Starbound Crash Fix, Errors, Low FPS/Performance Fix, Lag and Bugs

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Chucklefish is offering a lot to gamers when it comes to Starbound. Players who like to explore different planets and graphics isn’t an issue for them; Starbound is something they should try. It will only cost you $15, but it can be one heck of an experience.

The game recently got released on Steam and is still in beta.

They wanted to release it early because community’s feedback can help them make it a better product. For any game, beta does mean a lot of bugs and other issues and so is the case with Starbound. However, the developer has been supportive and the community is active enough to come up with temporary fixes.

If you are looking for a fix related to the game, feel free to browse through the following troubleshooting guide:

#1 Starbound Startup Crash Fix
If your game is being crashed on the start-up, you should try the following out:

  • Try running the game as admin. If that doesn’t work, quit Steam and start it ‘as admin’.
  • You can also change the compatibility mode of the game and see if that works for you.
  • Some users have also reported that disabling the cloud save feature in Steam helped them resolve the issue.

#2 Starbound Low FPS/Poor Performance Fix for Nvidia Users
If you’re using Nvidia and getting poor frames even with your high end PC, you should try setting “multicore optimization” to no or off in the Nvidia control panel. If it’s on, try switching it to off and vice versa.

#3 Starbound Game Stuck on the Logo Screen
Some users have reported in that they are facing issue where they get stuck on the logo screen, and the game won’t move forward.

That’s actually a known issue to the developer, and they are working hard to get it fixed. In the meanwhile, you can try the fixes mentioned above and let us know if they worked out for you. Furthermore, make sure that you don’t miss any updates as they will have the fixes to the common reported issues.

#4 Starboud Lag Spikes Fix
If none of the above mentioned fixes have worked out for you, you can try the following:

  • You need to replace your “starbound.exe” in the game’s folder with “starbound_opengl.exe”.
  • First, make a back up of the original file in a folder.
  • Then, you can rename “starbound.exe” to “starbound_opengl.exe” to make things better.

#5 Starbound Startup Error – Falied to start (app already running)
The error pops up when the application is still running in the background. You need to shut it down using the Task Manager. It’s not a usual thing and seems like a bug. However, until it’s fixed officially, you will have to use the task manager method to start it again.

#6 Starbound ‘Access Violation Error Fix (Windows XP)
There is a great possibility that your are getting this error because you are using Windows XP. In any case, a workaround has been proposed by the community to get it fixed. It might not work but worth of a shot.

#7 Starbound Bugs Fixes
As you might already know that the game is in beta, for the time being, so fixes are expected slowly. In the meanwhile, if you are experiencing some game breaking or annoying bugs, you should try the fixes mentioned above especially the one mentioned in #4.

#8 Starbound Missing “.exe” File Fix
It happens sometimes after the download is complete for the first time on Steam. You should exit Steam and restart it. Then, try verifying the cache of game files to get it fixed.

If you come across any other issues, comment and we will try to help you out!

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