Titanfall Weapons, Attachments and Mods Guide

By   /   Mar 12, 2014

Knowing how to effectively use weapons in Titanfall is very important considering you will encounter different types of enemies on the battlefield. Be it A.I. controlled grunts, human-controller titans or camping pilots, knowing which weapon to use against which type of enemy decides the fate of the encounter.

Knowing more about weapons will also help you adjust your loadout as per your game-style. Titalfall doesn’t offer a wide range of weapons; you have limited options, which make it ever so important to know the strategic advantage each weapon offers.

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Titanfall Weapons, Attachments and Mods

In this guide, we will talk about the strengths, weaknesses and effectiveness of each weapon in the game. We will suggest under what circumstances, what type of primary weapon/sidearm combination you should be using and which attachments or mods you should go for.

Primary Weapons

Choosing the right primary weapon for your pilot can be a hard choice as each weapon has its advantages and disadvantages. There are some mods and attachments of each weapon that make it more effective.

Trick is to get out of your comfort zone and experiment with all the weapons available in the game. Following are the primary weapons available to you in Titanfall:

R-101C Carbine
The R-101C Carbine is an automatic weapon. It offers great accuracy at a very good range and deals a good amount of damage. It is extremely good for the starters as it will help you take down the AI enemies very quickly, making it easier for your earn XP and level up while learning how the game works.

Only weakness of the weapon is its ineffectiveness in the close range combat especially when you come across a player with a shotgun or a pistol.

R-101C Carbine supports following attachments:

  • Iron Sights
  • HCOG
  • Holosight
  • AOG

R-101C Carbine supports following mods:

  • Suppressor
  • Extended Magazine

EVA-8 Shotgun
EVA-8 Shotgun is a semi-automatic shotgun which deals a huge amount of damage at a close range. The biggest advantage of the weapon is its ability to kill off the opponents with just two shots at close range. The biggest disadvantage of the weapon is its ineffectiveness in long range.

If you are ready to take on enemies up close then EVA-8 Shotgun is just the gun for you. EVA-8 Shotgun supports following attachments:

  • Iron Sights

EVA-8 Shotgun supports following Mods:

  • Suppressor
  • High Capacity Drum
  • Leadwall

Smart Pistol MK5
Smart Pistol MK5 made quite an impact in the beta of Titanfall. It is suitable for close range combats as it automatically locks on the opponents and once the target is locked, every shot fired will hit the target. It is very effective against the Pilots and the AI enemies.

You can use the iron sights for manual targeting. The weakness of the weapon is the waiting time that it takes to target the pilots and when used manually, it is almost useless.

Smart Pistol MK5 supports following Mods:

  • Supressor
  • Extended Magazine
  • Enhanced Targeting

R-97 Compact SMG
The R-98 is a great automatic weapon at a close range. It has a very high rate of fire with extremely low recoil. It doesn’t do a lot of damage with one shot but once you have a target in sight, there is nothing stopping you from taking it down.

Fast fire rate can really come in handy when you are in close range combat with someone who is using non-automatic weapon. R-97 Compact SMG is unlocked when you reach Level 6.

R-97 Compact SMG supports following attachments:

  • Iron Sights
  • HCOG

R-97 Compact SMG supports following Mods:

  • Suppressor
  • Scatterfire
  • Extended Magazine

Longbow-DMR Sniper
Longbow-DMR Sniper is a long range semi-automatic rifle. It allows you to fire multiple shots quickly although you might need just one to ground the target. It is very useful when you are playing on maps that features huge buildings with camping pilots inside.

The downside of the weapon is its fire rate. It becomes a useless when you are in close combat or when Pilots are moving freely. If you are good with the Sniper Rifle, you can turn the match in your favor really fast. Longbow-DMR Sniper unlocks at Level-9.

Longbow-DMR Sniper supports following attachments:

  • 6X Zoom Scope
  • AOG
  • 4.5X Zoom Scope

Longbow-DMR Sniper supports following Mods:

  • Suppressor
  • Stabilizer
  • Extended Magazine

G2A4 Rifle
G2A4 Rifle takes some getting used but it is extremely effective once you get the hold of it. You can take down AI enemies and Pilots with just one shot to the head. It deals a lot of damage and has a great accuracy, making it a go-to choice for medium and long range battles.

When you’re at close range, you have to be pretty quick with your aim as it has very low magazine capacity. You can use extended magazine mod to make it more effective. G2A4 Rifle is unlocked at Level 18.

G2A4 Rifle supports following attachments:

  • Iron Sights
  • HCOG
  • AOG

G2A4 Rifle supports following Mods:

  • Match Trigger
  • Suppressor
  • Extended magazine

Hemlock BF-R
Hemlock BF-R is a great medium ranged weapon with its 3-round burst. The fire-rate of this weapon is its strongest point.

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