Forza Motorsport 5 Car Upgrades Guide – Best Upgrades Your Car Needs

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Forza Motorsports 5 is one of the launch titles of the Xbox One and has proven to be immensely popular.

We’ve got an amazing stable of nice cars to play around with, and the new graphical fidelity provided by the much more powerful Xbox One make all the visuals look drop-dead gorgeous.

However, as it is one of the limited number of games for the console, undoubtedly we’ll be seeing players try out the game for the very first time. As such, we’ve decided to write up this guide, which delves into the basics of your car and how to upgrade it, which may be a bit baffling for many.

Car Basics
Each Car is divided into classes; D, C, B, A, S, R, P and X with D being the worst performance-wise and X being the best. This score is dependent on the car’s Performance Rating, a number that is calculated based off the car’s Speed, Handling, Acceleration, Launch and Braking.

This does not mean, however, that a lower-class car cannot compete. The rating given to a car is based off the stock parts that it has by default, it does not take upgrades into account. You can easily stick a better engine and tires on a D rank car to boost it up and make it much better.

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The more you stick to driving the cars of a particular manufacturer, the higher your Affinity with that manufacturer will get. Getting more Affinity with a particular manufacturer holds many benefits, including credit bonuses, upgrade discounts, and titles and badges.

You can use Driving Assist to let the computer control the acceleration and braking systems, allowing the casual driver to focus solely on the steering aspect of the race.

You can toggle Anti-Lock Braking Systems, Stability Management Systems, Traction Control Systems, Simulation Steering, and Clutch shifting for the advanced settings.

Forza Motorsport 5 Car Upgrades

You can upgrade the cars that you get in Forza and improve their overall performance. This is done by using the upgrade shop to purchase new parts for the vehicle of your choice and installing them.

You can preview the changes as well, and are provided with some handy graphs and statistics that will give you the information that you need in order to make your decision.

Engine Upgrades

Air Filters
If you change the Air Filters of a car and replace them with better ones you can see a marked difference in the overall Horsepower you get. It’ll also change the sound that your car makes.

Intake Manifold and Throttle Body
The Intake Manifold is basically the part which mixes the fuel and injects it to the engine, as such, having a good one will further increase the amount of horsepower you can coax from the vehicle.

Throttle body has a related function, as it controls the amount of air that enters the system. As such, both affect the horsepower to a significant degree.

Fuel System
Having a better Fuel system means that your car’s fuel is being fed as efficiently as possible to the engine. This is a vital component for maximizing horsepower.

A good ignition system will help the engine burn the fuel that is injected into the pistons more efficiently. This produces more horsepower.

This changes the sound of your car and boosts horsepower. A good exhaust system lets the engine exhale more freely, and give you an overall boost at straights when you’re going at the full speed.

Camshafts affect the maximum rpm that your engine can rev at, which creates more torque and horsepower. This upgrade is rather dependent on your style of driving.

If you’re the kind that keeps his rpm up high, a bigger camshaft will benefit you, but if you drop rpm often, then a smaller one will be beneficial. Bigger camshaft in a car with lower turn speed will not have enough torque at the turn exit because it will be below the maximum power band.

Valves are also important for fuel intake and exhaust gas flow. A valve that doesn’t match the level of the rest of the engine often holds the entire system from achieving the pinnacle of performance that it is capable of. Again, this is an upgrade that will benefit those who stay in the high-rpm range more.

Displacement upgrades reduce the amount of friction and inertia in the engine, making it more durable and minimizing damage over time. The upgrade boosts the horsepower to a great degree.

Pistons and Compression
This is another upgrade that comes down to driving style.

High compression pistons will give you greater horsepower but will reduce engine efficiency. Low compression pistons will prevent ignition problems and reduce turbo lag at the cost of HP. You’ll have to experiment with this one to find out which one gives you better results.

Oil and Cooling
This upgrade straight up adds horsepower to the car.

For the most part, you’ll want to upgrade to lighter flywheels. Lighter ones boost your acceleration and give you fast engine response times. However, heavier flywheels give you steadier speeds.

Platform And Handling Upgrades

Obviously, the brakes on a car are probably one of the most important components.

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