Mario Kart 8 Lightning Cup Guide – Track Tips, Shortcuts, Items and Antigravity

By   /   Jun 3, 2014

This last course in Mario Kart 8 to feature retro-tracks is Lightning Cup that offers: DS Tick Tock Clock, 3DS Piranha Plant Slide, Wii Grumble Volcano, and N64 Rainbow Road.

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Mario Kart 8 Lightning Cup

Like my previous series of in-depth tracks walkthrough guides, In this guide, I’ll be discussing where to find item boxes, Antigravity Sections, shortcuts, and corner-cuts scattered throughout these tracks.

DS Tick Tock Clock
Just as the track begins, go left and jump onto the clock with a pit in the center. Cross the area from any side and you’ll get the first set of item boxes followed by getting off the clock.

Go through the ramp on the right and get the second set of item boxes followed by going off the hybrid ramp (Alternatively changing). Make sure to get the Gliding Ramp and keep on following the track to reach the third set of item boxes.

After this area, you’ll end up on another clock and will have the choice to opt for the path of your choice. Choose any path and you’ll always end up on the finish line.

3DS Piranha Plant
After the sliding section, make sure to avoid the gigantic underwater Piranha Plant. Having difficulty to do so? You can use a Mushroom to boost through the area behind the Piranha Plant.

After the Piranha Plant, you’ll have to avoid some Goomba with Boost Ramps on each side. It is very crucial that you get these Boost Ramps which will lead you to the first set of item boxes.

Go through the pipes section and you’ll end up in the Antigravity Section. Go through the underwater section and avoid the Piranha Plant to get the second set of item boxes.

Go through the Boost Pads and Gliding Ramp to end the Antigravity Section (just as you land), avoid the Goomba, and use a Mushroom to boost through the hole in the fence and get to the finish line.

Important: Make sure to utilize the flowing stream of water which will save you a lot of time than sticking to the land.

Wii Grumble Volcano
Go through the ledge and grab the first set of item boxes. After entering the cave, you’ll get the second set of item boxes right before the splitting of the path. It doesn’t matter which path you take since both take same time to reach the convergence.

After coming out of the cave, make sure to get to the Glide Ramp as it will save you tons of seconds. The path ahead will again split up with upper path containing a Boost Pad.

As for the third set of item boxes, those will be on both paths.

After getting the third set of item boxes, use a Mushroom to boost through the muddy turn on your right. The finish line will be ahead after a few curvy turns.

N64 Rainbow Road
Just as the path starts, keep going straight and you’ll get to an Antigravity Section which will end at a Gliding Ramp containing the first set of item boxes.

The path ahead is straight and you should have no problem getting to the second set of item boxes. Keep on following the path and you’ll get to another Antigravity Section followed by third set of item boxes after a large turn.

Just as the Antigravity section ends, you’ll encounter two Chain Chomps followed by another Antigravity Section and fourth set of item boxes.

The track ahead will have a few turns before revealing the fifth and sixth set of item boxes to you. After getting them, get the two Boost Pads and rings on the outskirts of the track.

Go through the Gliding Ramp, end the Antigravity Section, and race towards the finish line.

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