The Best PS3 Games of 2013

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It is that time of the year when most of what the year had to offer has passed us by, and we get ready to reflect back to all that we have experienced and start to judge the merits of its offerings.

We here at Segment Next have compiled our own best of 2013 for every category of games that came out during the year.

The following article will present five best games in its particular category, and the winner will be determined by the result of the reader poll in the coming month.

Best PS3 Games of 2013

Even though Sony had kept the spotlight on PS4 from the onset of 2013, the PS3 still held its own with a steady stream of high profile exclusive titles as well as third party blockbusters.

The Last of Us
Easily surpassing the pedigree of its sister brand, the Uncharted series, The Last of Us was the game that redefined the survival-horror action genre through particular attention to detail.

The game presented its story with amazing graphics, perfect animation, top notch voice acting, moving sound design and an unprecedented depth in characterization.

Not only was the game a top notch in presentation department, but it also featured a riveting stealth and scavenging system and an interesting mix of online multiplayer options that kept players hooked from start to finish.

Grand Theft Auto V
Just like its elder brethren, GTA V offers a large sprawling world with an unprecedented level of choice in cars, music, mission and areas to visit, which presented an amazing variety and enable gamers to spend hours and hours of fun exploring.

However, the primary area where the game really innovates is in its unique ability to offer players control of three different characters and tell a story involving all three in the backdrop of an open world sandbox game, a feat that is truly incredible and refreshing to experience.

BioShock Infinite
Coming from the developers of the first BioShock, Infinite had a lot to live up to and boy did it deliver in spades. The attention to detail in the visual and audio presentation for the game is spectacular, and as it turns out, the game is as fun to play as it is to look at.

The game managed to garner a near-universal critical acclaim for its unique storytelling, incorporation of world and atmosphere of Columbia, characterization of Elizabeth and her gameplay interactions as well as additions and changes to the gameplay mechanics.

Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch
Adapted from critically acclaimed DS game of the same name, Wrath of the White Witch featured the same easy to pick up yet deep monster collection gameplay as its portable counterpart but the console version highlighted a breathtaking art and presentation style made in conjunction with the legendary anime studio Ghibli.

With its spectacular visual and audial style mixed with charming characterization and robust gameplay, Ni No Kuni presented an experience that was refreshing for RPG aficionados and new comers alike.

God of War: Ascension
One of the most beloved franchises in Sony’s PlayStation 1st party library, God of War has always been about showcasing wonderful graphics, thunderous soundtrack, copious amounts of blood and gore and brutal action and in that respect, Ascension is nothing different.

And while the game featured staples of God of War franchise and the gameplay its fans have come to expect from a game in the series, it took the series to a different road by featuring an adventure that looked into Kratos’ past.

Ascension not only featured a brand-new AAA singleplayer experience but for the first time ever, the franchise now had a full online multiplayer mode built up to feature third-person close combat allowing gamers to experience the bloody action with their friends.

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