Dark Souls 2 Boss Guide – Tips, Battle Strategy and How To Kill

By   /   Mar 13, 2014

Ruin Sentinels
The Sentinels are harsh and symbolic in-game depictions of the philosophy behind the game: no mercy for you. But, there is also a hidden philosophy in the game that all Dark Soul players know about: success is there to be found, even in the most difficult situations.

Three against one is not a fair fight, but with a few tricks you can actually make this boss battle a bit easier. There is one Sentinel that you can fight one on one on this narrow kind of platform just above the main boss battle arena. Though it’s a very small area, you can manage to circle strafe and dodge his attacks to get behind him and slice and dice.

These guys individually don’t have much health (as compared to single bosses), but when they combine they can be very, very difficult to handle. Keep on fighting this first one till he’s dead. After this don’t jump down just yet. Instead, wait around on the same platform.

Eventually on other Sentinel will jump up to you.

Make sure you have your shield up when he does so, as the tall skinny fellow does a giant sweep with his axe while coming up. Hit him as many times as you can until the second Sentinel will also jump up to the platform. Now it’s time to bail out.

Make sure you have enough health to make the jump down, as it will take away some HP.

Once you’re down there, both of the Sentinels will follow you down and start attacking. It’s 2 on 1 instead of what could been 3 on 1, so pat yourself on the back for that bit, but keep yourself focused, since the harder part of the battle just began.

Make sure you keep both of them right in front of you, and watch their attacks closely. These guys have very fast attack moves and insane range with their long axes, so make sure you dodge them.

The best thing that could (and will occasionally) happen is that both of them will attack at the same time. This is an excellent chance for you to hack away at the one that you already damaged on the platform.

These guys will also do an insane whirlwind attack that can kill you off if you’re not careful, so your first and foremost priority should always be to maintain distance and only close in after they’ve carried out their deadliest moves.

This fight is all about patience and intense focus. The safest way to beat them is to wait till they both attack at the same time, allowing you to close in and put in some damage to one of them.

This will take a long time to finish off the battle, but it is the best way.

Royal Rat Vanguard
This boss would’ve been cake-walk if it hadn’t been for his awfully familiar looking minions. You’ll enter the room not knowing that this is even a boss fight, with half-a-dozen rats ambushing you. These guys aren’t forgiving, as their attacks can make you bleed easily, so make sure you have your shield up at all times.

Once you’ve killed off three or four rats, the Rat Vanguard himself will join; the only problem is he looks exactly like the other rats, so there’s no easy way to determine which one is him until you actually hit him.

Since the main boss can get lost in the crowd very easily, your best bet is to actually defeat the entire horde.

The Vanguard rat itself can actually poison you, so be very careful and try to move about as much as possible to avoid being corned. Keep your shield up whenever the rats approach you or you run low on stamina to avoid bleeding or getting poisoned.

This battle is basically about staying alive and hitting any rat you can find till all of them are dead. If you manage to kill the boss first, the remaining rats will all run away, so it’s not a bad idea to actually keep an eye out for which one is the boss and focus attacks on it.

Skeleton Lords
Yup, it’s plural.

These are three big skeletons alongside smaller minion skeletons, all of which share one boss health pool. This means that even if you’re attacking the minions, you’re chipping away a small part of the boss’s health.

The area here is quite useful to dodge some of the attacks. The three burning bone pillars provide excellent cover against one of the mage skeleton lords that will try to shoot AoE fireballs at you.

After less than a minute or so into the battle the lords will summon minions to fight alongside them.

The lords themselves go down pretty easily, so try to take out one of the two melee ones; although the mage lord has a powerful attack, he will keep his distance, allowing you more space to move, as compared to his melee companions who will close in on you and try to attack with their axes.

Stick close to the bone pillars at all times, and wait for the minions and bosses to come to you. It’s actually very easy to dictate terms and control the flow of battle by yourself if you do this, and it should allow you to chip away from the main health pool without taking too much risk.

Just keep shifting from one pillar to the other and attacking any lord and/or minion that comes close to you, and then shifting again.

As you take out another of the lords, they will begin spawning more skeletons. These ones seem to take some time to spawn, so keep an eye out from where these minions are erupting out, and just kill them while they are assembling themselves.

Once you take out all three of the lords, the retarded bone-wheel skeletons will come out. Make sure you take out at least two of them while are assembling together, or you’ll have to face four rapidly spinning and uncontrollable enemies that do tons of damage.

The Pursuer
This is one of the tougher bosses you’ll fight in the first half of the game. This guy looks cool, he floats, and boy is he intelligent. It’s time you gave up on circle strafing and relied on keeping your distance.

The Pursuer is fast in his movement and merciless in his strikes, using a chain of attacks and cursing stabs that will deal tons of damage. He also has the habit of bashing and slicing with his shield.

Your best bet is to keep a fair distance and just roll backwards every time he attacks. Don’t stay near him at all and keep an eye out for the ledge while rolling. Once he has complete his attack combinations, move in and strike a couple of times, and then move out again.

Be very careful from his cursing/impaling strike. His sword will glow blue and he will do a powerful thrust. Avoid this or you’ll be dead in seconds!

Another risky but effective technique against The Pursuer is to parry his attack. This will cause him to be stunned for a bit. Use this time to shoot the baliste present here. This will do an insane amount of damage to the boss and can even one-shot him if you’ve chipped off a decent amount of health.

Belfry Gargoyles
You’ll have to fight 6 or 7 of these large gargoyles in this fight, and sadly you’ll be facing two or three at a time. If you’ve managed to acquire the Great Club, you’ll have an easier time as you can deal massive damage with single swipes, and get rid of a gargoyle with two or three hits.

These guys occupy a lot of space of the rooftop, and they will often start to fly. Try to keep at least one of them on the ground during that stage so you can dish out damage. The gargoyles can easily overcrowd you, so try to take out one before the third joins the fight. Keep yourself mobile at all times and just try to avoid their attacks with roll dodges (no circle strafing!) and attacking every once in a while.

Watch out for their fire-breath attack and also their lightning attacks. These guys are weak to lightning, so if you have some kind of lightning weapon or attacks, use them against these beasts to ease your way out of the mess.

Executioner’s Chariot
This is literally a chariot of fire. The interesting battle arena and boss make up for a pretty exciting experience. But hey, that’s what Dark Souls is all about: exciting new ways to kill you shamelessly.

The arena itself is a large circular hall with lots of alcoves. The chariot is gone crazy and running in this hallway and stampeding over anything that is not inside the alcoves. This means that you’ll need to periodically station yourself in them to avoid getting crushed.

Unfortunately, the thrill of the excessively excited chariot and the interesting arena is kind of spoiled by the annoying skeletons that keep on spawning. These fellows will turn into ashes once the chariot makes a swoop over them, but they’ll keep respawning until you take out the necromancers responsible for conjuring them.

These wimpy necromancers are also hiding in alcoves, so make sure you take them out while you’re on your way to the northern part to pull the lever. This will make a gate close down, and the next time the chariot comes strolling it’ll crash into the gate.

This is when the boss fight actually starts.

The boss is an enraged multi-headed stallion of some sort. It’ll charge at you, it’ll cast these weird looking spews at you, and it will also try to head-butt you. Keep a distance between him and yourself as the hallways are pretty narrow and the horsie is quite big.

Be very careful of his charge attack because it’s difficult to dodge – taking shelter in the alcove while he charges at you seems to be the best option.

Another move that you really need to watch out for is his stomp. He’ll get on his hind legs and then crash his fore-limbs down, down a heavily damaging AoE stomp that can be fatal to most melee players.

The boss overall has limited amount of moves, but you’ll really have to be careful and time your dodges perfectly in this narrow hallway to stand a chance. He can chip of large portions of your health without you noticing thanks to his charge and ground-stomp attacks – it all comes down to how well you avoid these two moves.

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