Tower Defense Game Sanctum 2 Closes DLC Launch With ‘The Last Stand’

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Some new downloadable content (DLC) is available for tower defense game Sanctum 2, called The Last Stand. It’s available on Steam right now for $3.99.

There are additions for each part of the game included. Most of the content will work towards setting some sort of aerial theme.

Most importantly, gameplay takes to the skies with two new monsters. A swarm of Spore Pods will flood the map in quantity and be prepared to do suicide missions for explosions.

Bigger in scale, a Spore Keeper can lob homing projectiles and land with a stunning shockwave strike.

To overcome adversity, players are handed two new weapons. A Smatterband propels an explosive that clusters into ten sticky bombs. For more precise attacks, a Plasma Rifle will be added as well.

Naturally, the tower defense game gets some new structures too. Taking out airborne targets can be done with an Anti-Air Tower, which features long range homing rockets.

If you absolutely, positively have to kill every last monster in sight, an Orbital Strike Relay will allow death from above by laser.

Players can furthermore take advantage of 8 perks, which we’ll fully detail in this list:

  • Spray N’ Pray – Increases spread damage and range by 40%
  • Biological Warfare – Killing enemies with weaknesses leaves a damaging poison cloud
  • Overkill – Killing an enemy with a weak spot hit adds overkill damage to your next exposed hit
  • Warming Up – Not hitting an enemy in the weak spot adds 10% to weakness damage multiplier that can stack up to 10 times.
  • Hydra Blood – Health regeneration and speed of health regeneration is doubled
  • Steady Aim – Standing still increases damage by 5% per second for a maximum boost of 50%
  • Upper Class – The higher players are above the enemy increases weapon damage by 50%
  • Roboticist – Killing an enemy spawns a SiMo robot unit to assist players (maximum 1 SiMo unit at a time per player)

As tribute, The Last Stand will offer four new maps, with a few being modeled after previous Sanctum releases. Some extra punch is present in three of the four maps with the presence of a Rolfinator Defensive Turret, which lets players jump in to blast critters from afar.

Sadly, this is the last DLC to be produced for the beautifully crafted game. A trailer shows off the crazy, intense action of Sanctum 2 and The Last Stand.

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