Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Boss Guide – How To Defeat

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There are five primary bosses in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII which will come up after you clear out each area of the game.

These bosses can be fought in any order you want but note that some of them tend to get stronger over the course of the time. Try to follow the same order as mentioned below, and you will get through the game in no time.

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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Boss


Noel is the first boss that appears in the Luxerion area of the game. Just as the battle starts, you need to hit this boss with the Thundara and Thunder+.

Using these attacks will help you knock him out and stagger him a lot early.

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Once you stagger him, you can execute a different bunch of attacks to drain his HP. Furthermore, when you first knock him out, it will reduce his movement speed, which gives you a huge advantage.

Although it comes with a lot of practice, but you should time your Guard precisely. In this way, your Guard will be more effective, and you will stagger him the way too quicker.

Other than this, try to spend in your 2-3 days on side-quests and try to level up your character before you get in the fray with Noel. However, this is not true for every boss as some of them will tend to get stronger with each day.


Before beginning to fight Snow, you need to complete a ton of Main Storyline quests and side-quests until you unlock Midnight Mauve, which is really crucial for this boss fight.

Furthermore, make sure to battle Snow before the 6th day. The reason I say this is because on the 6th day, Snow gets really strong, and it is almost impossible to beat him down.

Anyway, since Snow is vulnerable to Fire. You may want to spam him with Fira of Midnight Mauve, which will knock him out in an instant. When you first knock him out, he will become permanently vulnerable to all your physical attacks, which will make this boss fight way too easy.

However, you should keep one thing in mind that at 50% of his HP, Snow re-gains his full HP and you must drain it empty.

Like the other bosses, using a perfect Guard will make him stagger faster and this is the time when you should use Overdrive.

Keep on mixing up Fira with Jump and Beat Down to knock him out at a much faster rate. Rinse and repeat!


Parandus is the boss of Dunes, and we would recommend that you battle this boss anywhere between Snow’s boss fight and 7th day. Just like many bosses out there, this boss also keeps on getting stronger with each passing day.

The only thing that you should keep an eye out is the barrier it creates. This barrier apparently halves the physical damage that the creature receives but in reality, it becomes almost immune to all of your attacks.

If such situation occurs, you may want to use your Wind Attacks. Aerora of the Midnight Mauve is one of the best things that you can use.

You can have other Schemata(s) of your own choice, but Parandus’ barrier makes it immune to all de-buffs. Once it gets out of the barrier then you can use your de-buffs for considerable amount of damage.

Another important thing is that you will get a companion with you to bring down this boss.

The dense smoke it creates also does a lot of damage. So make sure to keep sideways and avoid the damage.

As for the Overdrive, you can use it at any time you want, but I would recommend using it at the very end. Make sure to have a lot of Potions and Phoenix with you, and you will bring it down in no time.

Caius Ballad

Now, throughout this entire guide, I have been telling you about bosses getting stronger over the course of days.

It does not matter on which day you decide to take him on; he will not get any stronger than he already is. Caius is undoubtedly the toughest boss in the game.

Prior to fighting him, you need to make sure that you have done a lot of side-quests, and main storyline quests so that you are all buffed up.

When Caius is in his Commando mode, you need to only use some of your physical attacks and keep on poking him. And once he comes out of the Commando mode; this is when you should consider using your Magic attacks and hope to stagger him for an Overdrive.

And even if you cannot Stagger him for an Overdrive, use an Overdrive to stagger him or knock him out because it will help you a ton.

When it comes to Garbs, you need to have Midnight Mauve and Velvet Bouncer which will help you immensely.

Another thing you need to keep in mind is that once you enter the boss fight, you will start losing health over the course of battle. So make sure to have a lot of health and Potions with you to help you out.

Furthermore, try to enter the battle with a De-buff Schemata, which will help you a ton. Use it with the Ghost Suit and it will make you immune to his physical attacks by 75%, which is a huge advantage.

Other than this, Caius does not have special abilities like Barrier or Health Regeneration. Do not get disappointed if you cannot take him out in the first go; this man is Satan himself.


Bhunivelze is the last boss of the game and has the ability to change forms. Before you head out and take on this boss, make sure that you have Ultimate Shield and Ultimate Weapon.

Once you have obtained them, make sure to use them on the Schemata that you use for the Physical Attacks.

The first form of the Bhunivelze is composed of Magic and Physical attacks. So make sure to use your Ghost suit and nullify 75% of Physical damage. This form is pretty easy, and you will get it to change form in no time.

Furthermore, try and use Thundara on the first form, and it will knock him out instantly. Furthermore, try not using your Overclock at the first form and save it for other stages.

When it comes to second form (Magic), your best bet lies in Perfect Guard and using a Schemata which will reduce Magical Attacks. However, since I advised you in using Ghosts hood, you should not be afraid of using your Overclock here, which will come in really handy.

When he gets into the air, just wait since you will not be able to do any damage to him.

Now, if you are using the Ghost hood, the third form will be the easiest one since it is primarily based on the Physical Attacks. And when he uses the Divine Punishment, try and go for a Perfect Guard, or it will drain a lot of your HP.

Other than this, using Ghost Hood will get you out of the tightest situations because of +75% guards against physical attacks.

Once the Bhunivelze transforms into the last form, you will see two angels attacking you, which can be perfectly guarded but if you fail to do so, you will be left only with 1 HP. So make sure to perfect guard their attacks.

Remember I advised you to save your Overdrive? This is where it comes down to using it. The final form is immune to all of your attacks, and you must use your Overdrive to stagger him and even knock him out, which will make him receive damage from both your Physical and Magic Attacks.

If you can, use your two Overdrive(s) back to back and keep on poking him until you stagger him, which will drain most of its HP. You will notice that most of the HP is drained once you stagger him.

I would even advise you using the Overdrive at the very beginning of the battle. Once you have staggered him, use the Army of the Two and boom, the Bhunivelze is dead.

Share your own tips and strategies with us in the comments below!

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  • Living

    Bhunivelze 4th form is fucking bullshit. So is the 10 item limit when it comes to that fucking prick. They overdid it.

  • Zenmaster

    I just defeated him today, for your defensive schemata(cyber jumpsuit equipped with either ghost or preta hood) along with imperil, deprotect and deshell. 2nd form is pretty magic based third form is physical based. now with the last form. it is imperative to have at least 5 ep caused you will need to overclock and spam with magic attacks until he staggers. once he staggers just keep attacking until he is vanquished.

  • Waqel Laith

    Any idea of how to stagger him on Bhunivelze+? He has 4m HP and casts DOOM. Freaking insane when he is in the air. Overclocking is not even enough.

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