Resogun Guide – How to Get a 15x Multiplier

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The thing about games like Resogun is the rewarding feeling you get when you destroy enemies in quick succession and say to yourself “damn, I’m smooth as a baby butt’s skin”. Of course, you could be thinking that at all times, even when you’re not actually being smooth, like a lot of those lame pickup lines.

But thankfully, we have the multiplier for that, which will keep you in-check and acknowledge your awesomeness, or the lack of.

For more help on Resogun, read our Walkthrough, Saving All Humans and Upgrade your Ship.

Thanks: Andre Motley on PS Trophies

Accumulating Multipliers
You can get multiplier score by keeping a good momentum. The more actions you perform in quick succession, the more the multiplier will increase. However, there is a cap on the maximum multiplier for each difficulty level. Here it is:

The Last Guardian
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  • Rookie – 5x
  • Experienced -10x
  • Veteran – 15x
  • Master – 20x

The higher the difficulty, the higher the multiplier you can accumulate. You also get multiplier faster on higher difficulties, but at the same time, you lose them quicker too. Not doing anything for a short amount of time or taking too long between firing at enemies will also make you lose the multiplier.

And of course, dying also resets the multiplier.

Associated Trophy
There’s a trophy associated with multipliers, with a very strange appellation (10+1.5+3.5)x. This trophy requires you to get a multiplier of 15x. This means you will have to play on at least Veteran difficulty if you want to obtain this trophy.

This guide will give you some tips on getting this trophy and maintaining a high multiplier.

Getting and Maintaining a High Multiplier
Even though Master will let you get a maximum multiplier of 20x, the recommended difficulty is Veteran, because Master is a bit too hard, and you will be dying more than you would be accumulating multipliers.

The recommended ship for this trophy is the Nemesis on Veteran. This will allow you to Boost significantly well and take out multiple enemies. The best level for this is probably Decima (third level).

You should play the entire level with the goal of keeping your multiplier active. Note that saving humans will also aid in keeping your multiplier up, so try to do so, but don’t fixate on it as it can sometimes take too much time.

Make sure you save your bombs and Overdrives for the end of phase 2 and the start of phase 3 of the level. The boss also kind of caters the high multiplier potential of the level.

The cube clones and the debris it shoots out serve a great purpose.

Make sure you keep a regular interval between your shooting, because killing multiple enemy units simultaneously will stack up to add to your multiplier.

This is probably the best level to do a 15x multiplier from the above tips. On Veteran, you’ll be gaining it pretty quickly, and there’s enough in the level to keep you busy to go all the way up to 15x.

Good luck, warrior.

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