Infamous: Second Son Trophies Guide

By   /   Mar 21, 2014

inFamous: Second Son is an incredible game and because of the game’s open world environment, you will not have to worry about missable Trophies.

However, to get the Platinum Trophy for the game, you will at least have to play the game twice.

One playthrough for the Good Karma and another playthorugh for the Evil Karma. Furthermore, you must complete the a playthrough on Hard.

inFamous: Second Son Trophies Guide

Following are our tips to unlock all the trophies in the game.

This Trophy is story related which you will get on a Good Playthrough.

This Trophy is story related which you will get on a Good Playthrough.

This Trophy is story related which you will get on a Good Playthrough.

This Trophy is story related which you will get on a Good Playthrough.

This Trophy is story related which you will get on a Good Playthrough.

This Trophy will unlock after finishing the game on a Good Karma.

This Trophy is story related which you will get on an Evil Playthrough.

This Trophy is story related which you will get on an Evil Playthrough.

This Trophy is story related which you will get on an Evil Playthrough.

This Trophy is story related which you will get on an Evil Playthrough.

This Trophy is story related which you will get on an Evil Playthrough.

This Trophy will unlock when you finish the game on an Evil Karma.

Everybody Out
To get this Trophy, you will have to open 10 occupied suspicion pens which are located as blue lock icons on your map.

For this Trophy just shoot 10 sign Twirlers which show up as the red signs on the map.

Everyone’s a Critic
Shoot down 10 Musicians to get the Trophy. These musicians can be seen as red music notes on the map of the game.

Just Say No
Complete 10 Drug busts to get the Trophy, these are located as the blue syringe signs on the map.

Freedom of Speech
Disrupt 10 rallies to get this trophy. The activist rallies are shown on the map as a red prohibition sign. If you don’t want to hurt the activists then use the smoke bombs that will do the trick just fine.

What did you Call Me
Defeat 10 Akuran Gangs to complete this Trophy. They are shown on the mini-map as red hammer and sickles.

Someone your Own Size
Just rescue 10 escape conduits to get this trophy. The escape conduits are shown as the blue fists on the mini-map.

Walk it Off
Heal 10 civilians to get this trophy. These civilians don’t show up on your mini-map but they will have a blue sign on them during the good karma and red square during the evil karma.

Kicking and Screaming
Kill 10 wounded civilians or enemies to get this Trophy.

True Hero
This Trophy can be missed if you don’t put effort into it.

You will gain good karma points in the game for selecting the blue things of different sorts like game choices, healing citizens, drug busts, etc.

If you keep doing the good things then this trophy can be obtained before the end of the game.

This Trophy is opposite of True Hero.

To get this one you will have to gain the evil karma points which are indicated as red. It will include story choices, destroying suspicion pens, killing the wounded citizen, etc.

Even if you are unable to get this trophy by the end of the story, you can get it after in the free roam doing the evil deeds.

Bweep! Bweep! Bweep!
To get this Trophy you will have to get half of the Blast Shards. These Blast Shards can be acquired by destroying the scanning stations which are shown as a yellow hand on the map, or you can destroy mobile command units which are shown as the yellow squares with DUP label and finally for shooting the drones.

Best way to do it is eliminating the mobile command unit from the district and all of the Blast Shards will be shown on the map after that.

To get this Trophy you will have to get all of the Blast Shards.

Nothing to See Here
For this Trophy, you will need to destroy half of the DUP Security Cameras. These cameras are shown as a yellow camera outlines which can be spotted quite easily.

For this Trophy, you will need to destroy all of the DUP Security Cameras.

Inside Track
Collect all the informant Audio Logs to get this Trophy. These logs are shown as the yellow folders on the map. Get to the top of the building and press the up button to triangulate the signal.

Blown Cover
You have to defeat all the DUP Secret Agents to get this Trophy. These agents show up as the yellow heads wearing hats on the map.

After starting the quest, you must locate and defeat the agent before he goes away. However, there is one advantage, you will not get any evil Karma Points for killing any of the civilians.

Coloring Inside the Lines
You can see Stencil Art on the map as the Spray Paint Can. Choose the Karma Stencil and complete the artwork.

Prank Call
Complete just one District Showdown. If you want to complete a showdown first you must get the district to -30%. After that a showdown option will become available.

All of the showdown can be seen at the billboard and can be viewed as a telephone on the map. In showdowns you kill all of the enemies available and after that the billboard can be used as a fast travel location.

Hello Operator
Complete the Showdowns in half of the districts. See Prank Call above for the guide.

Final Showdown
Complete all of the districts Showdowns in the city. See Prank call for the guide.

One Down
Clear a DUP completely out of a district. To seek the help just see the large map and it will tell you how much there is DUP control left in the area. Just take away the control to get the Trophy.

Home Field Advantage
Take half the districts from the control of DUP.

Clean Sweep
Clear DUP from all of the districts from the city.

Big Brother
Destroy all of the DUP Hidden Cameras in the game. These cameras show up on the map as the solid camera. Some of them are cleverly hidden so an effort from you is required.

Total Carnage
Destroy 5 cars in just 5 seconds. Try to locate 5 cars at the same place and use the orbital drop near them. Cars at the same place can be located in the parking lot of the Seattle Center.

Keep it up
Keep flying for 45 seconds.

Put That Anywhere
You have to kill 10 enemies by detonating the ammo crates. These ammo crates are the black boxes with the yellow triangles. Kill 10 enemies with the blast to get this Trophy.

Drop Everything
Comet drop over 170 meters. Try doing it after you have finished the game on the Augustine’s Tower. Just dash into the satellite dish and then dash out over the side of building and then just comet drop. Do it over and over to get the Trophy.

Hat Trick
This Trophy requires all three powers (smoke, video and neon) to be used in defeating one enemy. Focus on an enemy and shoot him one by one with all three of the powers to unlock this Trophy.

Double Smoke Stack Attack
This is somewhat difficult Trophy to obtain. You will have to dash through two red air vents and comet drop on an enemy. Try to unlock this Trophy at the end of the game when you are required to do double smoke vent dash.

Don’t kill any of the enemies at that place and just dash through both vents and at the end just press the square button to Orbital Drop on an enemy.

Cough Drop
For this Trophy, you have to Comet Drop on three coughing enemies.

Make Fetch Proud
You will have to hit 3 weak points in 6 seconds with the Neon Beam.

Excessive Force
Use the Karmic Streak attack to defeat exactly one enemy. Easiest way to do it is by singling out an enemy usually at the top of the building.

Finish the game on Hard Difficulty.

Enjoy Your Powers
Collect all the other Trophies.

If you have any further query regarding any Trophy, let us know!

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