DICE Has Yet To Fully Fix Rubber Banding in Battlefield 4

By   /   2 years ago

Six months after the release of Battlefield 4, DICE is still fixing different issues plaguing the game.

In a statement on the official blog, Karl Magnus Troedsson, DICE VP & GM acknowledged the issue of Rubber Banding and shared how the developer has worked to fix that issue since the release of Naval Strike.

Rubber Banding is basically when your character after moving in a direction is teleported back where it should be if it was being accurately reflected on the screen.

It’s extremely annoying in first-person shooters where every instant on the battlefield counts.

Signifying the importance of the update, Magnus said that they ‘are already seeing performance improvement with 64-player matches and expect this to continue’.

Delay in the release of this fix has been attributed to the amount of testing it required before it could be released, but the fact that DICE haven’t completely fixed the issue should be concerning for the hardcore Battlefield 4 community.

Should they settle for improvement? Or a permanent fix to these issues? The answer is obvious, but the one that DICE have failed to come up with, and it will definitely affect this franchise in the future.

Battlefield franchise has been the holy grail of first-person-shooters with trend setting features and approach that made it stand out in the crowded shooter genre but if the best EA/DICE can do is improve the experience, they need to do better before consumer’s trust hits rock bottom.

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  • Arnold Stallone

    What a shame.
    Even if Sony gives it for free on the psn+, I won’t waste my time downloading that hideous pile of shit.

    The game surely required a few 3-4 months of QA, debug and polish. But just to avoid missing the holiday launch window, and avoid seeing call of duty as the only ‘good’ fps in the market, shareholders just said ‘release it now, people will buy it and we correct the bug as they report them to us’

    But I don’t even blame EA for this situation. I blame all the gamers that are perfectly aware of the bugfest, but still open their wallets and buy it.these are the ones to blame.

    If these people weren’t just some irresponsible dudebros , and actually just bought many other games but this, and instead of EA selling 5-10+ million units, they would only sell 1 little million, maybe next time they would release a complete bug-free no-patch-needed-for- starting-playing great game like killzone shadow fall, where people can play from start to finish, offline and online, without the 11111111 bugs in battlefield.
    6 months later…. c’mon…. players actually paid 60 bucks for playing a beta at alpha stage.
    Shame on you, EA.like Microsoft, you are like cancer, to the videogames industry.
    I’m sure bf5 is already 40-50% finished. Bf and cod became the same war as pes and FIFA. The first to release the game has more chances to sell more units.

    Instead of putting 20 devs on those bugs to correct them, they rather make them work on bf5. Because, after all, bug or not, people already paid for bf4.
    Again, what a shame.

    • Dave

      Disagree and Agree Arnold, I play it a lot on PS4, and when it works it is simply the best online multiplayer experience out there. – it is more than worth the £50.

      The graphics, audio, vehicles, weapons, huge maps, etc… are outstanding, there have been issues and some of the bugs like the rubberbanding are inexcusable – but it has improved a lot. I forgive them because the game is so damn good.

      • Arnold Stallone

        I totally understand. I love the uncharted series, if naughty dog just announced a new game and said ‘guys, the game still has some bugs, so watch out’, I would still buy it.

        I imagine it must be fantastic. I remember playing bf3 on the ps3, and had to stop after one hour.graphics were making my eyes bleed.
        Being able to play it on a couch, with great visuals and tons of people, it must be really cool.
        By the way, is there a huge difference (1-10:huge) between the PC version , if played at 1080p and ultra?

        It also because I remember the great times 15-20 years ago, on the first 8-16bit consoles, where there was no place to bugs, on the cartridges, that I don’t agree with these games being released full of bugs, just to release 1 week before x game. Games are much more complex, today, of course, but these companies aren’t exactly small indie studios with 10’000$ to finish one game. This is EA, they have billions and billions $, they just need to hire 100-200 extra guys, for the QA department, it would cost peanuts, and I’m sure they would detect 95% of the bugs found on the retail version. But it looks like they don’t care about it.

  • Mike Jones

    its hilarious that people still believe anything related to EA will end in anything but disaster….they have “fixed” this game what like a dozen times now,each one not correcting what was already broken and usually adding a new glitch or two to the mix…just get whatever enjoyment you can out of BF4 and call it a day,as dice will be abandoning this game soon enough anyways