South Park: The Stick of Truth Side Quests Guide

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South Park: The Stick of Truth has a wide variety of side-quests that can be completed for rewards and new friends.

There are about 20 side-quests in the game; some of them require you to fetch or deliver some items while others require you to fight creatures like Zombies, Rats, and even Ogres.

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South Park: The Stick of Truth Side Quests

Check out the complete list of these side-quests with their locations and to know how to complete them:

Big Game Hunting With Jimbo
This side-quest includes travelling to Jimbo’s Guns followed by defeating 6 beasts and then returning to Jimbo to claim your rewards.

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For your convenience, Jimbo’s Guns is located near the Restaurant’s Row.

To defeat the Mutant Bacteria, head to the School’s Basement, grab the Rubbing Alcohol, and place it on a table; right next to Petri Dishes. As soon as the Mutant Bacteria appears, stun it and keep on attacking using tag-attacks until it is defeated. Return to Jimbo for the first reward.

For the Rabid Junkyard Dog, travel to Kenny’s House and look for a few dog-bones near some bottles; outside a garage. Place the Moldy Sausage right next to bones and the dog will appear. Once again, stun him before he gets a chance to attack and return to Jimbo for the Prize.

To defeat the Mouse, head inside the Sewers and travel down the ravel to see a red-colored wheel. Keep on going until you get past Hankey’s Home and climb up the ravel.

After coming across two Angry Hobos keep on going right and pull the nearby switch to open a gate and climb up the ladder. Place the cheese on the skull and mouse will come out. Stun it before it can attack you and return to Jimbo.

For defeating Bat, head over to the Emergency Exit in the Sewers and make your way to the Cave Section of the Sewers. Take the ladder and place the Blood Orange on a Guano Pile to make the Bat appear. Use your tag-attacks combined with stun attacks and special abilities and the creature will go down in no time.

Next, head to the Farm and use the Cow Bell at the gate. Attack the cow that walks to you and return to Jimbo.

For the final beast, you need to complete Heading North main quest. Once you have done that, head over to Canada and look for Canadian Barking Spider in Quebec. Try and defeat the Spider with your best weapon and get to Jimbo to complete this side-quest.

Dropping the Kids Off
To start this side-quest, head over to Hankey’s House in the Sewers and use the generator to open up the gate. You’ll have to find Mrs. Hankey’s lost kids in order to complete the quest.

All the kids will be in Sewers so it shouldn’t be a problem. Head left from the house and take out Mutant Rats to get to a ladder. Come out from the left side, use the yellow valve, and go down the ladder to save Amber.

Climb up the ladder, head right, and go down another ladder to fight with two Angry Hobos and Mutant Rats. Take out the Angry Hobos and Mutant Rats to free Cornwallis.

Go up again and take the other ladder that you missed on your way. Keep on going right until you reach a generator. Keep on going right until you come across a ladder that can be shot to bring it down. Climb up the ladder and break a wooden pallet to go inside a room. Take out the rats and free Simon.

Return to Mr. & Mrs. Hankey to complete this side-quest.

Find Jesus
To start this side-quest, head over to the Church and speak with Father Maxi who will ask you to find Jesus. In order to find Jesus, you will have to head inside the Church.

Head inside the Church and the Jesus will be hiding among the church benches. He will also raise his head at frequent intervals. As soon as he raises his head, run up to him to catch him.

Get to Father Maxi and he will ask you to find him again.

Head inside the Church and switch on the lights near the altar. Turn off the lights and he will be standing behind the podium. Once you’ve found him, head over to Father Maxi to complete the quest.

Flower for a Princess
To start this side-quest, head over to Kupa Keep and speak with Princess Kenny. You will be required to bring her a flower.

In order to get the Daffodil, you need to head to Cartman’s place and look for it between Pool of Vision and Stack of Wood. Once you’ve retrieved the Daffodil Flower, head back to Princess and offer her your gratitude. +1 in friends.

Hide N Seek
Head over to Basketball Court and speak with Filmore to start this side-quest which involves finding six kids in a game of Hide N Seek.

To find Sally, head over to the red house on the right of the Basketball Court and look for her behind the trees (near the garage).

To find Quaid, descend the ravel near the South Park Gazette and he will be in plain sight. In order to find Filmore, you need to head inside the bank and talk to him behind the main counter.

Flora can be found by heading to Tower of Peace and looking behind a long streetlight. Billy can be found by heading inside the Farm. Walk to the Farm and look for him near fence.

As for Jenny, you can find her by heading over to Stark’s Pond and looking for her near the Red Bag. After you have found them all, return to the Basket Ball Court and the side-quest will be completed.

The Homeless Problem
Head inside the Town Hall and speak with Mayor McDaniels who requires you to clear the area of Hobos.

To find the first one, you need to head inside the U-Stor-It truck standing at the bus stop. You will also find some of them behind Kenny’s House.

The majority of the Hobos will be wandering in the Sewers. You need to take out seven of them to complete this side-quest. Once you encounter a Hobo, stun him/her as soon as you can which can be done efficiently by tagging up with your team.

Once you have done it successfully i.e. taking out seven Hobos, head over to the Mayor’s Office and talk to her for 15 bucks and a friend.

Magical Songs
To start this quest, head over to Elven Kingdom and speak with Jimmy who will ask you to retrieve a Flute with him. Note that, Jimmy must be your friend before you could start this quest.

Head over to the Farm and speak with Rancher Bill to know more about the Flute. However, in order to retrieve the Flute, you’ll have to take out Nazi Zombie Cows in the Barn.

Get the key from the Rancher Bill and head inside the Barn. You need to kill at least four of them before proceeding forward. Use your stun attacks, tag-attacks, and special abilities to defeat them.

Once you’ve done that, ascend the ravel and the Flute will be inside a bag. Set the rick on fire by shooting down the lamp and grab the Flute.

Return to the Farm and speak with Rancher Bill to complete this side-quest.

Talk to Al-Gore hiding behind the Bijou Theater who will ask you to take out the ManBearPig.

In order to get to the ManBearPig, you need to place three sensors in the city of South Park. Head to the Farm and climb up the ravel to place a sensor on the vane.

The next sensor needs to be placed on a telephone poll on top of the Kenny’s Garage. For the final sensor, head over to the Stark’s Pond and place the sensor on the Forest Fire Sign.

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