After Origin, DERP Went on to Target Xbox Live with DDoS Attack

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DERP, a title we have been hearing a lot recently. Although the true intentions of this self-proclaimed hacking group are still unknown, it has been on a hacking spree for a few months now.

Just recently, we brought in the news of EA’s Origin being attacked by a DDoS on the hands of DERP; affecting several online games and digital distribution. And before that, it has been known for launching a similar attack on various games like League of Legends, DOTA 2, Planetside 2, and others.

Just as Electronic Arts managed to retrieve their servers, DERP decided to divert its attention to Xbox Live. On Twitter, DERP posted several Tweets about bringing Xbox Live down and even mocked their servers. People have confirmed disconnections from Xbox Live and the inability to sign-in or use any other online service.

“We’ve yet to fire the Gaben Laser Beam™; Xbox Live is being targeted with our botnet of refrigerators.”

According to Reddit and Down Detector, people have been complaining about Xbox Live being down.

In a few days, DERP has successfully managed to bring down Origin and Xbox Live. Playstation Network has always been targeted for getting hacked every now and then, is it going to be its next target? As for Steam, my guess is that it’s going to remain safe. A Tweet from DERP suggested that it considers Origin as a rival to Steam and that’s why it was hacked.

Are you experiencing any issues with signing-in your Microsoft account? It was said that the issue got resolved quickly but if you visit Xbox Live Status then you would know that some services are still not available.

Source: GearNuke

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  • John ‘Genryu’

    Steam was bought down in the last couple of days. Do better research.

  • Ivan Carlos

    “hackers”?” being hacked”? DDoS is not a hacking or cracking. Any user without knowledge can organize and successfully achieve this, just need to control a botnet or engage people.

  • Dennis Crosby

    Sorry to say this but Xbox live wasn’t hasn’t been down since the release of the Xbox One I pretty much played all yesterday haven’t experience any network issues at all this guy Derp is a joke

    • 113mac113

      You’re statement is completely incorrect. For one. Derp is a group of people not 1 person, They managed to take down hundreds of game servers and they said Xbox Live was targeted. Not taken down.