Dark Souls 2 Boss Guide – Tips, Battle Strategy and How To Kill

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The Looking Glass Knight
This is the mighty boss that everyone praised when they played the beta of the game (at that time he was known as the Mirror Knight). This guy fights like a classical medieval knight, and holds a large mirror shield that guards his left half.

The shield gives the Glass Knight amazing defense, as he doesn’t even need to raise it up to block any of your attacks that are focused on the left part of his body. The melee attacks are much like those of any other sword-wielding boss, with a bit more finesse and technique that can hit you more frequently than others.

However, the toughest moves of the Glass Knight are his ranged attacks and his summoning ability.

When you move away from him, he’ll charge his sword with a lightning bold and do one of two things: either he’ll do a large 180 degree swoop, or he will cast lightning balls that do a lot of damage, and can only be avoided with perfectly timed dodges.

But the worst move is when he places his mirror and starts summoning a character. Now, if you’re playing online, this will be another real player, which means absolute hell for you. If you’re playing offline, he’s summon a powerful AI with low health that you could take down with a few hits.

The time he takes to summon is perfect for dishing in a few hits on his back, but his defenses go sky-high when he does so, so it’s unlikely you would do too much damage. You should then quickly move away and try to get rid of the summoned character and then resume assaulting him.

The boss also has a leap move and a powerful thrust, both of which are pretty easy to dodge.

Because the boss is based more on technique and finesse, you shouldn’t have a difficult time getting away from his standard melee attacks. Just make sure you hit him where it hurts, and avoid the lightning moves at all costs.

Mytha the Baneful Queen
Like the Lost Sinner, this boss fight is almost impossible with a bit of preparation. Her arena will be filled with poison which will not only constantly take away your health, it will also heal her all the time.

You need to get rid of this poison to stand a chance against this lady.

Go to the central bonfire closest to the arena. If you remember, an undead ran by a gate and locked it. There is a way to access it by going to the outer corridor and unlocking it for a shortcut.

This will also lead you to a windmill. You can follow a small ledge to reach the windmill’s shaft, where you can use a torch to ignite it. Once you do that, the poison in Mytha’s arena will be completely gone.

The boss herself is extremely easy, as the main trick up her sleeve was the poison itself, which made the fight impossible. She has weak and easily dodgeable attacks, and her health is low enough that you won’t have any troubles with her whatsoever.

Smelter Demon
The Smelter Demon is an option boss that you can fight in the Iron Keep. This guy is quite tough, mainly because he’s extremely aggressive, and because of his huge stature has fantastic range with his sword.

As the battle progresses, the Smelter Demon will get more and more tough.

At the beginning he’ll just do some very aggressive hits with his sword which can be troublesome to dodge. Because of the merciless and aggressive nature of this boss, it’s best to summon a phantom to fight by your side to tank this battle.

If you can manage to do that, you’ll just need to stay away from his swings and hit him constantly. When he reaches about half his health, his torso will light up on fire, dealing a small amount of AoE damage every time you come close to him or hit him with melee weapons.

Towards the later stages of the fight, he’ll become even more aggressive, and will perform seppuku to ignite his sword. This is where things get really tough. Each thrash of his sword on the ground will send out a column of flames across the arena, and a single hit can take out as much as 75% of your health (or one-hit you if you depending on your Vitality points).

Stay away from his hits as he won’t give you much time during this duration to heal yourself, and keep chipping away at his health with regular strikes. This encounter is all about evading and dealing risk-free damage to this fiery demon.

Old Iron King
If you have managed to reach this boss, you should give yourself a pat on the back. The boss himself is stationary, since he comes out of a lava lake. Basically, all this guy is going to do is just beat his fists on the ground and breathe fire. He’ll occasionally shoot out a beam of fire from his palms as well, but that’s a move that is fairly easy to dodge.

What makes this boss not-so-difficult is the ridiculous recovery time he has for his fist attacks. He’ll keep his arms on the ground for a good three or four seconds and let you attack them as much as you want in this duration.

His most dangerous attack is the fire breather, because it’s quite difficult to tell which direction he will do the sweep of his fire breath. If you can manage to pick out his movement early, you can just move to the corner of the region, where his fire won’t reach you.

The fire-shooting ability is strange and can actually be a surprise since it’s easy to forget. He’ll thrust his hand forward and shot out a beam of flames for a short while, which you can dodge and just continue hitting his beefy arms.

More or less, it seems the boy’s been working out under the lava, and the battle is just an excuse for him to show off his biceps, abs, and chest muscles.

Demon of Song
What…the…hell? It’s basically a giant frog with a very creepy face. His entire body is covered with impenetrable armor, meaning you can only attack his creepy face and his anorexic arms. He’ll cover his face whenever he wishes to move about, and uncover it whenever he wants to attack you.

Most of this frog’s attacks are very easy to dodge, but there are a couple that you should really watch out for.

Perhaps his most dangerous and hardest to avoid attack is the leap slam he’ll do. Usually leap attacks are quite easy to dodge, but this thing is bulky and doesn’t jump that high for his attack.

Another ranged attack you should look at for is when he throws water balls at you. This is actually quite easy to dodge if you know the pattern: he’ll throw them to your left first, then center, then right. So you can just move right, right, and then left to avoid them without even rolling.

Apart from that, this boss has limited moves and slow recovery time from his bash attacks with his arms. Use the opportunity and smack him in his face when he tries to retreat his arms. Don’t go behind him because he’ll do a little leg attack that will damage a lot.

Giant Lord
But, but, but I thought the Last Giant was the last giant!

Apparently not. This guy is quite huge, and quite similar to The Last Giant, one of the first bosses you encounter, except he’s less clumsy and has a giant sword in his hand that does insane damage with every hit.

The problem with the Giant Lord is that if you stay away from him, he has so much reach that you can’t avoid his swoops. Sticking to his feet and moving between them is the best approach, but that also has a downside: you can’t tell what move he’s going to do next.

He’ll also try to stomp on you with his feet as well when you run about, and he’ll also to this close-body sweep with his sword that will do a lot of damage. Because of the lethality of this attack, you should try to stay to the left side of his feet.

The best thing you could do with this boss is just completely limit his insane reach and sweeps of the swords. You’ll also notice that there are fire explosions happening around the arena – try to avoid them at all costs and stay near the corners of the arena. Just stick to his legs, try to avoid his stomps and his strong sweeps, and you should be able to take him down.

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