PS4 Blu-ray Outputs Poor Quality Videos Compared To Xbox One, PS3

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When information regarding the BLu-ray and DVD compatibility of both the next generation consoles was revealed people didn’t really like that Xbox One didn’t playback recordable discs unlike PlayStation 4.

Now that both the consoles are out in the market, the story is pretty much inverse. Though the Xbox One plays original Blu-ray discs perfectly, the PlayStation 4 is pretty bad at doing the same.

If you play 1080i content on the PS4, you’ll find that the system deinterlaces it pretty badly.

The entire screen gets deinterlaced with no semi advanced motion adaptive deinterlacing. It doesn’t mean the whole video sucks; the details somewhat flicker and resolution is still lost.

Furthermore, most of the films are stored at 24p so you don’t need to worry about those too. It is going to be the video based concerts or documentaries that are usually pretty high-res that you will meet the problem in.

Despite these assurances, if you compare this quality of performance with PlayStation 3, you will be surprised. PS3 could easily run 1080i natively and never had to face the troubles that PlayStation 4 does.

On the upside, there will be no noise reduction, unwanted processing, loss of resolution in brightness or color channel, pixel cropping or jaggies when running 24p.

Well, one thing is certain; PlayStation 4 was surely rushed into the release. These issues would not have been there had Sony given enough time to the complete polishing of the product.

I am assuming Sony won’t let the problem last for long though, an update sometime in the future will be released to fix the problem – though facing it is still a downer.

Source: HDTVTest

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  • Memo

    What a bunch of BS. Sony was the first to bring in the Blu-ray format into the market with the PS3. You expect me to believe some poop telling me that the PS4 does worse? You are nuts. Get your head out our ass. Stop doing damn articles of who won and who’s better at this. Playstation is the best ok it’s selling more world-wide and in the US it has more sale. Ya shut up. PS3 is better than the Xbox 360 (old news) again Ya shut up, and the PS4 is much better. Xbox one is horrible it’s shit. Anyways Sony owns part of Blu-Ray they are not the owners but they get most of money from it. So .. Microsoft loses money. Ha! lol Butt-Breath. PS4 Blu-Ray is best of all the Xbox one is using the Playstation 3’s Blu-ray drive. 😛

    • Alcaclarke

      You’re are the biggest fool to ever grace the Internet.