Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Master Ore Locations Guide

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One of the four collectibles in The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds is the Master Ore. This rare and extremely useful item can only be found in certain dungeons, located in big chests. The Master Ores serve the purpose of upgrading the Master Sword.

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The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Master Ore Locations

When you obtain 2 of these, the Blacksmith of Hyrule will can temper the Master Sword, making it red and allowing it to deal more damage.

When you collect 2 more, the Blacksmith of Lorule will be able to use them to make your sword golden, allowing you to deal as much damage as possible.

There are thus a total of 4 different Master Ores in the game located in different dungeons. Here is how you can find them:

Master Ore #1 – Thieves’ Hideout
The first dungeon is the Thieves’ Hideout. Once you find the Thief Girl and escort her out of the dungeon, you will come across a basement room filled with water. Go to the southwest corner of the room. There are a couple of switches here. Step on one switch, and have the Thief Girl step on the other.

The nearby wall will open. Enter the open area, run down the hallway, and obtain the Master Ore from the chest.

Master Ore #2 – Skull Woods
The second dungeon is the Skull Woods. It is found in one of the final most parts of the dungeon, during which Link has to get the Eyeballs. One of the eyeballs is located higher ledge at the south end of the room.

There is also a large treasure chest north of this eyeball. Merge along the wall to reach the treasure chest, and open it to find your second Master Ore.

Master Ore #3 – Dark Palace
You will need to have Bombs to complete this one. On the second floor, there is a brightly lit room with windows. North of this room is another small room with a treasure chest.

There are two switches that operate a wall and also the platforms in the center of the rooms. You need to lower the platforms will these switches.

Place a bomb next to the lower switch and then run to the platform above. Strike the nearby switch to get to the higher ledge and run to the northern wall. Once the bomb explodes, the switch will flip, and allow Link to enter the rectangular room. Open the chest for your third Master Oer.

Master Ore #4 – Lorule Graveyard
You will need the Titan’s Mitt to get the Master Ore from here. Go to Sanctuary in Hyrule, and use the crack to enter Lorule. Go east to the graveyard, and at its northeast portion, use the Titan’s Mitt to lift the large boulder, and then head down the steps.

There is a switch on the west part of the cave here. Press it, and go through the opened door. Go to the northwest part of the area and go up the steps.

Walk along the path to the right until you reach a treasure chest. Merge along the wall to the east and walk on over to the small key. Use it on the locked door to the northwest.

You will encounter a few Eyegores, defeat them and go up to the next room Pull the switch on the right and then head up the staircase. Then, merge along the right wall, and move up to the treasure chest there. Open it to obtain the final Master Ore.

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