Is Overkill Software Brewing up a New PayDay 2 DLC?

Take a look at the teaser page that went up on the official website of Overkill Software and you will know that they surely are brewing something up. Then take a look at what the game devs are tweeting and you’ll know it is something related to PyDay 2; New PayDay 2 DLC maybe?

Let me go into the details of what happened, first off, a pretty eerie looking teaser page went up on the developer’s website. The only thing we have to go on is the barely audible dialogue that goes: “I’m dying here,” “Help me up” and lastly “Who wants a piece of the elite?”

If it was just this, we could have thought maybe the developer is teasing an all new project (one would jump on that thought), but then we stumbled upon a tweet made by David Goldfarb, the game director who simply said “this can’t be good” with a PayDay 2 hashtag.

So there you have it, what we are looking at is probably a new PayDay 2 DLC.

The heist based game was originally released back in August last year and since then it has received multiple downloadable content packs. The last DLC that the developers released had come out some weeks ago.

Have you been contented with what the game has offered so far? What would you like to get in the new PayDay 2 DLC that – hopefully – Overkill Software is developing?

By Sarmad Lillah

Sarmad is one of the more refined and cultured among us. His favorite game is Mario, and he once had dreams of going to plumbing school. Now he's 25, a finance major and having the time of his life writing about videogames.

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    • Nikolai Gman

      The heist based game was originally released back in August last year and since then it has received multiple downloadable content packs.”

      There have been no DLC releases for either Xbox 360 or PS3. This company has wasted two demographics worth of gamers’ money and trust. Payday 2 is fun, yet with the extremely limited maps and jobs that use only three days out of the displayed seven, it secures itself the comfy place of A WASTE OF TALENT.
      Meanwhile PC gamers have heavy machine guns, knifes, grenades and several more maps. Some folks like to point out that a game changes across multiplats to the point where it no longer is the same game. Fair point. But it is the same PRODUCT, and it is the devs job to support all iterations of the game.
      Kinda sick of devs releasing unfinished games.