Trials Fusion Challenges Guide

By   /   May 10, 2014

Trials Fusion is not only about ramming the accelerator to make to the Finish Line in minimum amount of time. It also urges you to complete a number of challenges on each track.

Trials Fusion Challenges

Most of these challenges are pretty simple to complete, but then there are the frustrating ones who will make you rage. In this guide, I will be covering each challenge that the game throws at you.

Greenhorn’s Grove

Turbine Terror
Nice and Calm – Stop all the turbines by finding the hidden switch
Soon after the first checkpoint, bail out from the top of the small ramp and keep on holding the hook near the terrace until you are landed on the red button.

Greenhouse Effect – Stomp all of the flowers
As soon as the level begins, reverse to find the first set of flowers. For the second set of flowers, drop down the first rocky peak slowly.

After coming down on the plain road, reverse and you will find it on one side of the road.

As for the final set of flowers, you need to bunny-hop over the stone ledge (near a yellow box) to prevent them from collapsing by the ledge. After that, reverse and smash them to complete the challenge.

Wormholin’ – Use the Afterburns to reach the portal in the sky
Slow your speed and come down from the first edge to get on a small ledge. After that, reverse and set the rear end of your bike on fire to fly through the Fire Rings to reach the portal at the end to complete this challenge.

1-Up – Don’t allow your front wheel to touch the area between the red lines
You will see a ramp with red outline right after a checkpoint. You need to perform a wheelie on this ramp and make sure that your front wheel does not touch the ramp to complete this challenge.

Dirty Derby
Rider-Cam – Hit the gyroscope and completes the track in rider-cam mode
Just as the level starts, reverse down the ramp and hit the gyroscope to change the camera angle. After that, complete the level and be done with this challenge.

One-Wheel Wonder – Don’t allow your front wheel to touch the area between the red-lines
You will see a broad red line right next to a checkpoint near the Dirt Banks. From this area, you need to perform a wheelie and don’t let your front wheel touch the ground to complete this challenge.

Secret Agent – Enter and navigate the top-secret facility
You need to jump off the red-striped hatch and get on the next platform. Drive on the cables and break them. After that, reverse all the way back to the red-striped hatch and drop into it.

Once you enter the facility, you need to find a white gate to exit the area and complete the challenge.

Arctic Open

Ski or Ride
Wet Paint – Don’t allow your front wheel to touch the red handrail at the end of the track
This challenge is pretty simple, but requires a lot of practice. You need to perform a wheelie at the red handrail and don’t let your front wheel touch the ground to complete this challenge.

Shear Pressure
Dizzy Height – Perform at least 4 flips from a single jump
Right after the Checkpoint #10, you will see a small pipe right underneath Biotech Frontiers signboard (right next to a ramp). Land on this pipe and it will send you flying away. Do your four flips and complete this challenge.

Shivering Isles
Making Waves – Cannonball into the water from the highest peak
You need to bail out from the edge of the highest peak on the track. Once you do that, keep on holding the LT and use right analogue stick to position yourself into the water below.

As soon as you hit the water, the challenge completion notification will should pop-up.

Fragile, be Careful – Do not break the golden pillar!
Approach the golden pillar at maximum speed and lean back near the edge of it to prevent it from breaking. Successfully doing so will complete the challenge.

Otherwise, you can always restart at the checkpoint and try again.

Path to Enlightenment – Find the secret pathway
You need to reach the base of the first ramp and roll backwards to the end of the initial platform. The air-flow will send you on a hidden track.

You need to complete this track without making any mistake to complete this challenge.

Peak Performance
Demolitions Side Job – Trigger the switches to collapse the tower
Drop down on to the ledge from the first tower and reverse to trigger the first switch. After that, you need to cross the fence with no bikes signboard.

Once you are down, reverse to trigger another switch and complete this challenge.

Deep Freeze
Human Flag – Take a rest on the tip of the flag pole
You need to bail out from the edge of the ramp overlooking the street and direct your character to reach one of the flag pole. After that, hold down Y to grab the pole and complete the challenge.

Unnatural Disaster – Use explosives to create a tremor
As soon as the track starts, reverse and grab the explosives. After that, drop down the ramp ahead and wait for the explosive to detonate to complete this challenge.

Fusion Factory
Dizzier Heights – Perform and safely land at least 7 flips from the opening launch
As soon as the level starts, starts doing flips and once you have done 7 flips, do not crash and continue to race to complete this challenge.

Coasterphobia – Perform a zero fault run without riding the loop
You need to slow down before coming down the ramp so that you don’t ride into the loop. Once you get on the track below, you need to bunny hop from the end of the ramp and reach the next area to complete this challenge.

Also note that, having top speed is preferable before bunny-hopping.

Welcome to Warp Zone 1 – Find and complete the warp zone
You need to slow down before coming out of the loop so that you drop down into the hidden area. Once you get there, enter the portal and complete the hidden track flawlessly to complete this challenge.

Urban Sprawl

Skyscraper Showdown
Goal-Line Technology – Get the Fusion Ball over the Finish Line
Just as the level starts, reverse and click the orange switch to get the Fusion Ball. Your task is to carry this ball to the Finish Line. You need to make sure that you don’t drive over it or leave it behind.

Always keep your front wheel on the ground and don’t let it fall down from a ramp. After hitting the Finish Line, challenge will be completed.

Park and Ride
Bring Out the Blimp – Grab the Blimp!
To complete this challenge, you need to grab onto the Blimp. In order to do this, come at full speed and bail out at the edge of the ramp overlooking the river and hold ‘Y’.

Also note that the Blimp passes the river between 00:37 to 00:40 so adjust your timing accordingly.

Game, Set, Match – Win a game of Tennis
While you are on the Tennis court, just stand still in the middle of the court and your character will automatically start playing. Win the game to complete this easy challenge.

Blimp my Ride
Prep the Artillery – Switch on the 3 cannons and shoot down the Blimp!
The first switch can be found by reversing at the very start of the track. The second switch can be found by dropping down from the platform with #4 written on it.

As for the third platform, it will be located at the very beginning of the last ramp. Once you have clicked all the switches, complete the track to complete this challenge.

Marina Mania
Abandon Ship – Free the boat full of explosives in time to sink the passing ship
You just need to reach the dockyard and cut the rope attached to the boat to trigger a cut-scene and complete this challenge.

Climb-Actic – Hold a wheelie for the duration of climbing up the rope
Pretty straight-forward! You just need to have wheelie while climbing the rope to complete this challenge.

Welcome to Warp Zone #2 – Find and complete the Warp Zone
Drop down from the large suspended pipe and enter the portal on the island below. Once you get inside the portal, complete the track to flawlessly to win this challenge.

Cactus Challenge

Road to Ruin
Playmaker – Offer at least 1 football to the god of footballs in the temple ruins
Just as the track starts, reverse to the trolley of footballs and initiate this challenge. You will have almost half a dozen of footballs in your trolley and you need to take at least one of them to the end of the track to complete this challenge.

Ancient Squirrel Crossing – Obey the speed limit at the temple ruins
You will see a snail signboard on top of a number ‘10’ signboard. As soon as you see this signboard, slow down your bike and reach the end of the track to complete this challenge.

Penguin Wash! – Dunk all of the penguins underwater
You need to halt at the edge of the metal ramp and reverse to find to a purple portal. Get inside the portal and complete the Angry Birds styled mini-game to complete this challenge.

Sunrise Dash
Mirror Mode – Hit the gyroscope and complete the inverted version of the track
You need to reverse and hit the gyroscope followed by completing the inverted version of the track to complete this challenge.

Base Invader
Goal of the Season – Score a wonder goal!
At the start of the track, reverse and hit a switch to make a football appear in front of you.

Accelerate and bail out at such a position that you hit the ball with your head and throw it in a green neon opening ahead. Doing this successfully will complete the challenge.

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