage is greatly amplified, making it truly standout. Late bloomer this one.

An okay spell at best – it’s one I wouldn’t look towards unless you’re going all-out. The DoT duration isn’t long enough to be impressive, so I such you skip this one and focus on the others.

Wild Barrage
This is a pretty good offensive ability, especially when Spell Surged. There is 100% armor piercing with Spell Surge, and otherwise it has similarities to Quick Draw in dealing damage to multiple foes.

It’s an ideal ability for mobs as at Tier 4 the effect increases from 5 foes to 10, while at Tier 8 foes also get snared by 50%.

This is an underrated ability that is fantastic for PvP and solo leveling. PvE on the other hand may not take much use of this all the time, though it can still be lethal with its snare.

At Tier 4 the cool-down of the skill is reduced to 1 second, whereas at Tier 8 the snare is increased by 50% (65% during Spell Surge).

Rapid Fire
You’ll either hate this ability or completely love it, depending on your play-style. If you rely on Spell Surges a lot, then this ability can provide a lot of burst damage for you to utilize. Otherwise it is okay at best. Used best with Carbines.

Tier 4 will reduce a 25% of Dash Encounter, while at Tier 8 each tap will reduce the cooldown of True Shot by a second.

Flame Burst
Another excellent PvE ability that is a must-have in any DPS Spellslinger build. In PvP you might struggle with this ability in your LAS early on, but once you progress make sure you make it a part of your build.

Tier 4 will reduce the cooldown of the ability by 0.5 seconds every time you land a magic attack. Sadly this is bugged for now, so we’re hoping for a fix which will bring the skill to its full potential.

Tier 8 words in tandem with Ignite, allowing you to deal 35% additional damage every second for 2 seconds.

Great PvP ability, but I can’t really say the same for PvE, since it deals damage to a single target.

The full potential of the ability is only visible against an enemy below 30% health, so this is more of a finish-off skill than being a bust damage one – unless of course you’re using it during Spell Surge, in which case it will deal full damage irrespective of target health.

Tier 4 will increase the ability charges to 3, while Tier 8 will allow you to restore all charges if Assassinate kills the target.

True Shot
I wouldn’t really be relying on this ability for good DPS damage. It’s meh at best and has more downsides than it has ups.

Arcane Missiles
Pretty useless, especially when you have multiple targets. It’s best not to waste an action slot on it.

Support Abilities

Runic Healing
This ability has been nerfed a lot of times, but still can have its use when Spell Surged.

It’s a useful single-target healing when you have a team that is playing with a single heavy tanker who is taking all the aggro and damage. Apart from that, there are better healing skills available in this tree.

Tier 4 grants a Defense bonus with the ability, while Tier 8 will allow you to affect one additional ally within 5 meters of your main target.

Rune of Protection
Even though this ability got a nice buff, I still don’t rate it good enough for either a healer Spellslinger or a DPS one. If you’re planning on making a hybrid, then it might not be a bad choice, but otherwise it can be swapped for much better skills.

Vitality Burst
This is an absolute must-have skill when it comes to healers and support. It’s a brilliant ability when you’re playing with a small group where you must be either the tank or the healer at the back.

Tier 4 will grant Bastions for each charge level, while Tier 8 will boost HPS while under the effect of Spell Surge.

Astral Infusion
Astral Infusion is meh at best, because it’s single target healing and has an awfully large cool-down. I would just ignore it and focus on the much more interesting stuff instead.

The Tier 4 is practicality useless on the skill, and Tier 8’s defense bonus just isn’t worth the ridiculous investment.

Healing Salve
This is a very good defensive skill when you know how to use it. It’s been patched up quite well, and has a useful proc that is great when you’re expecting a lot of incoming damage.

Plus, it also targets plenty of players, making it a great team-focused ability for your healer Spellslinger. I would grab onto this if I were you.

Tier 4 will reduce the healing frequency to 1 second, make it all that sweeter and proc more frequently. Tier 8 will actually give you a 2% increase in maximum health.

Dual Fire
Despite a numerous bit of buffs, this ability is just charming on paper. By the time you get it to Tier 8 everyone will have good enough gear to make it utterly useless. Don’t even bother with it.

Healing Torrent
This is the bread and butter along with Vitality Burst for any healer. Even though it has been nerfed, the overall healing and effectiveness is enough for it to still remain an essential part of your healer/support build.

I would recommend avoiding the Tier 8 of the build, since it’s pretty useless. Level it up to T7 and leave it there – you’ll be satisfied with it and won’t have any unnecessary points invested.

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