Mojang Restricting Minecraft Servers to Make Money, Change in EULA Expected

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Mojang is restricting Pay to Win / Pay for Perks servers to operate as a business or make money by selling game features, perks or cosmetic skins or in-game titles.

If you do not play on these custom servers, you won’t notice any chance but it is a huge setback for those operating Private Minecraft Servers.

One of the guys behind and creator of Dwarves vs. Zombies shared his feelings about this recent change:

Erik not only wants that part dead, but the part where we gave titles, reserve slots and lobby items. He wants it to be 100% donation base and not allow us to give ANYTHING through the client even if it’s stuff we create.

I have no idea how the bigger servers that pay people to answer support tickets, deal with hackers, develop content all as a hobby can exist if Mojang pushes the issue. My bet is they won’t.

Erik ‘Grum’ Broes is a Mojang developer actively involved with the Minecraft community. He is also of the opinion that Youtube isn’t behind Minecraft success and has asked community rather nicely to stop selling game features and stick to donations.

How nicely? Well, you be the judge of that:

Erik Broes: doesn’t matter at all, based on plugins or not, you cannot make money with Minecraft without our permission :)
Erik Broes: donations are no problem, but only in that purest sense, you get NOTHING back for a donation
Erik Broes: We’ll ask nicely and then send really mean lawyers :)

You can track this discussion at Gist, Reddit or Minecraft PvP.

The popularity of Minecraft is increasing every single day, and that is the main reason behind the success of pay for perks as they help sustain costs of managing Minecraft servers.

The debate is whether the community which creates a lot of plugins, game mods, skins and accessories for Minecraft should be allowed to profit from their creations or not, and if they are restricted, how they should recover costs of running Minecraft servers?

If Mojang restricts it completely, it will disappoint a large portion of the community who has put thousands of development hours managing the game Worlds, creating plugins, mods and swag accessories to sustain the costs of running Minecraft servers.

Mojang is expected to change End-User-License Agreement to prohibit making commercial use of Minecraft or make money from any modified version of the game or plugin without permission from the developer.

Although the developer plans to restrict making money from Minecraft, they seem to favor Pay for Entry or Donations model to help Minecraft Servers recover costs of running them.

We still haven’t received any official statement from Mojang but surprisingly, Notch took it to twitter to answer the concerns or make matters even more ambiguous:

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  • Derik

    Only thing that will come out of this is either minecraft only getting money out of Xbox or PlayStation. Or then losing all the players that play the game and soon to be players deciding. No doubt this will be the end of minecraft as we know it. They should be punished for even proposing such a think. Also on a side note I think its also Microsoft doing this aswell because they now own Mojang.

  • Voltex22


  • Flyingpancake11

    The only flippin reason i got minecraft was for the servers

  • Flyingpancake11

    A lot of minecraft will come crashing down And i bet i and many others will stop playing

  • Mix God’s Multi Youtube Channe

    No, actually look up Keynote, and open office. Both the same as the mos (Microsoft Office Suite(Powerpoint Word Excell) Keynote might not be though).

  • Maxwell

    I am going to tell the trusth im only a little kid. But when I donated on my 1st server ZombieLand a minecraftsociety server I was mind blown with happiness! You are taking it away. I am crying as i type this post! I cant under stand the reason you are doing this! Mabe its because im young. Or mabe its because im smart.

  • Maxwell

    mojang if you do this you will get no more sales and i for one will quit MC! Dont do it mojang dont do it!

  • dizza

    removing server donations is one of the worst ideas i have herd of… it will stop people playing and cause issues for people running the servers… some people have some people have spent lots of money on servers for ranks and other, and by removing donations those peoples money will just go to waste… also many servers will have to close because they cant keep paying for the server to run

  • Phil

    LOL your stupid game is going to die now

  • Quinn

    Community oriented? If I spend 40 hours a week at work should I do it for a colored username too? For “the community?”

  • Quinn

    Bull. That is both not happening and not an issue. The IRS isn’t telling Mojang giving rewards for donations is a purchase, Mojang is telling server owners that. And it’s just an excuse- if a server pays people to run it they likely file taxes on donations like anyone else.

  • Ben

    This is dumb, 99% of MC servers, have some form of donate-for-perks system, as well as the fact, that many skin, world, mod, texture/resource pack designers, have a pay-to-use system.

    Mojang, will only kill Minecraft, by doing this. No major server, would find it worthwhile to have a server run completely on donations without perks, most, would not even be able to break even.

    And for skin/texture pack/world/mod designers? They stand about as much chance as a one-legged person walking barefoot through hell.

    The most important thing about MineCraft, is the community, almost no one plays single player worlds, just for the fun of it. And Mojang, is trying to kill the community.

    A war against the community, is fought by the community, hence, the 6000000000000 complaints against the EULA change.

    (By the way, this is a different Ben, then the one below my comment.)

  • arthur

    if you continhe like that will have to protest just missing you take the mods will take in mojang cu

  • gabriel

    which is noth does not make it the best game manicreft is the world’s best doque GTa V and other thing porfavor not take the garbage mojang not know WHAT ta making

  • Ryan


  • Cupcake70

    I’ve been staff on a server with a 4 year running community, running 100% on donations. You will be ending the friendships of hundreds of thousands of people when this passes. You are making a huge mistake.

  • nenteressa

    I’ll go to the next Minecon set fire noch

  • MegaMoney

    Mojang do mesmo jeito que os SERVIDORES, PLUGINS, MODS, E videos no youtube fizeram o minecraft subir em vendas, isso vai fazer o mine cair, para com esta besteira, como vcs acham q um server como o mineplex, HiveMC vao se sustentar ? para com essa MERDA PF.



  • mojang lixo

    mojang lixooooooooooooooooooooo da mais atualizaçoes no xbox 360 seu lixo

  • lucas

    fuck mojang, hope you end up by your stupidity, and a hit with minecraft servers, if the kids take parents’ money and their problem that parents are responsible, in single player and an ass, I’m pissed at you # mojang trash

  • pedro

    Mojang se for,parar os serves.E Melhor vender o minecraft de graça entao.Sem os serves Minecraft esta a acabar

  • CraftyNB

    oh no… mojang, if your reading this… im just gonna say your making a horrid choice. Not only will people delete mc and stop playing, but all the hard work on creative servers will be gone! Not good

  • Nhazul

    not all servers that take donations are bad some servers have the donation that will allow people to help run a server and maybe earn them few perks like fly or color names

  • Gabriel Carvalho

    po meu só porque os cara cobra 100 reais num vip o menino compra e eles fazem isso ta errado o menino deveria ter conciencia e saber que n se pode pagar 100 reais num vip apenas acho mais isso não é motivo de fechar todos os servidores ou não poder ganhar mais dinheiro com isso você ja penso você paga um host mais ninguem compra vip por causa disso asim não vale :/

  • Master Gamers


  • WeHateMojang

    Fascism 101. Mojang are a bunch of cunts.

  • Xander Ortiz

    Up until now, Minecraft would not exist without the server hosts (like myself). Before Minecraft Realms, you could not play multiplayer with people around the world without us. We love and support the game, which is why we cant to help out and host the Minecraft platform. The relationship should be a two-way street… Let us host and promote your game and make it possible for players to fall in love and tell their friends about it… And in exchange, let us get something back which only helps you by letting us continue to afford server hosting costs.

  • João Pedro Da Costa Rodrigues

    Mojang por favor, pare com essa bobagem de querer parar o minecraft …

    Muitas pessoas não concordam com esta atitude de vocês, eu acho que isso é bobagem, a maioria, se não parar com isso!

  • Davi

    mojang breaks these rules, u will end up with joy mine

  • JC

    what the hell, I’ve been running my server for about a year and now Mojang is starting to shut this down. I mean this is going to be so hard for me to continue to run my server, do you know how hard it will be for other servers to keep running without donations?

  • Talidan

    Servers, I’m torn on. If “purchases” for perks only went to server upkeep, I’d be all for it. Running a Minecraft server shouldn’t be for profit, but incentives for funds to help make sure it’s run right should not be an issue.

    User created content, though? That can be dangerous without a proper ecosystem implemented for content creators to sell through. Valve has managed this issue well for mods of their games, for TF2 content creators and mod teams who can produce an actual game.

    I don’t see any good coming from Minecraft turning into a blocky Second Life, though…

    • Quinn

      Why shouldn’t it be for profit? Because chil’en like you don’t understand that if people spend time giving you a place to play, they can’t do anything else during that time? Including, oh I don’t know, work at a paid job?

      Think before you knee-jerk react and claim someone shouldn’t me making a profit.

      • Talidan

        “Chil’en” like me? Assuming things about people on the internet without any basis is a silly thing to do. My entire life is making video games, friend. I began with mods nearly 10 years ago.

        My biggest issue with this idea, without a defined ecosystem in place, is that it could be detrimental to gaming economy. Imagine a new gold-rush in the industry on top of the indie dev goldrush. That’s a helluva mess as it is, we don’t need something ten times worse thrown onto it.

        Next, once you start charging for user-created content, quality will rise for some and drop sharply for the majority.

        After that, you want to play on an awesome server with your friends? Too damn bad, you gotta pay $30 for all the mods required for the server.

        You’ll have people ripping from each other, throwing lawsuits back and forth, and it will just be a mess.

        Seriously, check out what happens on SecondLife (not my thing, my gf plays it and creates stuff for it) with the folk who create content for literally pennies and the drama it stirs up. And that’s a community of only around 65,000 worldwide, of mostly horny adults, with an actual ecosystem in place. I can barely begin to imagine the mess it would cause for a game as huge as Minecraft, with millions of players and a huge percentage being preteens.

        You think Youtube arguments are bad? See what happens with 13 year olds trying to make a “career” out of modding Minecraft.

        Think before you knee-jerk react and claim someone doesn’t know what they’re talking about. I live and breath this industry.

  • whatistruth

    This is their push to promote their “Realms”, but this will end very badly for them. I suggest they recant on this one.

  • McSorley

    What happens when tech guys get the rug pulled out from under them and they end up working just as hard to grief Mojangs version of utopia?

  • McSorley

    Very good point. Like Ford suing Saleen for selling a tuned version of their Ford mustang.

  • Nightmarelscw

    How would they know? I mean like there not going to check every server see if donating is still allowed. There have no real way of enforcing this. If someone donates how will they know that they donated or how will they know that we gave them a perk?

    • McSorley

      Billions of Chinese just waiting to work for peanuts going on servers to verify if the server runs on perks and sending the evidence to Mojang for review.

  • jerremy

    WOW mojang dont be dickheads these guys spend hours on making they servers and rely on the money from us buying perks to run they server do u seriously wont to lose yor players because this is what you are doing

  • Big Dan

    Name one other company that would have let it go on this long. If this was EA it would have been shut down long ago. The problem isn’t that people are accepting money to maintain servers through a perk system like a non-profit organization, server admins are pocketing the surplus cash from another’s intellectual property which is incredibly illegal in copyright law in every country around the world. I guess if you ‘lawyer’d up’ and made the claim that people are paying to have access to your hardware which just happens to have minecraft on it you might get somewhere but I doubt anyone would have the willpower or cash to battle a major corporation.

    • Quinn

      Everything you just said is complete spin, and none of it is based in fact.

      • Big Dan

        Except for the whole part about how it’s illegal to make money off someone else’s intellectual property without their consent, because you know, is entirely fact. Don’t take my stance as me supporting this because I’m not, it shouldn’t be dismissed as coincidence that this occurred at the same time realms came out. I’m simply stating that they have legal precedent and grounds to take action however shitty it makes them seem. Their games sales are slowing and they see realms as their money maker for the future and nobody is going to want to play realms if there is a dedicated server they can enjoy that is payment optional.

        And for the thought that mojang won’t be able to stop everyone from doing this of course that’s true, but all they really need is to subpoena some of the more popular server hosts and crucify them in open court and that would be more then enough to frighten the masses.

        • Quinn

          You don’t know what you’re talking about. You’re regurgitating illogical talking points.

          If I invest my time, my money, and my employees into hosting a server, developing and maintaining custom content, or providing mods or resource packs to the community then I am doing work. If I want to get paid for that work, I am NOT making money off Mojang’s product. I am making money off my OWN product or service.

          Think for yourself and stop using big words like “intellectual property” which mean nothing in this context. Minecraft is copyrighted to Mojang- nothing else created by a third party is. Neither are the YouTube groups or individuals that profitably raise awareness and interest in the game. No one in this ecosystem making a livelihood is doing so illegitimately- Mojang is destroying something that has harmed them in no way for years.

          • Big Dan

            Except the basis of everything you are doing is based on the foundation of work created and copyrighted by others. You can take some artists music, change it, distribute it in new and unique ways, but no matter what you do it’s still their product. If what you said had any legal standing it would already have precedent in court, which it doesn’t. It’s obvious you have a vested personal interest and therefore won’t be swayed by logic or reason so this debate is pointless. All I can say is email any copyright lawyer in the world and if they say what you say makes sense then you can stop posting online, team up, and defeat Mojangs lawyers and everyone on this board, including me would be a lot happier. But something tells me it’s not going to happen….

            • Quinn

              You are plain and simple wrong. I have no vested interest except that it irritates me to high heaven when big companies leeched onto other people’s work using reversal claims that they’re only taking what is rightfully theirs from leeches.

              Works with MinecraftTM != Owes Everything to Mojang.

              Anyone that can’t follow that basic line of reasoning is so utterly broken I the head that they should become an copyright maximalism lobbyist.

              There is no basis- none- for Microsoft saying software developed for their system equals a requirement upon developers to cease all commercial activity related to that software. Nothing in Mojang or anyone else’s field follows that rule either. Work done by Mojang is Mojang’s. Work done around the platform Mojang created is NEVER Mojang’s. This isn’t a dispute, you are simply wrong there.

            • Big Dan

              Since your argument is so correct and infallible, why don’t you just email a copy of your argument to Mojang, and I’m sure their team of lawyers who have probably been researching precedent and studying similar court cases on this topic for years now would see the error of their ways and gladly listen to the random guy on the internet who evidently has figured everything out.

              If they weren’t absolutely sure of legal grounds, they wouldn’t make this move for fear of alienating their fan base and losing in open court. I’ve seen enough private servers sent cease and desist orders from so many different companies to know if they don’t want your server to be running, it won’t be running for long.

    • McSorley

      They get the payment from each player when they first buy a copy of the software. Arguably the hosted servers people have run helped sell that software to kids who want to play with their friends. What they should have done was sell the updates like any other software company provided they had features worth selling which some arguably don’t and allow things to keep snowballing while making their share of the profits. Expecting that kids will donate to help run the servers is as likely as expecting that without lawyers involved, music companies should simply persuade kids to download their music from reputable locations rather than illegal downloads out of the goodness of their heart (Isn’t gonna happen fools).

  • Keith

    Mojang does not provide the server software used to host the majority of these servers. It is for the most part made by the community hacking the protocols out of the engine of the game. The mods and majority of the advanced features are also community made. This is very serious news for thousands of people and should not be taken lightly as lots of people make a living off of this.

    Server administrators are very heavily burdened with dealing with issues that arise from hosting a server, and trust me when I say that there are lots of those.

  • SMH

    you (Mojang) will end up losing allot of money and fans and robbing millions of people of there money

  • Andy Baraocde

    This is pure and utter shit! People rely on MC for their house hold incomes, imagine the hosting companies, they are going to be closed down. Imagine how many people are employed with MCProHost! We are talking a lot. And that is only ONE hosting company. There are thousands and thousands out there. I don’t give 2 flying marbles if you send out a lawyer to us, but its ye against millions. Choose the right path you lousy little twisted minded P***s.

    • Maxwell

      you have the biggest point ever

  • Branden

    Probably the biggest issue I see with this is that probably over 90% of the highly populated Minecraft servers out there run their servers off of the donations their players provide. Players won’t provide donations unless something is given back to them, that’s just the way it is. So I guess we’ll be seeing a large drop in popular and unique servers. Thanks Mojang, I always knew you guys would screw us over eventually.

    • Erich Gubler

      A donation, though, is by definition something you don’t expect to get a return from.

      So are players truly donating in the sense of the word, according to what you’ve described? I don’t think so.

    • Maxwell

      Brendan that made me cry it is sooooo true

  • Sash

    Wow, I was gonna buy it in a few days but never mind, Ill continue using stolen accounts, Thanks for the heads up! And oh, Fuck you Mojang, stupid cunts.

  • Ben

    Umm Mojang do you want to lose your players, because that’s how you lose players. i mean so many servers are going to close its not funny, but nooo send in the team of lawyers

    • alexyogos

      Well said I as a server owner will also be considering closing down as the costs even with donations to buy perks are too much I still have to pay atleast 50% myself most months but this is just going to kill it. People don’t donate to help with the server costs they always want SOMETHING for it albeit digital media which I don’t see how Mojang can even stop us really if i got a donator and wasn’t allowed to give him items but Mojang like the idea of “pay to join” then I guess I’ll have to make a donators “creative” lounge for people to pay to join.. but i guess they will ruin that as well.. you know what? Fuck you Mojang!