The Elder Scrolls Online Alchemy Guide – Reagent Effects, Potions, Solvents and Skills

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In The Elder Scrolls Online, Alchemy can be used to create potions and poisons, which provide an obvious advantage over different opponents. Similar to other Crafting Skills, Alchemy has its very own Skill Line in which you can invest your Skill Points.

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The Elder Scrolls Online Alchemy

In order to produce a potion/poison, you’ll need at least two chemical reagents and a solvent to mix them up. Both chemical reagents and solvent can be found throughout the Tamriel and can also be bought from different NPCs.

Every chemical reagent in TESO has four distinctive traits, which can be discovered by experiments. As for the first trait, it can be unlocked by eating a particular reagent.

If you combine two different chemical reagents having different effects, no potion will be created. And while we’re talking about effects, you must also consider Anti-Traits, which cancel the effects of other reagents in a potion.

Everything you do in Alchemy lets you earn Experience Points. Producing higher level potions using higher level Solvents lets you earn a good amount of XP. As for producing a failed potion, the XP earned will be quite low.

Alchemy Skills

Below, you’ll find a complete list of skills related to Alchemy:

Solvent Proficiency: Use natural Water to produce Level 3 potions.

Keen Eye: Reagents: You’ll see reagents far in the distance.

Medicinal Use: Potion effects last 10% longer.

Chemistry: Produces 1 extra potion per craft attempt.

Laboratory Use: Allows use of 3 reagents while mixing potions.

Snakeblood: Reduces negative effects in potions by 50%.


Solvent is a liquid in which your chemical reagents are mixed to create a potion.

Basically, solvents are different types of water which determine the level of your potion. At the beginning of the game, you’ll only have access to Neutral Water which is used to produce Level 3 potions. Other types of solvents with their respective potion levels are provided below:

  • Natural Water – Level 3
  • Clear Water – Level 10
  • Pristine Water – Level 20
  • Cleansed Water – Level 30
  • Filtered Water – Level 40
  • Purified Water – Level 50 (Veteran 1)
  • Cloud Mist – Level 50 (Veteran 5)

Reagents Effects

First of all, a huge shout-out to all TESO players who have made an effort to provide all tier effects of the following chemical reagents.

With these known effects, you don’t need to experiment anymore and save yourself from the hassle of scavenging for reagents and combining them using hit and trial method:

Blessed Thistle

  • Tier #1: Ravage Health
  • Tier #2: Restore Stamina
  • Tier #3: Increase Weapon Power
  • Tier #4: Speed

Blue Entoloma

  • Tier #1: Ravage Magicka
  • Tier #2: Restore Health
  • Tier #3: Lower Spell Power
  • Tier #4: Invisible


  • Tier #1: Increase Spell Resist
  • Tier #2: Restore Health
  • Tier #3: Restore Magicka
  • Tier #4: Lower Spell Power


  • Tier #1: Restore Health
  • Tier #2: Restore Magicka
  • Tier #3: Restore Stamina
  • Tier #4: Unstoppable

Corn Flower

  • Tier #1: Restore Magicka
  • Tier #2: Ravage Health
  • Tier #3: Increase Spell Power
  • Tier #4: Detection


  • Tier #1: Increase Weapon Power
  • Tier #2: Lower Armor
  • Tier #3: Restore Stamina
  • Tier #4: Weapon Crit

Emetic Russula

  • Tier #1: Ravage Health
  • Tier #2: Ravage Stamina
  • Tier #3: Ravage Magicka
  • Tier #4: Stun

Imp Stool

  • Tier #1: Lower Weapon Power
  • Tier #2: Increase Armor
  • Tier #3: Ravage Stamina
  • Tier #4: Lower Weapon Crit

Lady’s Smock

  • Tier #1: Lower Spell Resist
  • Tier #2: Increase Spell Power
  • Tier #3: Restore Magicka
  • Tier #4: Spell Crit

Luminous Russula

  • Tier #1: Ravage Stamina
  • Tier #2: Restore Health
  • Tier #3: Lower Weapon Power
  • Tier #4: Reduce Speed

Mountain Flower

  • Tier #1: Increase Armor
  • Tier #2: Restore Health
  • Tier #3: Lower Weapon Power
  • Tier #4: Restore Stamina

Namira’s Rot

  • Tier #1: Spell Crit
  • Tier #2: Invisible
  • Tier #3: Speed
  • Tier #4: Unstoppable


  • Tier #1: Ravage Health
  • Tier #2: Lower Weapon Crit
  • Tier #3: Lower Spell Crit
  • Tier #4: Invisible


  • Tier #1: Lower Armor
  • Tier #2: Increase Weapon Power
  • Tier #3: Ravage Health
  • Tier #4: Ravage Stamina

Violet Coprinus

  • Tier #1: Lower Spell Resist
  • Tier #2: Increase Spell Power
  • Tier #3: Ravage Health
  • Tier #4: Ravage Magicka

Water Hyacinth

  • Tier #1: Restore Health
  • Tier #2: Weapon Crit
  • Tier #3: Spell Crit
  • Tier #4: Stun

White Cap

  • Tier #1: Lower Spell Power
  • Tier #2: Ravage Magicka
  • Tier #3: Increase Spell Resist
  • Tier #4: Lower Spell Crit


  • Tier #1: Weapon Crit
  • Tier #2: Detection
  • Tier #3: Reduce Speed
  • Tier #4: Unstoppable

For a successful potion, your reagents must have at least one common trait. Otherwise, it would fail. Furthermore, like I have mentioned above, you must take Anti-Traits into consideration. These traits only affect you. So if you make a potion with similar Anti-Traits, you’ll be doomed if you take that potion.

In addition to this, these Anti-Traits will also cancel the positive traits of your other reagents, and an ideal potion will turn into something else.

Example Potions

Neutral Water + Columbine + Wormwood
Become immune to knockback and disabling effects for 3 seconds (30 seconds cooldown)

Columbine + Mountain Flower + Imp Stool
It increases armor, restores Health and Stamina

Solvent + Entoloma + Blessed Thistle
It makes you invisible and provides you with much agility

Solvent + Lady’s Smock + Cornflower
It boosts your spell power and restores Magicka

Solvent + Bugloss + Columbine
It restores your Magicka and Health

Share your own potions recipes with us in the comments section below. Also, don’t forget to mention if you found anything missing or confusing!

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