Take-Two’s City Stories Trademark Could Be GTA V Story DLC

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Rockstar Games had already confirmed that a Grand Theft Auto V story DLC would be coming in 2014 and will feature all three characters Michael, Franklin and Trevor in Southern San Andreas.

However, they hadn’t mentioned as to what the story of the DLC would be about, or a specific date for its release. Well, these mysteries might be getting solved pretty soon if a recently filed trademark is to be believed.

Take-Two Interactive, Rockstar’s parent company filed a trademark for the term ‘City Stories’ and the filing explicitly states that its connected to Vice City Stories and Liberty City Stories, two previous GTA titles (they were actually more of spin offs).

Typically, Rockstar makes no comment about business actions such as trademark filing so it’s safe to assume they won’t be making any comments or issuing a statement regarding these as well.

Whether this trademark pertains to the upcoming story DLC for GTA V is still not clear but looking at the previous pattern, it is highly possible that it is linked to the DLC.

Previous Grand Theft Auto titles had Liberty City and Vice City featured in them, and Rockstar later released the two City Stories spin offs for both those cities. One can safely assume they might be doing the same with the 3rd major area in the franchise, San Andreas.

San Andreas is actually more of a state rather than a city, consisting of Los Santos, San Fierro and Las Venturas. Since Rockstar previously said the DLC would be in “Southern San Andreas” it is safe to assume they were talking about Los Santos, which is the southern city in the state.

What do you think? Could the DLC be titled something like Los Santos Stories? Give your opinions in the comments below!

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  • Andre

    And plus if they going to mention paleto County add that shit with San fierro as northern San Andreas

  • Andre Lee

    It should be call grand theft auto v northern San Andreas. They need to stop making back story dlc’s(expansion pack) and keep moving forward.

  • BLTMunch

    But then what about players that chose to kill Trevor or Michael? I mean, I’m pretty sure the Deathwish ending is canon already, but Rockstar might want to keep it so all endings are valid.

    Or maybe this would be about Franklin, with Lamar and another gangster (maybe new to the DLC) as playable characters, with Michael and Trevor relegated to side roles, or another separate DLC altogether?

  • jason1000

    Give me Zombies or Give me Death !

  • Olen Thomas Giles

    i want las venturas to come back…i want to gamble…i can easily see michael trying to get into the casino business…and franklin getting in on the race tracks…and trevor dealin dope to rich who go to lv…after all…and lester could easily take control of the rival casinos somehow…what happens in las venturas…is used to blackmail you in las venturas…or besides all that…i could see them ripping off every casino in lv as well

  • Hayes

    I think this is the route they will go down for DLC. Due to the multiple endings and the possibility that either Michael or Trevor could be dead depending on a players choice they couldn’t really create a story set after the events of V. This is a shame because it would be brilliant to live the high life now that characters are millionaires and see how there life has changed. Obviously Rockstar could choose a certain ending to be canon or create DLC for all 3 possible endings but it is doubtful.
    The obvious path to go down would be a younger Franklin in Los Santos showing us his life as a gangster and showing the death of Tanishas brother etc. It would also wet the appetite of all of us who are craving gang wars between families ballas and vagos, a look at the darker gritty side of life in SA.
    And obviously the other DLC would be Michael and Trevor in North Yankton robbing banks etc showing us what really happened with Michaels deal. This would also prevent any of the characters bumping into each other before they ever met and the player could still switch between all 3.
    I also wonder if we could control any of Franklins homies if it was aseperate DLC altogether. Anyway…

  • Spoon_man

    It could well be that Rockstar Leeds is hard at work on a new portable GTA for the Vita. Remember, Rockstar North in the UK makes the GTA games and the UK has 4 Rockstars. Rockstar Leeds handles all the portable versions of GTA. The Vita has been out quite a while and hasn’t had many great games as of yet. A GTA would certainly boost sales.

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