WildStar Esper Class Guide – Builds, Abilities and AMPs

By   /   Jun 16, 2014

The Esper is the master of illusions and telekinetic powers, and can use the strength of the mind to tackle the deadliest foes and aid the most in-need allies.

The Esper is one of the most powerful classes in the game, particularly for DPS. It’s a bit difficult to play a hybrid Esper, but as a pure DPS or pure Support this class is just as good (or even better) as any.

WildStar Esper Class

We’ll be covering the class basics in this guide, with main emphasis on the usefulness/uselessness of the abilities, recommended AMPs, and also a couple of sample builds.

Note that we have not laid out much statistical data for the abilities – if you wish to know about paper-stats, have a look at the excellent WS Base Builder we have used for our Builds/LAS.

Spectral Form
The Spectral Form is the innate ability of the Esper. It has gone through a ton of changes, and sadly the current version is the weakest yet. For most beginners, Spectral Form is ideal as a getaway ability when you are in a tough situation.

However, the best use actually during the early stages of a fight, as you will be able to negate any incoming CC or early aggression from your enemy (particularly in PvP). Once that is done, you can easily spend your resources and energy into an all-out attack.

It’s a smart and underrated tool, and should be used to quickly farm and level your Esper.

Psi Points
Acquiring Psi Points is a special mechanism of the Esper. The Esper relies on two kinds of abilities/skills to function: one is the Builder, which are spammable abilities that generate Psi Points. Up to a maximum of 5 Psi Points can be generated.

Once these Psi Points are generated, Espers can spend them by using powerful spells called Finishers. The intensity of the Finisher spells will depend on the amount of Psi Points you spent (which is the amount of Psi Points you collected before you cast the Finisher spell). So if you managed to collect 3 Psi Points with Builders, you’ll spend all those 3 points by casting a Finisher.

Obviously, a 5 Psi Point Finisher is much more powerful than a 3 one, but it also takes more generation and time consumption.

The core attributes of the Esper are sorted in the following way, depending on whether you play as a Support or as a DPS:

  • DPS: Moxie, Finesse, Brutality
  • Healer: Insight, Grit, Tech

For more details on Attributes in WildStar, make sure you check out our Attributes Guide.

Builders’ Abilities (DPS)

The DPS Builders for the Esper are primarily available from the Assault tree. Here’s a look at them:

Telekinetic Strike
This is the bread and butter Builder for a DPS Esper. Good thing is you get this ability early on, so you can test it and by the time you’ve acquired the more advanced finishers, you’ll already know how to spam this. It also gives you a good idea of how the class will play out.

Tier 4 gives you a Shield penetration of 25%, while Tier 8 will allow you to generate one extra Psi point after you’ve acquired 3 of them.

This is a recommended ability as your primary Psi Builder.

Concentrated Blade
True to its name, the Concentrated Blade only really concentrates on a single target, which along with its long casting time makes it a rather lackluster ability.

However, it does offer you Psi points quickly, which is why one should consider taking it. It combines quite well with Bolster, but T4 and T8 of the build are pretty much worthless, so don’t bother investing points into the skill.

Illusionary Blades
This is a great PvE situational ability and should make it into your LAS. It has a slightly high cooldown, and also a large cast-time without T4, but the skill probably stands equal with Telekinetic Strike.

Tier 4 will reduce the cast time to 0.5 seconds, while Tier 8 will add a powerful Snare.

Psychic Frenzy
This can be a pretty annoying Builder because you’ll have to click a lot to spam it. TS tends to work better, though Psychic Frenzy has its benefits when you want to move around a lot and still harass enemies while generating Psi points.

Tier 4 will give you 25% life steal, while Tier 8 will give you Psi Charge stacks – after 6 stacks you’ll gain one Psi Point.

Absolutely brilliant spell. The Expose debuff will increase your magic damage against foes that have been inflicted by Haunt. It’s a great PvE and PvP ability that is used best as a starter, after which you can spam TS and then execute your Finishers for some amazing damage.

Tier 4 will give the ability a Pushback, while Tier 8 will remove a Dash charge and reduce NPC threat by 8%.

Blade Dance
Poor ability. You’re just making yourself a bit happier with the added speed, but the damage is pathetic, and the cooldown is long enough to make the Psi point generation pitiful. Probably the worst DPS builder for the Esper.

Spectral Swarm
There isn’t too much interesting about this Builder, except for the fact that it gives you a free Psi Point per cast, which is nice.

Overall in its duration it’ll tend to do more damage than TS, but the cooldown makes Spectral Swarm rather ineffective offensively. Still, you’ll probably be keeping this in your action bar for that Psi Point it so easily gives you.

Tier 4 will grant the Phantoms 12% lifesteal which will be transferred to you, while Tier 8 will have the phantoms deal a large bit of AoE damage on death.

Finishers Abilities (DPS)

The DPS Finishers come out of the Assault tree. Here they are:

Mind Burst
One sentence to sum it up: probably the best offensive ability in the game. This is an insane Finisher skill and is a must-have for any Esper that is even mildly swaying towards the offensive side. The damage numbers are colossal and with 5 Psi Points this finisher can be absolutely lethal.

Tier 4 will make this ability even more powerful with 10% additional damage over 4 seconds, while Tier 8 will grant you a massive increased Crit chance whenever you spend 5 Psi Points on Mind Burst.

Telekinetic Storm
The second best Finisher after Mind Burst. The only issue with this spell is that it is a bit of a late bloomer – only when you’re approaching T8 will it really start to shine and become a candidate for substituting Mind Burst.

Overall, Telekinetic Storm will still do more damage than Mind Burst, but this is DoT damage, so it’s impact might not be as much as Mind Burst.

Tier 4 will add Armor piercing (up to 50% for 5 Psi Points), while Tier 8 will apply Weaken, which will reduce deflect chance by 2% which can stack up to 4 times.

Sounds cool, but it’s only good for one thing: single-target PvP. You want to avoid this ability for every other kind of mode, because if you can’t apply pressure on multiple targets at a time, you won’t ever be effective as an Esper.

Builders Abilities (Support)

It’s time to look at the other side of the coin, which is a Support Esper. The Builders for this type of Esper come out of the Support tree.

Mind over Body
MoB is more of a panic healer than anything – it’s a single target healing ability which grants a decent bit of spike health instead of HoT (health over time).

The cast time is 1.5 seconds, so you should learn to time it right if you’re using this as a last resort heal. Personally it’s a pretty useful option if you have some space in your action bar.

Tier 4 is kind of strange because it gives a bonus heal whenever your target is above 65% health, though it makes more sense to be using MoB when your target has relatively low health.

Tier 8 grants your target a Bastion which boosts the incoming healing by 15%.

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