Forza Motorsport 5 Car Tuning Guide

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Forza Motorsports 5 is out on Microsoft’s brand-spanking-new video game console; the Xbox One. It’s one of the launch titles for the system and as there aren’t a whole lot of games out for the console yet many players will be getting into the racing simulator for the very first time.

Forza Motorsport 5 Car Tuning

Forza is not an easy game to master.

Anyone can get into it and race and even do a bit of upgrading, but the real thing about the game, which allows you to compete competitively and bring out that last 10% of power and efficiency is the tuning section.

Head over to the Tuning and Upgrades tile on the main menu and press X to see a screen that will completely mystify you. This guide will attempt to alleviate that problem.

Tire Pressure

Tire pressure is one of the most important factors when it comes to car tuning. Having good tires will help you get the best out of your engine and will transfer that power more efficiently onto the track.

Tire pressure can affect the grip of a car on the road, responsiveness, and wear. As such, it’s important to adjust both front and back tires separately.

Generally, you want to have 32 PSI on your tires but being between 30-34 degrees is just fine. However, it’s best for you to give it a test run and heat up the tires to race temperatures to get a more accurate reading.

When you do the test run make sure to pay attention to the tire temperatures and take note of which side of the tires are hotter.

If the edges are hotter than the center, then you need to increase the pressure by a bit. Vice versa if the center is hotter than the edge.


Gearing has to do with the gear system of the car. The settings that you see here can be changed to give you more acceleration or top speed You can change the Final Drive gear ratios, or you can change the gear rations of each gear individually.

You should be looking at the handy stats given to you on the left. These update every time you make a change in the gear ratios.

The main gist of things is that if you increase the gear ratios, then you’ll lower your top speed, but increase your acceleration. Move the slider to the right and you’ll see the ‘0 to 100mph’ stat get lower, move it to the right, and you’ll see an increase in highest possible speed.

These settings are mostly dependent on the kind of racer you are and what kind of track you’ll be on. If it’s a mostly straight track where you can expect to hit top speed, then you’d probably want to set the gear ratio a bit to the left of the median mark.

If it’s a twisty-turny kind of track where you probably won’t even be in the sixth gear for long periods, then you’ll definitely want the boost to acceleration that a high ratio (moving slider to the right) will give you.


Alignment basically affects your car’s grip, by changing how the car’s tires are tilted. There are three settings in this section, called Camber, Toe and Front Caster, and we’ll be talking about them in detail.


Camber is basically the tilt of the tires along a horizontal axis. You can either have negative Camber, in which the tops of the tires are leaning inwards, or you have have positive camber, in which the tops of the tires are leaning outwards.

Camber affects the car’s grip and it’s settings change whether your car is better at cornering or driving in a straight line.

When your tires are set in negative camber (the tops are closer) then the car will have increased grip while cornering and will also have reduced understeer. However, this setting will reduce the grip of the car while traveling in a straight line.

When your car is set in positive Camber (the tops are further apart), you will have reduced oversteer. It will also increase your grip in a straight line but will make the vehicle more unstable while cornering. You can tune camber by running a couple of test laps and taking note of the camber of the wheels on turns and straight runs.

For the most part you need to tune the camber settings so that they’re as close to 0 as possible or slightly less. On turns you’ll notice that one side will usually be positive and the other will be negative.

For tuning use this instruction; For left turns, your right tire should be at 0 degrees or less, while for right turns, your left tire should be at 0 degrees or less.


Like Camber, Toe is the angle of the tires, but this time, it’s around the vertical axis. Your tires can have either ‘inner’ or ‘outer’ Toe. When your tires have inner Toe then the front of your tires are angled inwards. This setting increases the tendency of the car to travel in a straight line and resist turning. If you have outer Toe, then your car will naturally attempt to enter a turn.

Here is a list of the settings that you can have and their effects:

Front Toe + Rear Toe 0
Better Corner Entry Any Car.

Front Toe – Rear Toe 0
Reduce Steer Sensitivity Bad Corner Entry.

Front Toe 0 Rear Toe +
Under steer tendencies but Better Corner Exit in any Car and stability under braking.

Front Toe 0 Rear Toe –
Slow Corner Exit.

Front Toe + Rear Toe +
Provides stability under braking and creates over steer tendencies in cornering.

Front Toe + Rear Toe –
Amazing Handling on any car but can cause under steer.

Front Toe – Rear Toe +
Amazing Handling on any car but can cause over steer.

Front Toe – Rear Toe –
Oval track.

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