The Elder Scrolls Online Errors, Crashes, Launcher, Tweaks and Fixes

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When The Elder Scrolls Online was announced back in 2012, many were skeptical about making an MMO out of the legendary franchise. Some admired the idea while others remained doubtful. Indeed, making an MMO based on Elder Scrolls franchise felt a challenging task.

Now that the game is out, I must say, ZeniMax Studios has done a good job with the game. Elder Scrolls Online is a game that stays true to the franchise we have adored over the years.

However, since the game is an MMO, it’s inevitably bound to have some launch issues. These issues will most probably be fixed over time but who has time to wait that long? Or maybe the problem is only at your end?

In these situations, we are left with temporary fixes and workarounds, which make the game playable at least. If you are looking for a fix or a workaround, feel free to browse through the following listing to find the probable solution to the concerned problem.

#1 The Elder Scrolls Online – Disconnecting With an ‘Unknown Error’ Message
A lot of users are reporting that they are experiencing this disconnection at random. To get rid of this annoying problem, you can try out the following:

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Make sure that your router, firewall or any other security tool is not blocking the game. Sometimes, this error can occur due to over-population of servers. Try logging in at a different time to be sure whether it’s the server problem or not.

If you are using a wireless connection (Wifi or WiMax), I will recommend that you use a line to avoid this problem. If Nothing else works, you can always try a clean install and hope for the best.

#2 The Elder Scrolls Online Imperial Edition Early Access Items
If you are using early access items on a character, make sure that you save them in a bank before you choose to delete it. If you don’t do it, all the items will be lost, and you will have to contact support to retrieve them.

#3 The Elder Scrolls Online Lobby Connection Failed (Error 302)
The error pops up because client sometimes fails to connect to the lobby. In that case, wait 10 minutes or so and you will be able to re-connect to the server.

#4 The Elder Scrolls Online Error ‘Unverified Protocol (Code 305)
In order to resolve this issue, you need to delete some files and re-download them:

  • Eso.manifest file which can be found at C:Program Files (x86)Zenimax OnlineThe Elder Scrolls Online InternalLivegameclient
  • Data.manifest file located by default at C:Program Files (x86)Zenimax OnlineThe Elder Scrolls Online InternalLivedepot_databuild
  • zos.control.manifest File
  • zos.core.manifest File
  • zos.eso.manifest File

If you are unable to locate these files, you can use the search feature in the windows to find them. After you have deleted these files, restart the launcher and it should work fine. If it doesn’t, try re-installing the game.

#5 The Elder Scrolls Online Launcher Does Not Start
If you are having trouble with the launcher, you can try the following to fix it:

  • Try running the launcher “as administrator”.
  • Make sure that you are not using any VPN or proxy.
  • If you have any ad-blocker or similar tools installed, try disabling them.
  • Also, try disabling your antivirus/firewall temporarily to see if the problem goes away.

#6 The Elder Scrolls Online Black Screen Fix
Black Screen can appear due to multiple reasons. You can try out the following to resolve the issue:

  • Make sure that your GPU drivers are up to date.
  • Try running the game as admin.
  • You can also choose to change your resolution outside the game be editing the config file which can be found at My Documents\Elder Scrolls Online\live\User\Settings.
  • You can also try deleting ShaderCache.cooked file that can be found in Documents\Elder Scrolls Online\live. After you delete the file, start the launcher again ‘as administrator’.

#7 The Elder Scrolls Online Character Spinning Out of Control Issue
This issue can be resolved by the following workarounds:

  • If you are using Windows 8.0, upgrade to 8.1 to fix it.
  • Otherwise, go to the properties of ESO launcher’s icon by right-clicking on it. After that, go to Compatibility tab and select “Disable display scaling on high DPI settings. This should fix the problem.

#8 The Elder Scrolls Online Crashes During the Cinematic
In order to avoid the crash during cinematic, you need to change the compatibility mode of the game’s “.exe” file. It’s not the launcher file we are talking about here but the game’s original file.

You need to right-click the “.exe” file and then select properties. Here choose the compatibility tab and then choose the game to run as “Windows XP SP3”. Run the game as administrator to resolve the issue.

#9 The Elder Scrolls Online Launcher Stuck at “Looking for Launcher Updates”
First, make sure that you are not using any VPN or proxy. If you are sure that you aren’t connected via any VPN or Proxy, do the following steps to get the problem fixed:

  • Open Internet Explorer, go to tools and then Internet options.
  • From here, go to connections tab/LAN settings.
  • Here, you need to uncheck “Automatically detect proxy settings” and then press OK.

This should solve the problem.

#10 The Elder Scrolls Online ‘Not Enough Disk Space Error
This error will pop up if you don’t have required space for the installation. Although the downloaded files only need 27GB, you should have 64GB free hard drive space for successful installation.

#11 The Elder Scrolls Online ‘Play Button Greyed Out

  • There is a workaround that might work for you as it has for some others.
  • Go to My Documents/The Elder Scrolls Online/Live and look for UserSettings.txt file.
  • If you can’t find it, open a new notepad file and paste the following code in it:

SET MouseRawInput “1”
SET MouseSensitivityFirstPerson “0.50000000”
SET MouseSensitivityThirdPerson “1.28999996”
SET MouseSmoothing “0”
SET InvertMouseWheel “1”
SET InvertMouseY “1”
SET InvertMouseX “1”
SET CachedRLREnabled “1”
SET CachedReflectionResolution “4”
SET CachedShadowFiltering “5”
SET ScreenshotFormat “BMP”
SET PregameGammaCheckEnabled “0”
SET HardwareCheckEnabled.2 “0”
SET VIEW_DISTANCE “1.69000006”
SET GPUSmoothingFrames “10”
SET PreferMaximizedWindow “0”
SET FullscreenHeight “0”
SET FullscreenWidth “0”
SET WindowedHeight “768”
SET WindowedWidth “1024”
SET VO_VOLUME “70.00000000”
SET UI_VOLUME “70.00000000”
SET AMBIENT_VOLUME “70.00000000”
SET SFX_VOLUME “70.00000000”
SET MUSIC_VOLUME “70.00000000”
SET AUDIO_VOLUME “59.00000000”
SET TooltipFilter “2”
SET TooltipNumOptions “2”
SET EffectsLookupViaBinarySearch “1”
SET Language.2 “en”
SET GraphicsDriver.7 “D3D11”
SET PatchDataPath “game:/GameData/”
SET CacheDataPath “machine:/Cache/”
SET GameCameraFirstPerson “0”
SET AcceptedEULAVersion “2”
SET DirectionalDamageIndictorVisibleInThirdPerson “0”
SET CameraFramingTransitionEnabled “1”
SET SkipPregameVideos “0”
SET HasPlayedPregameVideo “1”
SET RangedKillCamera “0”
SET PlayerKillCamera “1”
SET LastMonsterKillCamera “1”
SET MinFrameTime.2 “0.01000000”
SET ParticlesEnabled “1”
SET RequestedNumThreads “0”
SET FreeUnusedGrannyFileSections.2 “0”
SET IsTrustedMachine “1”
SET RememberAccountName “1”
SET AccountName “”
SET LastRealm “NA Megaserver”
SET CustomUIScale “1.00000000”
SET UseCustomUIScale.2 “0”
SET RollDodgeDoubleTapEnabled “1”
SET RollDodgeDoubleTapTimeWindow.2 “185”
SET CameraZoomDistancesSynced “1”
SET SiegeCameraZoomDistance “6.00000000”
SET WeaponsOutCameraZoomDistance “2.00000000”
SET WeaponsSheathedCameraZoomDistance “2.00000000”
SET MaxNetworkWriteBuffer “10485760”
SET MaxNetworkReadBuffer “10485760”

Save the file and name it as UserSettings.txt.

If you already have a file there, delete the old text and paste the one mentioned above and save the overwritten changes. Start the launcher again and if your luck is good enough, it will work normally.

#12 The Elder Scrolls Online – Tweaks
I am not going in details but there are some useful changes that you can make according to your liking by editing UserSettings.txt (see the commands in #11).

Most of the names there are self explanatory and you will simply have to change the values and then save the changes. I will advise you to make a backup of original file in case you mess up things beyond limits.

#13 The Elder Scrolls Online Crashes – The Game has quit unexpectedly
Some users have reported that by updating (to the latest) or re-installing their GPU drivers has helped them to fix this issue. If you are experiencing, try that and share with us whether it fixed the problem for you or not.

#14 The Elder Scrolls Online Unable to Zoom in Character Creation
It’s a known bug and a fix is being planned with the future updates.

In the meanwhile, you can first make a throwaway character (which you can delete later) first and when you will start creating the second one, the zooming will work fine.

If you come across any other issue, comment and we will help you out!

Being the managing editor, Ali manages a lot of the editorial duties as well as publishing stories for you. A long-time gamer, his favorite game series is the Gears of War but when he's not gaming he likes to kick back with a few popular animes like Naruto.

10 responses to “The Elder Scrolls Online Errors, Crashes, Launcher, Tweaks and Fixes”

  1. reapertolls says:

    I have been having issues installing my game. Disc one works fine and starts the install but then disc 2 comes up saying disc not found and I have to browse for it. Can anyone help me?

  2. Ben Andrews says:

    I found that I had a process running that was incompatible with eso and the launcher once I ended the processes that I didn’t need running it all went great! I suggest using a process manager (or just manually do it with Windows task manager)

  3. Vitallica says:

    just to add on it. I have verified, AV, Windows firewall and even tried uninstalling AV. Checked router and even opened ALL ports,

  4. Vitallica says:

    well this is just so frustrating. I actually went and bought the media disc. After install, my launcher is stuck on loading. I have uninstalled and removed any zenimax or eso related folder and file on my pc and reinstalled, still the same. uninstalled again and reinstalled in different directory and still the same issue. Basically I bought 54 Euros worth of nothing. Any ideas?

  5. billy says:

    go back to WOW faggots

  6. Cretinous says:

    I purchased the Imperial Edition, so got 5 days early access – well, whoop-dee-doo, I managed to get lvl 5 in that time due to continual “Unknown Errors” kicking me out. I got a refund before general release as they had no clue as to what was causing it. I was getting the same in all the betas, so they have had plenty of notice to resolve it.

  7. BUllshitESO says:

    Worst launch ever….wtf. I purposely took three days off to play this game and the game decides to error the fuck out of everything. The longest downtime was 13 hours. I want my money back.

  8. Gritchu says:

    You forgot about the random unmounting that occurs when going up/down steps, jumping, or just riding your mount along a flat path.

    • Ayreon says:

      And on the theme of riding, if you get shot off whilst mounted, it usually glitches so the hand stays out and you can’t use your weapon (this is if you play the game in first person mode).

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